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The tuliza will help soothe your discomfort. But, it is not a cure.

Rafiki, Battle for the Pride Lands

Tuliza is a flowering plant that grows both within and outside the borders of the Pride Lands. It is used to relieve stress and pain.


Tuliza is a flowering plant that sprouts long shoots of light-purple blossoms.


Battle for the Pride Lands

Kion about to try the Tuliza

When Kion is bitten by Ushari, he is left with a scar. The venom from the wound slowly begins to seep through him, influencing his decisions and making him lose control of the Roar of the Elders more often. Rafiki and Makini have Kion eat tuliza so as to calm him. While the blossoms of the tuliza soothes Kion’s discomfort, Rafiki tells him that it is not a permanent cure.

The Harmattan

Makini tries to give Kion some tuliza. Kion is threatened by this and starts growling at her. Bunga reminds Kion that Makini is on his side. which calms him down. He apologizes and takes the tuliza.

Ghost of the Mountain

Anga spots some tuliza on a high cliff and Bunga volunteers to get it. Bunga climbs up and picks it, but he then trips and falls into a clearing in the bamboo forest. However, the tuliza is safe. Makini collects it after Bunga is taken by the red pandas.

Dragon Island

On Dragon Island, AngaOno, and Makini are all sent to get more tuliza for Kion. They find it along with the next moja kwa moja stone.

Journey of Memories

After a sandstorm wracks the desert the Guard are travelling through, Kion becomes frustrated after getting sand on his scar. Makini offers Kion tuliza; however, Kion spits it out because the sandstorm covered it in sand.

When night falls, a desert jerboa named Tupp shows the travelers to a water source. Makini uses it to clean the tuliza so Kion can eat it.

The Race to Tuliza

Fuli gets the Tuliza

Fuli goes to get tuliza for Kion. She meets a cheetah named Azaad, who says that he will help her get tuliza if she wins a race against him. Fuli races him, but at the very end, she trips and falls, losing the race. Determined to get the tuliza, Fuli challenges Azaad to a rematch.

In the second race, Fuli saves Azaad before he falls off a cliff after failing to take a shortcut. Grateful, Azaad helps Fuli bring the tuliza to Kion.

Mama Binturong

Throughout the episode, many of the animals living in the forest become terrified at the mention of tuliza. This is revealed to be because of Mama Binturong, who terrorizes the animals, and also adores tuliza.

Mama Binturong stands atop her hill of tuliza

Later on, Makini's staff is stolen by one of Mama Binturong's porcupine goons due to the tuliza inside it, Bunga is the only one able to enter Mama's hideout, so he goes to get the staff back. Upon reaching Mama Binturong, Bunga discovers she has a giant hill of tuliza. After a long battle, he attempts to eat Mama Binturong's tuliza, though he is revolted by the taste. This infuriates Mama Binturong. After retrieving the staff, Bunga ruins her tuliza stash with his stink while taking some of the tuliza for Kion.

Bunga returns, the tuliza-filled staff in hand. However, Makini reacts badly to the bad smell coming from the tuliza flowers.

Friends to the End

The tuliza starts to not work as effectively as it did before. Bunga starts to get worried that Kion may be running out of time.

Little Old Ginterbong

Mama Binturong asks a pika if she can have a little tuliza. The pika says that she can. Mama Binturong gets frustrated, demanding it all and scaring Pika away.

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