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It is my sworn duty to keep the King informed of all the goings-on in the Pride Lands. No matter how bizarre they may be.

–Zazu, The Morning Report

Zazu is an adult male hornbill, and King Simba's majordomo and trusted royal advisor. As the king's royal advisor and majordomo, he surveys the Pride Lands and delivers a daily Morning Report each day to the king of Pride Rock, bearing news good and bad and warning the king, queen, or Lion Guard of any possible trouble and/or danger for the Pride Lands. 

Zazu is a minor character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and a recurring character in The Lion Guard.


Zazu is a slender, adult, male hornbill with blue and white feathers (with indigo tips) and a large golden and red beak. His tail feathers are long and straight, each one transitioning from his predominant color to dark blue near the tip. The lighter and darker shades of blue are divided by bands of white. His wings are the same way, starting out light blue before changing first into white and then to dark blue. On the back of his head, two small dark blue feathers curl upward, and a few white feathers on his chest protrude slightly. His underbelly and legs are white, and his feet are dark reddish-orange. He has sky blue eyelids, and his eyebrows are thick, black, and bushy.


Zazu is a punctual, intellectual hornbill who shows absolute loyalty to Simba. He is proud of his position, and only too happy to help Simba whenever he needs it. He is not afraid to correct or criticize, and always turns to the bright side of things when he can. He is also not afraid to state his opinions and thoughts.

Zazu can also be empathetic, especially towards Simba's doubts over his position as King and his elephantese. He is frequently looking at the positive side of things, while still remaining blunt.

In addition to this, Zazu shows signs of bravery, which can even rival those of Bunga's at times. From endangering his own life to save Kion and Bunga from a float of crocodiles to remaining calm for long periods of time whilst surrounded by Janja's Clan, the majordomo uses his intelligence by working out his opponents, and using their own weaknesses against them whilst retaining a calm demeanor.


Prior to The Lion Guard

Kion: Zazu missed the Morning Report? Zazu?
Fuli: Hmm. That doesn't sound like him.
Simba: It's never happened before.

–Kion, Simba and Fuli on Zazu, The Morning Report

Zazu was the royal advisor of Simba and before him his father Mufasa and was imprisoned by Scar. During Mufasa's reign, Simba would often tease him, once of him being the future king of Pride Rock. As Simba's royal advisor, whe would give him a morning report, and was always on time, being punctual. After Simba returned to Pride Rock, Zazu watched him ascend the throne of Pride Rock he was destined.

He was also the babysitter of Simba's son Kion and his friends. Once, while Kion and Bunga were playing, he was distracted by Fuli going far too fast, asking her to slow down, though she doesn't. Bunga and Kion ran away, though they came across a float of crocodiles, with Bunga accidently challenging Makuu, though Zazu intervenes as they were nearly eaten, and because he knew the crocodile way, he gave himself up in Makuu's mouth, though his bravery saved the three, with them leaving scurrying.

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

After Simba was told by Kiara that Kion had named Bunga for his new Lion Guard, Zazu led Simba, Kiara and Tiifu to Kion, who was with his friends on top a hillside, and had previosuly failed to show them his roar. Zazu stayed by Simba's side as he delivers his harsh speech to Kion on the matter of leading the Lion Guard, and taking that role seriosuly. Once Simba finished, Zazu flies away with him.

The Rise of Makuu

After Makuu's victory over Pua, Kiara recieves word from Zazu that the girrafes had moved into the baboon's forest. Kiara relays this information to the Lion Guard, who find out about a major habitat change.

Can't Wait to be Queen

Simba: Ehke kana pao tu ... What's does this mean, again?
Zazu: Literally, it translates to, "He had good on him." It means he was a good elephant.
Zazu leaves Pride Rock along with Simba and Nala to attend Aminifu's funeral. As Simba becomes concerned over his speech, Zazu points out that the elephants are very fond of tradition, and that it shouldn't be too hard for him to say the phrase in elephantese. Simba isn't convinced, but Zazu promises him that he'll get him speaking the language in no time.

Zazu assuring the King

Later, Simba, still concerned, begins to doubt his position as king. Zazu attempts to jog his memory on the better tasks associated with his title, and Nala urges Zazu to go in-depth. He reminds Simba of the wonderful Duties of the King, and eventually, Simba feels at ease again, thanking Zazu for the reminder. Zazu promises him once again that he'll get him speaking elephantese in no time, causing Simba to become fretful once again.

Simba still struggles to grasp the elephantese language, despite numerous attempts from Zazu to help him learn. In a temper, Simba roars at Zazu, knocking him into a nearby puddle. Seeing her mate's frustration, Nala tries to comfort Simba, jogging his memory to what they had recently discussed. Simba thanks Nala, and calls Zazu back, who collapses in a heap from the roar he gives from anger.

