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"Actually, yes. I still need to find out if my cubs and I can stay here."

Varya, Long Live the Queen

Varya's Streak is a group of tigers made up of Varya herself and her three tiger cubs Polina, Pasha, and Feliks who came to seek refuge at the Tree of Life.


Long Live the Queen

Varya's Streak is being attacked by Makucha's Army when the Lion Guard (group) and the Night Pride come to stop them. After saving her Streak Ullu comes to tell Rani some news. Fuli says that they can handle the tigers. Later Varya is seen looking for her cubs.

Going to their new home

Bunga helps her look for them. Varya wonders if they can stay at the Tree of Life. Bunga takes them to Rani because she will know what to do. Rani shows  Varya and her cubs  to their new home which is to be shared by a herd of musk deer and the leader Kiril. Later Varya's Streak attends Rani's coronation.

Named Members


Main article: Varya

Varya is an adult Siberian tigress who seeked help at the Tree of Life for her to raise her cubs.


Main article: Polina

Polina is the daughter of Varya, and the sister of Feliks and Pasha.


Main article: Pasha

Pasha is the daughter of Varya, and the sister of Feliks and Polina.


Main article: Feliks

Feliks is the son of Varya, and the brother of Polina and Pasha.

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