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Rafiki has been teaching me all about them. There's so much wisdom on the walls.

Makini, Cave of Secrets

Wisdom on the Walls is a song featured in The Lion Guard, sung by Makini in the episode Cave of Secrets.

She sings it as a way of boosting the Lion Guard's morale, certain that they can find the answers to defeating great evil.


Every painting has a meaning
Stories to be told
So much knowledge all around us
From new to very old
It's the wisdom, wisdom, wisdom on the walls
It's the wisdom, wisdom, wisdom on the walls
All this history waiting right here 
Lessons for us all 
From the birth of King Simba
To Scar's fiery fall
It's the wisdom, wisdom, wisdom on the walls (woohoo hoo)
It's the wisdom, wisdom, wisdom on the walls
Now I'm sure that we can find
What you need somewhere
So let's look on every walls
And maybe it's down there
It's the wisdom, wisdom, wisdom on the walls
(Woohoo hoo!)
It's the wisdom, wisdom, wisdom on the walls
Oh, yeah!
It's the wisdom, wisdom, wisdom on the walls (woohoo hoo)
It's the wisdom, wisdom, wisdom on the walls (woohoo hoo)
On the walls (woohoo hoo)
On the-



Wisdom on the Walls Music Video The Lion Guard Disney Junior

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