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    I posted this by mistake on the news section thats why its snipped instead. 
    You dont say

    So she gives birth every month an a half?

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    • 20 that's plenty to say 2 to 3 or even 4 litters but Dogo and Kijana shall continue to be the two pups seen the most, and they should stay young so rate of their scenes doesn't lower and also so this TV Series doesn't suddenly have too many questions. Pup size showing a pup's curiosity of Enviornment but acting play doing at least a little bit of practice on the hunting steps. or Reirei could even have her pups practice defense haha because Jackals Welcome To The Pride Lands thanks to Fede she'll be one of the characters against Scar haha, what a great reform scene for Reirei! 

      This isn't talking about a jackal's pup's life span but the amount of danger they face so there's another reason to have Reirei helping her pups prepare for Scar wickedness. Eagle, hyena, numerous wild cat issues these canines face. But when mentioning characters like mongoose she could be the one telling them the plan of catching Ushari by surprise, That would be a trio that ate each other in real life but funny looking in fiction Jackal eat mongoose, while mongoose eat snakes, plus that jackals can eat some reptiles too. When preparing to fight Scar Reirei could also be the character telling antelope I'm not hear to chase you but for the safety of the Pride Lands I have an important agreement to make with you, because she'd eat them in real life but a fiction scene like this would show her kindness clearly especially if we want reforming scene shown clear, before the nice episode Jackals Welcome To The Pride Lands which Fede has already planned her roles of. Reirei's species is popular in African Folklore. Also because the hyenas might eat her in real life Reirei and her African Wild Dog cousins doing a few roles together would makes her kindness clear too, because in real life hyenas are mean to both they leap roughly on the African Wild Dogs, and sometimes they eat the black-backed jackal. So since Jasiri so differnt from Janja she could be the character helping Reirei prepare her jackal pups because doing practice with Jasiri would help the pups know what to expect. Mean leopards would challenge Reirei's pack too.

      So mainly they shold learn basic hunting steps but it's more important they know what actions to expect when they'll be facing Scar and the animals who didn't betray him, so they don't suddenly feel helpless. Insect, Ground-dwelling Birds, Reptiles, Small Antelope, Fruit which would allow them to chase monkeys even if they're just practicing stuff like sniffing their environment. Plus the number of rodents the jackal pups could chase on the Savanna's hills, even if it's so they won't be too slow when real danger arrives. Child or Adult everyone needs to be prepared for the revenge against Scar.

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    • I still accept the number of pups Reirei has they entertain me just as much as the songs that she sings without the hyenas. She's the Poor starving Outlander I've been able the repeatedly imagine the freedom of, She's the one species with Scar I see reluctance in, but the majority of people misunderstand her reluctance because she shows it so calmly.

      Other than how frequently people misunderstand Reirei's hard experiences with the two lions I'm pleased they've let her pups return at the end of this season

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    • maybe she just ate all of them and maybe that's why we only see the older pups

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    • 632762d wrote:
      maybe she just ate all of them and maybe that's why we only see the older pups


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    • ate them, definitely Not they're a totally social species. They live in couples per den but a whole pack searches for prey indedpendently for small food or cooperative for bigger prey. 

      Don't say such rude stuff about any species, this species isn't anything like the episodes have made them seem. It's a misunderstood loyal species but it's up to the pups if they leave the pack or not, that's a personal decision for any wild canine species though. Janja likes Scar. however Reirei is both reluctant and quite prudent. With Scar Janja's hopes are higher, however Reirei shows it in her expressions that she'd rather leave Scar forever.

      Don't mock animals.

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    • Watch your speech 632762d it's rude to mock animals, things aren't what they seem, and Reirei and every cousin who might arrive in Season 3 I'm a true friend of theirs, I'll tell Rad about impolite speech against wildlife if it repeats.

      I'm sincerely loyal to the whole family of Canidae.

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    • sorry guys

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