KION: What's next, Bunga?

BUNGA: (CHUCKLING) Oh, you're gonna love this one! I call it the splash-less triple spin-a-rama dive. Zuka Zama!

FULI: Ooh!

KION: Wow!

ONO: You barely made a splash.

BESHTE: Nice one, Little B.

FULI: Yeah. That's one dive even I can appreciate.

BUNGA: What can I say? When ya got it, ya got it. You want me to teach ya?

FULI: That's okay.

BUNGA: Okay. Suit yourself. And now, for my next dive, I'll attempt a spectacular...

LAINI: Lion Guard! Lion Guard!

ALL: Help! Help!

FULI: What in the Pride Lands?

KION:  Hevi kabis...

LAINI: Please say you'll help us, Kion! Please, oh, please, oh, please!


BUNGA: Whoa!


FULI: Ugh. Really?

GALAGOS: Save us! Save us! Save us! Save us! Save us!

FULI: Hey, hey! Easy on the ears!

BUNGA: Hey, there, little gally-ally-go.

BESHTE: Laini? What's the kerbubble? What's gotten all you galagos so upset?

LAINI: Oh, nothing. Just that... A leopard moved into our trees!

BESHTE: A leopard?

FULI: What? What did she say?

ONO: But the Pride Lands doesn't have any leopards.

LAINI: It does now. He climbed up into our tree this morning. And he wants to eat us! So will you help us, Kion? Huh? Speak up!


LAINI: Oh. Sorry.

KION: (SIGHS) Of course we'll help you.

BESHTE: Yeah, we'd never let a leopard eat you guys.

FULI: "Eating flies"? Who's eating flies?

KION: Stay here. We'll go get the leopard out of your tree. Sounds good?

LAINI: Oh, I don't know. We were hoping we could stay with you. Nothing can hurt us if we're with the Lion Guard.

FULI: Ugh! Will someone get these galagos off my ears, so I can hear what's going on? (GASPS)

BUNGA: You didn't miss much. They want to stay with us.

GALAGO: Please?

FULI: What? No. No way.

BUNGA: Oh, come on, Fuli. They're not so bad.

KION: You and the other galagos will be safe here. A lot safer than if you're with us, when we take on the leopard.

LAINI: Oh, good point.


KION: Now what? Ono!

ONO: On it! Uh-oh. We have to go. There's a giraffe stuck in a tree.

FULI: "A giraffe stuck in a tree"? Are there still galagos on my ears?

ONO: That is what I said. It's... He's... Oh. (STUTTERING) You've gotta see it for yourself.

KION: Come on! Lion Guard, let's go!

LAINI: But the leopard? You promised you'd get the leopard, Kion! You promised!

KION: And we will. Right after we help the giraffe. Then we'll come back here for you.

LAINI: Okay. Thank you, Kion.

KION: Till the Pride Lands' end...

ALL: Lion Guard defend!


FULI: I don't believe it. It really is a giraffe stuck in a tree!

BESHTE: Like my dad says, "Live long enough and you'll see everything."


Oh, uh, hi.

BESHTE: Shingo? What happened?

SHINGO: I was just trying to get to the last of the acacia leaves. They're so good. (GROANING)

ONO: Um, I wouldn't do that if I were you.

SHINGO: Ah! (MUFFLED) I see what you mean.

KION: Don't worry, Shingo. We're on it. Bunga, you'll need to climb up there and help pull Shingo free.

BUNGA: With pleasure. Zuka Zama! Okay, let's get that tongue free. Whoa. ey, Shingo. Your tongue's kind of bumpy.

SHINGO: Yeah, I know.

BUNGA: Hey, easy there! (GROANING) I can't free your tongue if you keep moving it.


GALAGOS: Help us!


BUNGA: Aw, look who it is.

KION: Laini? What are you...


SHINGO: Cut it out, you guys! (LAUGHING)

BUNGA: (GRUNTS) Hey, gally-ally-go!

SHINGO: I'm free! (SIGHS) Thanks, guys. (GASPS) Ooh! Is that another acacia tree?

KION: I told you to wait at Hakuna Matata Falls! What happened?

LAINI: Everything was fine at first. But then we heard this sound.

BESHTE: Was it the leopard?

LAINI: No, it sounded like this. (BLOWS RASPBERRY)

BUNGA: Yep. That'd be my Uncle Pumbaa.

LAINI: And then there was this horrible smell.

ONO: Definitely Pumbaa.

BESHTE: Well, Pumbaa won't hurt you.

