Kiburi: If you wanna be a crocodile, you have to show me you can fight.

Hodari: You mean, the traditional crocodile initiation spar?

Kiburi: That's right. Tamka here will be your sparring partner.

The Traditional Crocodile Initiation Spar is a tradition for crocodiles.


The Traditional Crocodile Initiation Spar determines if a crocodile is worthy of being in a certain float. To do so, the individual wishing to join the float (typically a crocodile) will engage in combat with a current member of the float, chosen at the discretion of the current leader.

If the member of the float is defeated, the winner is accepted into the float.


The Little Guy

The-little-guy (337)

Hodari strikes Tamka

Desperate to join a crocodile float, Hodari accepts Shupavu and Nduli's offer to introduce him to Kiburi, who, unbeknownst to the gecko, plans on using his friendship with the Lion Guard to get back into the Pride Lands.

Hodari is fully aware of the Initiation Spar, and Kiburi selects Tamka to be his opponent. He whispers for him to let Hodari win and, although confused, Tamka does as instructed, claiming defeat after the first hit he takes. Hodari is accepted as a member of Kiburi's Float, as per the rules.

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