• The episode had an average of 683,000 viewers.[1]
  • The title of this episode shares a name with a song featured in the (extended) original film and musical version of The Lion King.
  • This is the first regular length episode to release on a weekday that was not on a Friday.
  • The song I Do Have a Great Deal to Say uses two references from the the original film of The Lion King.
    • The first is Simba as a cub when he uses leaves for a mane in the song I ​Just ​Can't ​Wait ​To ​Be ​King.
    • The second is where Simba roars to take his place as King of the Pride Lands after reclaiming his kingdom back from Scar.
    • In addition to this, Zazu being trapped in a bone cage is a reference from The Lion King where he was trapped in a bone cage during most of Scar's reign.
    • Similarly, Zazu being threatened with the steam vents is an obvious allusion to when the hyenas forced Zazu into a geyser in the original film.
  • This episode reveals that when Kion was smaller, he spoke with a lisp.
  • This is the third episode to feature flashbacks.
  • This is the first episode of the series to air in 2018.
  • Thurston was meant to appear. According to a deleted scene, he is asked by the Lion Guard if he knows where Zazu is, but Thurston's role was given to Bupu for the final version.[2]

Appearances Trivia

  • This is also Zazu's first and last appearance in 2018.
    • This is also Zazu's last appearance in Season 2.
  • Nyuni made his debut in this episode.

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