KION: Careful, Bunga...

ONO: It's a very delicate situation!


BUNGA: Sorry, Zazu. Can't understand ya with your beak in that beehive.

ZAZU: (CONTINUES SHOUTING) (GASPS) Thank you, Bunga! That's much... (SCREAMS)


BUNGA: Gotcha covered, Zazu! (CHOMPING)

ZAZU: Gracious!

BUNGA: Maybe next time try flying under the beehive, not through it!

ZAZU: Yes. Thank you, Bunga.

FULI: So why were you in such a hurry?

ZAZU: I was looking for you. All of you!

BESHTE: What's the kerbubble, Zazu?

ZAZU: I've just received word. The pangolins are spraying everywhere! It's quite a stinky situation.

ONO: Odd. Pangolins only spray when they're threatened.

KION: Then we better check it out.

ZAZU: My thoughts precisely!

KION: Till the Pride Lands' end...

ALL: Lion Guard defend!


KION: Sounds like we're close.

FULI: Ugh. Smells like we're close.


ALL: Huh?

FULI: I'm sorry. Can anyone tell me what I'm looking at?

ONO: No idea.


HAFIFU: Drop it, Majinuni!

MAJINUNI: You drop it, Hafifu! This one's a real stinker!

HAFIFU: I know you are, but what is it?





BUNGA: Those're the biggest baboons I've ever seen!

ONO: I don't think they're baboons.

FULI: Ugh. They sure act like baboons.

BESHTE: I've never seen anyone like them. And I know every animal in the Pride Lands.

KION: Well, whatever they are, they need to leave those pangolins alone! Hey! You two! Put down the pangolins!

MAJINUNI: Put them down? But they're so much fun to squeeze!

HAFIFU: They are! (IN SING-SONG) Squeezy! Squeezy! Squeezy!


HAFIFU: Oh, hello! Have we met?

MAJINUNI: Would you mind not standing on us?

KION: Sure. If you promise to stop messing with the pangolins.




HAFIFU: Oh look! You've brought some friends! What fun!

KION: So, who are you? And what are you doing in the Pride Lands?


MAJINUNI: Ah, well, that's easy. I'm Majinuni, and this is my brother Hafifu.

HAFIFU: We're looking for someone called King Zimba.

MAJINUNI: He's a "lion"?

ONO: I think they mean Simba.

HAFIFU: Yes! That's right! Do you know him?

FULI: Yeah, you could say that.

BUNGA: Kion here just happens to be his son.

MAJINUNI: You're a lion?

HAFIFU: You're a prince?

MAJINUNI & HAFIFU: So are we! So are we! (LAUGHING)

BUNGA: Wait. You guys are lions?

BESHTE: No, they're princes!

FULI: Seriously?

HAFIFU: No wonder we've got so much in common!

KION: We do?

MAJINUNI: Our poppa sent us here with a message for your poppa! A really important message!


FULI: Kion, there is no way anyone sent these two with a message for the king. Look at 'em!


HAFIFU: (GASPS) Majinuni, look! A stick!

USHARI: Excuse me? A what?

MAJINUNI: Bet you can't hit that baobab fruit.

HAFIFU: Bet you I can!

KION: No, wait!

USHARI: Stop. Stop! I am not a stick! I am a snake! (GASPS) (GROANS) Every time I get near the Lion Guard...

KION: Hafifu! Why'd you do that?

HAFIFU: Uh, 'cause I wanted to throw the stick.

KION: Ushari's not a stick! You just heard him say so!

MAJINUNI: Uh, he's got a point. As a rule, sticks don't talk.

HAFIFU: Ah. Oh, well. Kuishi ni kucheka!

FULI:What does that mean?

HAFIFU: It's our motto! It means, "To live is to laugh!"

MAJINUNI: You know...

MAJINUNI & HAFIFU: ¶ Kuishi ni kucheka! ¶ Live with a laugh and a smile! ¶ Kuishi ni kucheka! ¶ Stays with you all the while ¶ (BOTH LAUGHING)


BUNGA: Uh, nope. Don't know that one.

MAJINUNI: They've never heard of it.

HAFIFU: How could they never have heard of it? Maybe we should sing it in a different key...

