In keeping with tradition, the ceremonial nest should be made of the leaves from the top of the tallest tree in the land.

Hadithi, Ono's Idol

The Traditional Ceremonial Nest is a special type of nest featured in The Lion Guard.


It is tradition for this nest to be given to honored guests at special events, such as the Royal Mud Print Ceremony. To create it, the nest must be made using only the leaves from the tallest tree in the land. This ensures the softest possible nest.


Ono's Idol

Onos-idol (199)

Hadithi asks about the Nest

After a group of Pride Landers honor Hadithi by performing a song, the King and Queen of the Pride Lands approach, and after being questioned by their son on their knowledge of Hadithi's heroism, they invite the eagle to participate in the Royal Mud Print Ceremony. After Ono explains the nature of the event, Simba chooses Ono as the young Pride Lander that Hadithi will pass along knowledge to, Hadithi agrees, and questions Simba on the presence of the traditional nest. Although Simba reacts with confusion, Ono eagerly volunteers the Guards help in providing the nest, Kion agrees, and Simba and Nala depart, telling Hadithi that they'll meet him at Pride Rock just before sundown for the ceremony.

Onos-idol (216)

Hadithi explains where to find the leaves

Hadithi thanks the Guard for their assistance, and questions upon their knowledge of the proper leaves that must be used for the nest, upon noticing their confusion, he explains that the nest must be made from the leaves from the tallest tree in the Pride Lands. Fuli is skeptical, but Ono eagerly states his understanding. Ono explains that those particular leaves would be the softest, and most befitting to a hero.

After watching Hadithi and Ono fly off, Fuli questions upon the importance of focusing on other tasks, especially since they have little knowledge of Hadithi, Kion reminds them of the knowledge that his father has of the eagle, and Beshte points out that Ono really likes him, and for that reason, they should follow Hadithi's wishes.

Onos-idol (269)

The tallest tree in the Pride Lands

After they have located the tree, Kion questions upon their decision to send Ono with Hadithi, instead of keeping him with them. Bunga expresses his confidence that he has the situation handled, and leaps up the tall tree with ease. He urges the others to come up, but Fuli orders him to get the leaves and come down. Bunga then reveals what he can see from his position, including Pride RockMekundu Cliffs, and the tallest tree in the Pride Lands. Upon realizing what he said, Bunga responds depressingly, and Kion tells the Guard to go to the correct tree, with a small amount of annoyance in his tone.


  • When Hadithi first mentions the nest to Simba, the King admits that he has never heard of it. With Hadithi's tendency to lie, it is possible that this tradition was made up by Hadithi himself.
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