Last I heard, she was living along the rocky bank of Urembo River, about a half-a-day's walk from here.

Beshte, The Wisdom of Kongwe

Urembo River is a valley located in the Pride Lands. It was first seen in the episode The Wisdom of Kongwe.


Urembo River is a seemingly large river, with a very rocky bank. Some acacia trees loom over the side, and the nearby area is strewn with fountain grass.


The Wisdom of Kongwe

Wishing to seek the advice of Kongwe regarding Scar's return, Fuli and Makini are tasked with finding her and bringing her back to King Simba. After Beshte tells them how Kongwe lives on the rocky bank of Urembo River, the two set off.

At first, neither is sure how to find her, since they have no idea what she looks like or even what animal she is. When Fuli stands atop a strange rock, she soon discovers

Finding Kongwe

that the rock is in fact Kongwe the tortoise. After explaining the reason for their appearance, Kongwe slowly starts to follow them.

Fire from the Sky

Ono suggests getting Hadithi to help fight the vultures. Beshte says that he last heard that Hadithi was hanging out at Urembo River. Ono and Anga locate Hadithi talking to his fans about his adventure that he had with Ono.

Happy to see Ono again

Ono introduces Anga who starts singing the song "Hadithi the Hero." Ono says that the Pride Lands and the Lion Guard needs Hadithi's help.  The birds fly up to meet with the Guard.

Return to the Pride Lands

During the contest between Vitani's Lion Guard, Bunga comes up with a challenge for the bravest. He and Shabaha will run through Maumivu Thorn Patch, cross Urembo River with Makuu's Float, and then climb up Mekundu Cliffs.



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