Oh! And thank you all for saving us from that avalanche. It's just too bad that you couldn't save our home, too.

–Yuki to Kion, The Accidental Avalanche

Yuki is a female snow monkey who appears in Season 3 of The Lion Guard. She made her debut in The Accidental Avalanche.

She is the matriarch of a snow monkey troop.


Yuki has white and tan fur, her paws and feet are black, her face and her ears are pink, her eyes are brown, and she has white fur on her chest. She also has a furry tail.


Not much is known about her, other than her being the matriarch of a snow monkey troop, she is friendly, kind, and peaceful. She cares a lot about her two children and mate.


The Accidental Avalanche

When the Lion Guard first sees the snow monkeys, they ask Anga to go talk to them. However, the snow monkeys get scared of Anga and throw snowballs at her. 
The Accidental Avalanche (139)

Hiding behind Kion

Kion then uses the Roar of the Elders, which destroys the snow monkey's home. The monkeys panic and the Lion Guard saves them. After they accept Kion's apology he decides that the Lion Guard will find them a new home. They tell the Lion Guard what they what they want in a dream home. They ask for no trees around their new home since they can attract large birds. Kion asks Anga to show how nice a large bird can be and to show them to their
The Accidental Avalanche (206)

"A home of a snow monkeys dream"

new home.

She brings them to a Hot Spring, however, it's surrounded by trees. The snow monkeys get scared, but they try to give it a chance.  

Soon flying squirrels come out, welcoming their new neighbors. The snow monkeys get scared and run off. Anga soon spots the snow monkeys in a hole with Bunga. Ono tells the guard any attempt at rescue would bury the others in snow, while also pointing out that movement would cause them to fall deeper into the hole.

Hearing this, Makini tries to warn the others to not move, though Bunga hears her message as the opposite, and starts moving even more causing to fall deeper down the well as a result. Fuli asks Ono to
The Accidental Avalanche (552)

Stuck in the hole with Bunga

fly over the hole and pull everyone out. While Ono agrees, he doubts that he can lift them. Fuli then turns to Anga, who hesitates, knowing that the monkeys will panic on seeing her, though Beshte assures her she can calm them down by being friendly. Anga then shows up above the hole, scaring the monkeys once again before she informs them of her plan to rescue them. Although they agree to trust Anga, the sight of her sharp talons causes the monkeys to panic, burying them all with snow. Soon after, Anga emerges from the well, carrying everyone else as well. Once outside, Yuki apologizes to Anga for panicking, embracing her as the first nice giant bird they've met, while also thanking the Guard for saving them all. Yuki asks Kion to find them another new home. Fuli asks Anga to find
The Accidental Avalanche (717)

Hanging out at their new home

a place that is right for them, as well as some tuliza for Kion. After a while, Anga leads them all to a new hot spring without trees. Yuki jumps into the water with her new friends. She watches her kids play with Anga.




  • Her name means "Snow" in Japanese.
  • Yuki was announced ahead of time.[1]


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