KION: Beshte's right, Laini. You and the galagos should go back to the falls. It's safer there.

LAINI: Oh, we have to stay with you. Please?

KION: Okay, galagos. We'll be right over there at your tree. Stay here.

LAINI: Be careful, Kion. The leopard is fierce. Really fierce!

KION: Don't worry, so am I.


KION: (WHISPERING) Surround the tree. When he wakes up, we want to be ready.


KION: Ono! Now!



KION: Now!

BADILI: (WAILING) No, please don't hurt me! I didn't mean to growl. I thought you were baboons!

BUNGA: Baboons?

BADILI: Yes! They were chasing me in my dream. Hundreds of them.

FULI: Ooh, I've had that dream. It's bad.

ONO: Hang on, are you the big, scary leopard?

BADILI: (SNIFFLES) No! I'm Badili. The big, friendly leopard.

FULI: If you're so friendly, why'd you scare away the galagos?

BADILI: Galagos? What are galagos?

KION: They're the animals who live here. You took their home.


BADILI: Aw, they're so cute. Hi, there!


KION: They're a little scared of you.

BADILI: Oh, they shouldn't be. I didn't mean to take their home. I just didn't have anyplace else to go.

KION: What about your home? You're a leopard. Don't you have your own territory?

BADILI: Oh, sure. It's in Mirihi Forest.

ONO: That's way out in the Back Lands.

BADILI: That's right. But I really like it here in the Pride Lands. The trees are more comfy.

FULI: Really?

BADILI: Oh, hey! I have an idea. Maybe the galagos and I could share the tree? We'd have all kinds of fun together, right?


LAINI: The leopard is not staying in our tree!

KION: The galagos are right, Badili. You need to go back home.

BADILI: (SOBBING) Do I really have to? (CLEARS THROAT) Uh, I mean... Are you sure you don't wanna keep me around? I'm lots of fun! I'm great at games! Wanna play tag?

FULI: Not with those claws.

KION: Badili, is there a reason you don't want to go home?

BADILI: (NERVOUSLY) What? No, don't be silly. Of course I want to go home. It's my home. I just, you know, uh, wanted to try a new home for a while.

KION: And you did. But now it's time to go back where you belong.

BESHTE: We'll even walk you there.

BADILI: You will? Oh, that's great. 'Cause I definitely wasn't going to wait until you left and climb up that tree again. (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Oh, that would be as silly as an elephant trying to squeeze into a meerkat hole! (LAUGHING) (SIGHS)

KION: Right. Laini, we're taking Badili home now. The grove is all yours.

LAINI: Uh, thank you, Kion!

KION: Time to go.



ONO: Mihiri Forest, just ahead!

BADILI: Great! That's fantastic. Hey, is anyone else parched? We passed a watering hole a while ago. I say we double back and check it out.

KION: Badili, what's goin' on? You keep making excuses like you don't want to go home.

BADILI: Excuses? No way! I can't wait to be home. Almost there. Yay! So, thanks for the walk. Maybe we'll see each other again some time.

BUNGA: There we go. Now, anyone else think that watering hole sounded good?

KION: Wait, Bunga. Something's not right. Come on.

BUNGA: So, this is... This is all good, right? We can go?

KION: Not yet.




MAPIGANO: (CACKLES) What's the matter, Badili? Scare ya?

BADILI: Um, maybe a little.

MAPIGANO: A little?

BADILI: Okay, a lot.

MAPIGANO: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought I told you this ain't your turf no more.

BADILI: I know, I know, but...

MAPIGANO: Didn't I make myself clear? Was I speaking a language you don't understand?

BADILI: Uh... No.

MAPIGANO: So why'd you come back?

BADILI: I... I... I...

MAPIGANO: (MOCKING) You... You... You... You what? You miss me? Forget how much bigger and how much stronger I am?

BADILI: Oh. Oh, no. No, I remembered.

BESHTE: That Mapigano is not a nice leopard.

FULI: Yeah, but Badili can't just let him take over his home!

ONO: (SIGHS) I think he already did.

MAPIGANO: All of this is my turf now. So you need to scram. Again.

BADILI: I did go away. But this is my home. It's where I belong. So...

FULI: Here we go. And now he's gonna tell him.

BADILI: (GULPS) Maybe we can share it?

FULI: Seriously? Why wouldn't Badili stick up for himself?

KION: Maybe he needs someone to stick up for him.

MAPIGANO: Share it? (LAUGHING) You make me laugh. (LAUGHING)


MAPIGANO: (LAUGHTER CONTINUES) Enough with the laughing. Get out! Now!

