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When Ono reports that the hyenas are moving towards the volcano, and Fuli suggests that Scar may have a new plan for them, her left paw briefly disappears.  
Once again
While the guard looks for their talking rock Fuli's circular ring mark is missing.
Omg look again
As the guard are about to leave Kinyonga after she preforms her song, Fuli's spots overlap each other and her Mark of the Guard.
Undercover-kinyonga (250)
As Kinyonga runs up to the guard saying she can help them, Fuli's spots overlap again.
When Mwoga swoops past Kinyonga, one of his feathers appears in front of his eye. 
Mistake near skink
As the skinks chase Kinyonga, some yellow can be seen on a rock.
Undercover-kinyonga (501)
As Beshte reveals him self to the hyenas, Chungu's ear notches are flipped.
Undercover-kinyonga (522)
When running away from Kion, Janja's ear notch is flipped and two of his spots overlap.
Missing mark from ono
While flying down to tell the Guard he can't find Kinyonga, Ono's Mark of the Guard is missing.
Undercover-kinyonga (587)
As the Lion Guard rush off to stop Thurston's Herd from panicking, Beshte is seen with a notch in his left ear.
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