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A family of monkeys. Up in a hot spring not far from here.

Beshte, The Accidental Avalanche

Yuki's Troop is a group of snow monkeys led by Yuki.


The Accidental Avalanche

While soaking in their hot spring  Kion uses the  Roar of the Elders which  causes an avalanche and destroys their home by mistake. The  Lion Guard save the snow monkeys and forgive Kion for his mistake. Kion still thinks he owes it to the snow

"This is the home of a Snow Monkey's dream"

monkeys and asks if he could get them a new home. Yuki thinks of a dream home and the guard says that they can help them out. The snow monkeys are scared of  Anga since she's a large bird. Anga looks for a hot spring which is surrounded by a bunch of trees. The snow monkeys are also scared of trees since large birds might come. Soon a scurry of Flying Squirrels come by. The snow monkey's get scared and starts to panic. The Lion Guard try to attack the birds but they figure that it's just flying squirrels. Tafu introduces himself and says that he's sorry for scaring their new neighbors. Kion soon notices that

Hanging out in their new home.

Yuki's troop has gone missing.  Bunga soon hears them and falls into the snow. He finds the snow monkeys and the guard tries to think how they can get them all out. Fuli suggets for Anga to save the snow monkeys by lifting them up one at a time. After the snow monkeys trust Anga she carries them and Bunga to safety. Yuki says that Anga is the first nice large bird that they ever ment. Anga finds them a new hot spring with less trees. The snow monkeys then play with their new friends at their new home.

Named Members


Main article: Yuki

Yuki is the leader of the troop.


Main article: Hitashi

Hitashi is a member of the troop, and the mate of Yuki.


Main article: Kimyo

Kimyo is a member of the troop, and the daugther of Yuki and Hitashi


Main article: Nabasu

Nabasu is a member of the troop. and the son of Yuki and Hitashi

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