The vultures always know what's goin' on in the Pride Lands.

Janja, Eye of the Beholder

Vultures are birds that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands and the Outlands.


In the Real World

The vultures in The Lion Guard are white-backed vultures. They have feathers on the head and neck, very broad wings and short tail feathers, along with a white neck ruff. The adult's whitish back contrasts with the otherwise dark plumage while juvenile vultures are largely dark. As vultures go, they are medium-sized.

In The Lion Guard

Vultures have black or navy blue feathers and thick gray or white ruffs around their necks. Their heads are bald and are sometimes darker in color than their necks, and may or may not bear speckles. They can have crests feathers on their head, but a few strands are more common. Their beaks are dull yellow, tipped with red.


In the Real World

Vultures are birds of prey that are typically scavengers, though they may kill small or wounded animals. They nest in ledges and hollow logs and often follow active predators to feed on their leftovers. Also White Backed Vultures are an endangered species.

In The Lion Guard

The vultures in the series live in a committee, which works in a parliament. The Parliament forms sub-committees which study and vote on decisions such as whether impala or reedbuck tastes better. According to the vultures themselves, they are called scavengers and thieves by others. Kion even remarks that it's never a good thing when Mzingo and his vultures circle in the sky. They consider themselves to be the rulers of the sky.


The-final-battle (1)

Mzingo swoops over a herd of gazelles.

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

The vulture Mzingo acts as a spy for Janja and passes on information about the new Lion Guard. Janja forms a plan, and Janja's clan sing Tonight We Strike. Multiple vultures appear during the song, perching in trees and swooping overhead.

During the attack on a herd of gazelles, Mzingo joins the hyenas, telling them which gazelle to take down next, but he is knocked out of the air by Ono.

The Rise of Makuu

Beshte mentions vultures as one of the possible adversaries that the Lion Guard might have to face as the Guard rushes to the cry of an animal in trouble. Bunga remarks that whatever the adversary may be, the Lion Guard can take it.

Can't Wait to be Queen

Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (259)

Mzingo with Kiara

Mzingo spies on the Lion Guard and discovers that Kiara has become the temporary queen of the Pride Lands. He informs Janja, who hatches a plan to kidnap Kiara.

Eye of the Beholder


Ono and Mwoga

A vulture named Mwoga flies into Ono, knocking him out of the sky. He returns to his committee, who are currently holding a meeting, and tells them that Ono can no longer see out of one eye. The vultures decide to form a subcommittee to study the situation.

The-kupatana-celebration-hd (284)

Vulture nest

The Kupatana Celebration

A jackal pup snatches a bone from the nest of a vulture during the song Jackal Style.

The Search for Utamu

The-search-for-utamu (297)

All hail the vultures!

Mzingo's committee meets and sings sings the song All Hail the Vultures before the meeting is called to order. Afterwards, Mwoga spots Fuli lying on the ground, exhausted. The vultures then decide to attack Fuli, but just as they are closing in on her, the rest of the Lion Guard and drives them away.


Mzingo, Mwoga, and a third vulture make repeated attempts to hunt Baby Baboon. They are thwarted first by the Lion Guard, then by Fuli and Baby Baboon's Troop until they finally retreat.

The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

The-rise-of-scar (13)

A few vultures are seen circling above Muhimu's Herd until the zebra are led away by Ono and the vultures fly away.

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (461)

Scar envisions some vultures helping him with his plan.

The Scorpion's Sting

Mzingo and the rest of the leaders are ready for the battle with the Lion guard When Ono tries to find a way out the vultures come from the sky and attack him Mzingo and the rest of the vultures try to retrieve the ash from Makini

The Kilio Valley Fire

The vultures along with the rest of Scar's forces move into Kilio Valley after one of Scar's fire burns it.

Undercover Kinyonga

The vultures are attacking Ono when he goes into the Outlands to see what Scar is planning next.

The Underground Adventure

After hearing that Kion, Bunga, Kiara, Tifu, and Zuri are hanging out at the hot Mud Pots. Scar asks for a vulture to send Kion and his friends "a gift of fire." 

Notable Vultures in The Lion Guard

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