KION: I've got a better idea! You get out! This isn't your turf.

MAPIGANO: Oh, yeah? Says who?

ONO: Says the Lion Guard!

BESHTE: Badili's our friend.

BUNGA: You mess with him, you mess with us.

FULI: And believe me, you don't wanna mess with us.

MAPIGANO: Why do you even care? Look at him. He's not even a leopard. He's a scaredy-cat!

KION: He is a leopard. And this is his turf. That means you have to go back where you came from!

BUNGA: Or don't. But then, we'll have trouble.

BESHTE: I don't think you'd like that.

FULI: But I might.

MAPIGANO: (CHUCKLES NERVOUSLY) Hey! We're all friends here, right? I wasn't gonna stay. I was just visiting my old pal, that's all. Great to see you, buddy. We'll do it again sometime. Bye-bye!

BADILI: That was amazing! (SIGHS) How can I ever thank you guys?

KION: You don't have to thank us at all, Badili. This is what we do.

BESHTE: But why didn't you just tell us a mean leopard kicked you out of your territory?

BADILI: I was embarrassed. Leopards are supposed to be fierce and fight for their turf. But I get too scared.

KION: It's okay to be scared. You don't have to be embarrassed.

ONO: Actually, Mapigano's the one who's scared now. He's already far away.

KION: And he's gone for good. He knows the Lion Guard has your back.

BADILI: Thanks, guys. You're the best.

KION: Our pleasure, Badili. Maybe we'll see you again sometime.

BESHTE: Bye-bye!

FULI: Later!

BUNGA & ONO: See you!

ONO: All clear on this side of Embamba Canyon!

KION: Thanks, Ono. Looks like we'll finish our patrol early today.

FULI: That's what happens when we don't have to deal with panicked galagos. Like yesterday.

BUNGA: Yeah. They sure were cute though.

BESHTE: Sure were.

LAINI: Lion Guard!

BUNGA: (SIGHS) I can almost hear them now.

LAINI: Lion Guard!

ONO: You can hear them now. Look!

LAINI: Lion Guard!

KION: Oh, no.

Don't tell me...

LAINI: The leopard! He's back in our trees! I'm sure he wants to eat us this time!

BUNGA: Badili? No way.

BUNGA: It can't be him.


BUNGA: It's him!


KION: Badili. Badili!

BESHTE: I know how to wake him up. (GRUNTS)

BADILI: (YELPS) Whoa! (GRUNTS) Oh! Hi, guys! Great to see you again! Thanks for dropping in!

FULI: Badili, you're supposed to be back home. What happened?

BADILI: (SIGHS) Mapigano.

BESHTE: The mean leopard?

But we chased him off!

BADILI: I know. You were amazing! (SIGHS) It was so peaceful and nice with him gone.But then he came back.

KION: Hmm. You know, I think we made a big mistake. We never should have gotten rid of Mapigano.

BADILI: What? No, you should have! It was the best! In fact, I was kind of hoping you might do it again?

BUNGA: Sure! We'll take care of him for you. Let's go!

KION: No! We're not helping Badili by scaring that other leopard away for him. We need to teach you how to stand up for yourself.

BADILI: You mean, teach me to fight? I don't know if I can do that.

KION: You don't have to.

We didn't have to fight Mapigano when we scared him away.

BADILI: No... But you're the Lion Guard.

FULI: Yeah, but Mapigano didn't know anything about us.

He just saw we wouldn't back down.

BADILI: But I will back down. I'm not confident like you guys.

KION: The only reason we're confident is because we believe in ourselves.

You just need to believe in yourself, too.

BADILI: How am I gonna do that? I'm not like you. You're the fiercest, bravest, fastest, strongest and keenest of sight! I'm just a nice leopard that wants to be left alone.

KION: Badili, look at me.

That mean leopard is picking on you because he knows you'll back down.

BESHTE: But you can still be nice and stand up for yourself.

KION: Beshte's the perfect example. He's a super-nice guy, but he's still confident.

BESHTE: And you can be, too.

BADILI: But how?

KION: I think we can help you there.

FULI: Yeah! I can help you learn to be fast on your feet.

BESHTE: And I can help you get stronger.

BUNGA: I'll teach you to be brave!

ONO: And I'll teach you to be... Huh. I can't really teach you to be keener of sight.

BUNGA: (GASPS) You could teach him how to fly! Or not.

KION: Ono, you can help Badili with eye contact.

Looking someone in the eyes lets them know you're confident and fierce!

