I must say, you look ready for the Wallow! Usually the royals are always so stuffy at these things. But this, this is most impressive! Clearly, you understand what the Buffalo Wallow is all about.

Vuruga Vuruga to Kiara, Baboons!

The Royal Buffalo Wallow is an event that takes place in the Pride Lands.


The Royal Buffalo Wallow is an event in which Vuruga Vuruga's Herd wallow in the mud together. It is overseen by at least one member of the royal family, though Vuruga Vuruga claims that most of them show up too "stuffy" for the occasion.



Simba and Nala task their daughter, Kiara with performing this important ceremony. Tiifu and Zuri spend most of the day trying to prepare her for the event.

Baboons (490)

Wallowing together

The princess arrives to the event covered in mud after rescuing Tiifu and Zuri from a river, but is praised by Vuruga Vuruga for her disheveled appearance. In an undertone, Vuruga Vuruga admits that most royals show up too stuffy for the event, but that Kiara clearly understands what the Wallow is all about.

Kiara thanks the buffalo for her kind words, and extends the credit to Tiifu and Zuri, who receive an understanding smile from Vuruga Vuruga. Kiara then steps forward and announces the start of the wallow. After she does so, the buffaloes charge past her and their leader and plunge into the mud, rolling around in it with blissful expressions.

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