We will, Kiara. Look. Here we are! Urembo Meadows!

Tiifu, Baboons!

Urembo Meadows is a location in the Pride Lands.


Urembo Meadows is a large expanse of meadow filled with sweet-smelling yellow flowers and lush green trees. A few trails weave through it, and rocks of various size are scattered about. After floodwaters sweep through the area, a section of higher ground is all that remains, with pieces breaking off frequently.



Rolling around

After Simba and Nala task their daughter, Kiara with presiding over the The Royal Buffalo Wallow, Tiifu and Zuri take her to Urembo Meadows to get her freshened up for the event.

While there, the three cubs become trapped in a rainstorm and decide to take shelter under a tree. After the storm blows over, Tiifu and Zuri begin to roll around in the flowers, commenting that they smell even better after the rains.


Eventually, floodwaters surge onto the meadows, trapping the cubs on an island in the midst of the plains. Whilst scouting the Pride Lands for Kion, Ono catches sight of their predicament and leads the rest of the Lion Guard to the edge of the floodwaters. To help his sister,  Kion attempts to create a tree bridge, while Kiara tries to make a path of stepping stones, but both plans fail.

Kion suddenly gets the idea to combine his and Kiara's plans. While Beshte and Bunga heave a large boulder into the floodwaters, Kiara and her friends knock a dead tree across the river and cross to safety.


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