• Especially knowing science and having plenty of insight to divide reality from fiction as well as my two strongest feelings for wild canines which are compassion and loyalty, I don't imagine this poor female as mean as the majority of people. 

    No my compassion for wild canines isn't a joke, I don't only have insight for stuff like what's happening in a fiction story and have enough skill to learn from fiction, I have insight of life and insight of communication especially when it comes to the truth of who and what the wild canines really are. No one is perfect, but my level of insight that I've always shown when speaking for wild canines is sincere and I can tell when it's the foe being mad or the animals like the hyena taking stuff uneasy and the poor canines pack just showing bravery and loyalty at the same time. It's since I was four I've understood Mufasa and Akela equally in their caution, and it's since I was I kid that's I've felt compassion of frequently being teased about being a bad person while you're just one of the wise ones hundreds misunderstand the qualities of. It's the wolf who helped me stay strong enough to not pout and whine while teased in school as the crowd was scared of my seizures and laughed at the Autism it's the wolf who helped me be sure all the mean stuff I was told by the other kids at school was all false and so I luckily gained courage quite easily.

    But with me it's doesn't matter what species the animated wild canine is I understand a jackal as clearly as I've understood wolf scenes. Plus that I've also looked at the communication photos shown in non-fiction that's why I know how hard of a time poor Reirei is really experiencing with the two lions. It's my insight of a canine's communication that helps me see Reirei's reluctance of joining Scar I've learned stuff from her scenes that young kids wouldn't discover without a parent's help. That's the main thing an omnivorous canine or a carnivorous canines they're the family that inspires  my attitude of the numerous ways to be cautious. 

    My Lessons From Reirei

    1. Sometimes what you need can irritate you too

    2 Matching values isn't the only way to fit in sensibly

    3 Sometimes even the right path hide but there's always a choice

    4 Accepting what you are can help both caution and resolving

    5 While being true to yourself you must use self-control to avoid aggravation of danger

    6 Sometimes it's tolerance that helps you avoid conflict

    7 Sometimes you need to protect yourself from the person you're helping but stuff could be worse if you refused to cooperate

    8 Sometimes silence is you only safety

    9 Kindness can be misunderstood just like loyalty

    10 Sometimes your posture says more than your words do

    11 Once in a while betraying someone is the right path

    12 Focus on your safety more than your reputation

    13 Sometimes even a friendly / thoughtful wish is misunderstood

    14 For safety and gaining trust in yourself choose your own beliefs

    15 Sadly some people deserve trust but don't earn it because who they are is quite misunderstood

    16 There are people who don't focus enough to split dishonesty from honesty ( the way Simba treats the jackals )

    17  Just because a problem is being solved slowly doesn't mean you won't succeed at the end

    18 Just because you're an outcast doesn't mean you're dangerous or rude.

    See people with my insight this is the helpful stuff I learn from Reirei's scenes of her hard experiences with Simba and Scar. Like the wild canines I value peace and treausure loyalty I can also already imagine Bhati's wisdom and stregnth. I understand the parts of the ecosystem the wild canines control, I understand science clarly enough to see what wild canines do better than cats, I can also see how their foes like the hyena are a much rougher species.  

    Efficient with Simba, Reluctant to join Scar, and fine endurance while Janja teases poor Reirei non-stop that's the character of Reirei I see repeatedly no matter which episode you're talking about, I also see the loyalty see shares with her pack.

    Whether song lyrics fit the what the animated wild canine is really doing or not I can tell figure out the accurate meaning of their songs. I understand fictional songs of wild canines as clearly as their strange sounding quotes found on the internet. Their advice of life is clear to me, their kindness doesn't hide from me. That's part of why they're the family I emotionally can't lose beside understanding their scientific facts.

    I can't wait to see the other wild canine species who might appear in Season 3.

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    • I don't actually fully agree on what you're saying , but I can tell why you feel sorry for Reirei. I do feel sorry for her , but in a completely different way.

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    • What do you consider a problem?? Luckily this wiki  as well as the fanon wiki of the Lion King treat me nicer than Disney Wiki does when speaking of the frequent arguments of both animated canines or Disney Wiki's princess disagreements shown several ways. Tons of people hate the Disney Females I enjoy the most whether heroine or a real princess. 

      Animals or a person that's my common result people hating the characters I'm the most entertained by, and females and females I understand the attitudes of the clearest. People replying like I'm one of the craziest users, while it's just my unusual level of insight. 

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    • I'm not sure if i have any problems with this. I like your insights on characters.

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    • Thank You.

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    • I agree fully. Reirei is NOT evil. She is merely desperate.

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    • A FANDOM user
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