BADILI: I see what you mean.

BUNGA: So what do you say, Badili?

BADILI: It sounds great. But I'll never be as good as you guys at all that stuff.

FULI: You don't have to be.

ONO: Fuli's right.

BESHTE: As long as you believe in your own abilities, you'll be confident enough to stand up to Mapigano.

BADILI: You really think so?

KION: I know so.

BADILI: Okay. Let's do it!

¶ Find your roar

¶ Find your roar


¶ Find your roar

¶ Find your roar

¶ Find your roar

¶ Find your roar

¶ Find your roar

¶ Find your roar

¶ Yeah, you got the roar inside of you


¶ Here ain't nothin' will frighten you BADILI: (ROARS)

¶ So, let's hear it Don't fear it

¶ Let's hear the roar

¶ Find your roar

¶ Find your roar


¶ Find your roar

¶ Find your roar



¶ Find your roar

¶ Yeah, you got the roar inside of you

¶ Here ain't nothin' will frighten you

¶ So, let's hear it Don't fear it

¶ Let's hear the roar ¶



KION: What do you think, Badili? Ready to face Mapigano?

BADILI: I can't wait.

ONO: So when you talk to Mapigano, what do you do?

BADILI: I speak calm and strong, I stand tall, and I look him in the eyes.

BESHTE: And if he calls you a mean name, what do you say?

BADILI: I say, "My name's Badili. "Use it."

BUNGA: And if he tells you to go away?

BADILI: I say, "No. "This is my turf."

BUNGA: How about if he tries to scare you?

BADILI: He can't. He's not scary. He's just a leopard, same as me.

KION: And how do you know he's not scary?

BADILI: Because I found my roar.

KION: Better believe it. Now go take back your turf.

BUNGA: We're gonna stay and watch, right?

KION: Wouldn't miss it for the whole savannah.



MAPIGANO: Huh? Huh? What?

BESHTE: (WHISPERING) Way to be strong.

MAPIGANO: What? What just happened?

BADILI: I happened.

BUNGA: I'm totally gonna use that line.

MAPIGANO: Back again, Badili? Where are all your little buddies? Did you bring 'em along to stand up for you again?

BADILI: Nope. Just me. This is my turf. That means you have to go.

FULI: You tell him, Badili.

MAPIGANO: Oh. Oh, yeah? And who's gonna make me? You?




MAPIGANO: (LAUGHING) That's what I thought. Same old Badili. You're nothing but a scaredy-cat.

BESHTE: No, don't let him call you names.

BADILI: No, I... I'm not scared.

ONO: Oh! This doesn't look good.

FULI: We gotta help him.

KION: No! I believe in Badili. He can do this himself.

MAPIGANO: Ha! You sure sound scared to me.

BADILI: (INHALES) Well, I'm not. I'm not scared of you, Mapigano.

MAPIGANO: (SNICKERS) Is that right? Well, maybe you should be! Huh?

BADILI: You'll have to be faster than that!


BADILI: (SOFTLY) See? I have confidence in myself. 'Cause I know what I can do. And I'm not afraid to prove it.

MAPIGANO: Oh, yeah? Well... Step a little closer and say that!

BADILI: Is this close enough? Oh, was that too close?


BADILI: I'm not scared of you, Mapigano. And I'll never be scared of you again. So you should go. Now.

MAPIGANO: Oh, yeah? Well...

BADILI: I said now! (ROARING)


BADILI: And stay out!

KION: Way to go, Badili!

FULI: I don't think you'll see that guy again.


Could you tell how scared I was?

BUNGA: Are you kidding?

You looked nothing but brave!

ONO: I'm the keenest of sight. And what I saw was a leopard standing up for himself.

BADILI: I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for believing in me.

KION: No. You believed in yourself. That's what really counts. And now that you have your turf back, we can let the galagos know it's safe to go home.

BADILI: Oh, yeah. Uh, tell 'em I said "Hi." And, um, "Sorry."

FULI: (SIGHS) Now this is more like it!

BESHTE: Yep. Everything's right in the Pride Lands again.

LAINI: Help! Lion Guard! Help! Come quick! There's someone in our tree!

FULI: (SIGHS) Not again.

ONO: You're not gonna believe this.


KION: Bunga?

BUNGA: Oh, hi, guys. What's up?

FULI: You are!

What are you doing in their tree?

BUNGA: I just had to come back. These guys are so soft and cuddly! Come here, Laini!


BUNGA: Give me a hug.

LAINI: (GASPS) Maybe that leopard wasn't so bad after all.

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