Zazu looking worried about Simba's elephantese

Simba, Nala, and Zazu finally reach Killio Valley, and watch as elephants cover the corpse of Aminifu. Simba and Nala sorrowfully nuzzle one another as they watch from a distance, before finally walking over to join them. The funeral soon begins, and Simba is about to give his speech. However, when reciting the words, instead of saying the elephant idiom 'he had good on him', he mispronounces the words, and instead proclaims that 'he had poop on him'. Simba, Nala, and Zazu become concerned, though Aminifu's daughter laughs, saying that he indeed had poop on him, much to everyone's relief. In the end, Zazu returns to Pride Rock with Simba and Nala as the King and Queen discuss with Kion and Kiara on the events of the past few days.

The Kupatana Celebration

Zazu disgusted by Mbuni's incorrect singing whilst conducting

Oh! Mbuni, it's ma-un-de-lay-e-oh, ya uhhi. Remember that for tonight!
Zazu is seen directing a chorus of animals made up of Twiga, Basi, Muhanga, Mtoto's Mom and Mbuni rehearsing a song for the Kupatana Celebration. He stops, surprised and disgusted, when Mbuni makes a mistake and explains the correct lyrics for the song, asking her to remember it for the celebration.

He later appears at the Kupatana Celebration, where he is seen directing the animal chorus as they officially sing Our Kupatana Community, seeming pleased as no mistakes are sung by anyone (though it is before the jackal invasion of Reirei's Pack).

Bunga and the King

Simba mentions Zazu after he and Bunga make it back to Timon, Pumbaa, Kion and the Lion Guard after escaping the Nandembo Caverns. Bunga comments that they should do it again sometime, and Simba responds by telling him that he'll have Zazu check his schedule.

Never Roar Again

Zazu encouraging a reluctant and down Ono to join the Lion Guard

Zazu flies into the Lair of the Lion Guard and informs them that a rockslide caused the giraffes to be blocked from their watering hole. He notes that Ono would have known had he been on the lookout, then, catching sight of the egret's head, which is missing its crest feathers, gasps and jumps. Bunga insists that there's nothing wrong with Ono, and Zazu simply reminds them that the giraffes need their help. When Ono is hesitant to go help, Zazu assertively ushers him along for duty, displeasing Ono.

The Lost Gorillas

Zazu trapped in a beehive

The Lion Guard has gathered around a tree, where Zazu has gotten his beak stuck in a beehive. Bunga starts to help him out, and eventually succeeds in freeing the hornbill by forcibly pulling on his body. Zazu is about to thank him for the help when the bees start to surround him, and Bunga pushes him away to snack on a few. When Bunga has finished, he advises Zazu to fly over the beehive next time instead of straight into it, and Zazu offers him a half-hearted thank you in return for his assistance.

Zazu informing the Lion Guard on the pangolins' and the situation

Fuli asks Zazu why he was in such a hurry, and he informs them that he was actually looking for the Lion Guard anyway. He explains that the pangolins have been spraying, and the situation is starting to get stinky. Ono is concerned, commenting that pangolins only usually do that when they feel threatened. With this information in mind, Kion leads the Lion Guard away to deal with the problem, while Zazu remains behind, seemingly confident that the Lion Guard can handle the situation themselves.

The Savannah Summit

Zazu is due to escort Simba to the Savannah Summit, but he arrives just in time to see a conflict break out between Makuu and Kion, which worries him. But things are quickly resolved, and Zazu guides several leaders to Mizimu Grove, telling them that they can build some trust for the event.

Zazu turns to Rafiki for assurance

Later, Zazu ends up getting squashed by Mbeya's bottom. He cries out for help and the Lion Guard arrive on the scene (due to Mtoto's hearing from afar and him being beside the Guard), where they discover that Mbeya was offended by an opprobrious remark that Zazu made and so he sat on him. But it is soon revealed that the remark was actually from Big Baboon, who was angry at Mbeya for bumping into him earlier in the Summit. Realizing that Zazu was innocent, Mbeya lifts himself up and, after Big Baboon issues him with an apology, apologizes to Zazu himself. Zazu then asks if he will make it into the official portrait that Rafiki was painting and Rafiki promises him that it won't... at least, not the official one, whilst laughing.

The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

Zazu is briefly seen in a non-speaking cameo as he flies around Simba and Nala as the King and Queen observe the Pride Lands from Pride Rock as the Lion Guard patrols the Pride Lands from dangers.

The Morning Report

Zazu searches for drama for the Morning Report

When Bupu winds up trapping his horns in a tree branch, the commotion between him and a residing bird named Nyuni draws the attention of Zazu, who investigates the situation. Much to Bupu's annoyance, Zazu confirms that he'll be putting the scene into his Morning Report. Kion then has an idea, and the branch is broken off, leaving Nyuni's nest on the tree branch, allowing him to view more of the Pride Lands along the way. After Bupu leads his herd away, Zazu praises Kion for his original idea before departing to find more ongoing events, reminding Bupu not to get his horns stuck again.

