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The-mbali-fields-migration (49)
Just before Muhimu sits on Bunga, he is missing his Mark of the Guard.
The-mbali-fields-migration (120)
When Ono approaches Kion, all of the zebras and some of the gazelles are missing their eyes.
The-mbali-fields-migration (196)
When running ahead of the herds, Kion's Mark of the Guard is missing.
The-mbali-fields-migration (261)
The-mbali-fields-migration (263)
The-mbali-fields-migration (264)
The-mbali-fields-migration (265)
When he goes underwater, Beshte's position is switched. This is fixed a few scenes later.
The-mbali-fields-migration (253)
When being swept away, a orange dot appears on Swala's muzzle.
The-mbali-fields-migration (270)
The-mbali-fields-migration (275)
A gazelle fleeing the flood shares the design of his herd members before it switches to Swala's design, save for the eyebrows. Fuli's Mark of the Guard is also replaced with a ring marking.
The-mbali-fields-migration (286)
Whilst saving Muhimu, Bunga's Mark of the Guard is flipped.
When he's flying off to Mbali Fields, Ono's Mark of the Guard disappears.
When jumping, Chungu's ear notches are briefly flipped.
The-mbali-fields-migration (463)
When the hyenas are flung into the air, Chungu and Cheezi's ear notches are flipped.
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