Kion then recalls an event from his childhood, where he and Bunga were called by Zazu to return home as per his father's wishes. Kion tells Zazu that they're on an adventure, but Fuli cries out and speeds past before he can continue. When Fuli won't slow down for the hornbill, he takes off after her, allowing Kion and Bunga to continue. When Zazu turns around, the pair have left.

Zazu shielding the cubs from Makuu

Zazu locates the cubs just in time to save them from Pua's float. Zazu confirms that Kion is the King's son, much to their surprise. But Makuu also states that they initiated a challenge, and Pua backs his float member up, stating that Simba respects the crocodile ways. Zazu also confirms his respect for their ways, and leaps into Makuu's open mouth, telling the crocodiles that he is responsible for Kion and will take his place. Seeing his bravery, Pua allows Zazu to live in respect for the king, and warns the cubs not to come to their area again uninvited.

Back in the present, Zazu inspects a clearing, checking that the bushes aren't too pointy. But he is ambushed by Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu, much to his disgust. Without revealing much of their plan, Chungu picks the hornbill up in his mouth, and they return to the Outlands, imprisoning him in a bone cage, with the hornbill stating that the whole event was going in his morning report.

"You're the smart one..."

Janja leaves him alone with Cheezi and Chungu, who starts to taunt him. They consider eating him, though Zazu is quick to remind him that Janja won't be happy for ruining their plan. The pair thank Zazu for the reminder, which later gives Zazu an idea. He tries to persuade Cheezi and Chungu into letting him free by claiming that they are smarter than Janja, and explaining to them that the smart thing to do would be to let him go free. Just when Chungu is about to do just that, Janja arrives.

Zazu being confronted by Janja

He orders Zazu to talk, but the hornbill is left unintimidated by the trio. When the rest of Janja's clan arrive, Zazu feigns defeat, before crying out at the top of his voice for help. Annoyed, Janja rolls the cage to the steam vent, prompting Zazu to finally give in. He opens up to them about Simba, but none of the information is helpful to the hyenas. When he finishes, the information is of no use to the hyenas and they decide to eat him instead, letting the steam warm him up. But the Lion Guard arrive just in time and start to fight Janja's Clan, with Zazu commenting on their skills.

Zazu thanks Kion

His excitement soon vanishes when he notices Fuli being backed up against a ledge, unaware that she is close to falling off into the lava behind her. He forces his cage to roll into the offending hyenas, but after doing so, they knock him down a slope by mistake. Kion notices this and swiftly uses the Roar of the Elders, guiding the power into the lava to create a small safe spot. The rib cage breaks on impact and Zazu is set free. After thanking Kion, he joins the Lion Guard, and the hyenas retreat.

Zazu flabbergasted at Pride Rock alongside Simba and the Lion Guard

After returning back at Pride Rock, Zazu is about to impart the Morning Report to Simba and the Lion Guard, even though night has descended with Simba making a blunt comment on him calling it the "Morning Report". Zazu is shown to be disappointed at his tardiness for the morning report, but is assured by Beshte and Kion that he's not at fault as he was captured and imprisoned by the hyenas. Fuli even extends her thanks to Zazu for saving her from when they went to save Zazu and states that she owes him one, but the hornbill returns the gratitude. Kion, however, claims that they are now even, reminding him of the day he saved him from the crocodiles. Zazu briefly remembers that day, but hurries along with the Morning Report despite it being night time on the events of that day.

Battle for the Pride Lands

Zazu reporting to the King

Zazu is seen as he arrives at Pride Rock alongside Hadithi the eagle and the gorilla warrior Shujaa whom he has gathered, as he flies past them, flying to Pride Rock's peak.

He is then seen as he reports back to Pride Rock to inform Simba and a teenaged Kion where he reports that the Lion Guard has gathered all of the other herds for the upcoming battle and telling them that Hadithi and Shujaa have arrived together, as Simba sends him to inform the other Pridelanders to get some rest for the upcoming battle, disappearing to do Simba's orders.

Return to the Pride Lands

Zazu is shown visiting the Tree of Life to attend the wedding of Kion and Queen Rani and Kion's Coronation as the new king of the Tree of Life alongside other Pride Landers and the royal family.



  • Zazu can speak in elephant, gorilla, chimpanzee and several dialects of bushbuck.[1]
  • Zazu means movement in Hebrew
  • Zazu is voiced by Jeff Bennett, who also did his singing voice in the Platinum DVD edition of The Lion King during the added song, The Morning Report.


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