MAJINUNI & HAFIFU: ¶ Kuishi ni kucheka... ¶

KION: That won't be necessary. Look. I'll take you to my dad so you can give him your message. Now come on. Walk this way.




BUNGA: These gorilla-dillas are my kinda guys!


KION: Uh, Dad... This is probably going to sound weird..

SIMBA: What is it, son?

KION: Well, we've found these gorilla brothers who say they...

SIMBA: Have a message for me?

KION: Yes. You know them?

SIMBA: Their father is King Sokwe of the Mountain Gorillas.

SIMBA: : A long time ago, he and I made a peace treaty. Now, every wet season, he sends a message to let me know if he still agrees to the peace. Or not.

KION: So... Majinuni and Hafifu really do have an important message for you?

SIMBA: Very important. Where are they?

KION: (SIGHS) They're coming.

MAJINUNIi: Ooh! Yeah! (LAUGHS) Kuishi!

ALL: Ni kucheka!


BUNGA: Aw, hey, Your Highness! Lemme introduce these guys...

SIMBA: Majinuni. Hafifu. You have a message for me?

HAFIFU: Yes, um, about that...

MAJINUNI: We do have a message... Er, we did, but..

SIMBA: Boys?

MAJINUNI: He forgot it!

HAFIFU: He forgot it!

FULI: Why am I not surprised?

SIMBA: I see. This is not good. I need you and the Lion Guard to take the boys back home and find out what King Sokwe's message is.

KION: Can't you just send them back and get the message again?

SIMBA: And let peace with the gorillas depend on them?

HAFIFU: I bet I can stand on one foot longer than you.

MAJINUNI: So? Bet you can't hop on one foot while patting your nose and rubbing your belly.


KION: Got it. Where's their home?

SIMBA: The Theluji Mountains.

KION: Wow! That's a long way off.

SIMBA: Yes, but King Sokwe's sons should know the way.

MAJINUNI: Okay, now let's see who can balance longer on no legs! (BOTH GRUNT) (BOTH LAUGH)

FULI: Please tell me we're almost there.

ONO: We are! We just have to go tp the mountain and find King Sokwe.

KION: Majinuni, Hafifu. Can you tell us where your dad is?

HAFIFU: Oh, you know...

MAJINUNI: Up there somewhere.

KION: You guys really don't know how to get home from here?

HAFIFU: Sorry. We've never gone up the mountain before.

MAJINUNI: To tell the truth, we've only gone down the mountain once.

HAFIFU: Yeah, and we rolled most of the way at that!


KION: Ono? Where to next?

ONO: I see a path through the trees!

KION: Great. Then we'll go that way.

FULI: Thanks for the help.

MAJINUNI: (CHUCKLES) Well, she certainly is polite.

HAFIFU: I know, right? I didn't think we were helpful at all.


KION: Guys? Any of this look familiar?

BUNGA: Not to me.

FULI: I think he was talking to the gorillas.

HAFIFU: Did you say gorillas? Are there gorillas here somewhere?

MAJINUNI: Is Poppa here? (GULPS) Uh, Poppa?

KION: (SIGHS EXASPERATEDLY) I was talking to you! You're the gorillas!


HAFIFU: We are the gorillas.

BOTH TOGETHER: We're the gorillas!



ONO: And until we get them home, they're our gorillas.

KION: (SIGHS) Yeah... So which way do we go from here?

(BOTH TOGETHER): That way! No, no! That way!

BESHTE: Maybe we can ask this little green guy.

BUNGA: What little green guy?

BESHTE: Poa! He was green a second ago!

ONO: He must be a chameleon!

BUNGA: A ka-what-eon?

ONO: A chameleon! A lizard that can change his colors!

MAJINUNI Did you hear that, brother?

HAFIFU:I heard that, brother!

BOTH: Chameleon hide and seek!


KION: No, wait! Come back!

MAJINUNI: (SING-SONG) I'm gonna find it.

HAFIFU: (LAUGHS)  No, I'm gonna find it!

KION: Ono? Please follow them.

ONO: On it!

KION: Hafifu! Majinuni!

HAFIFU: Hello!

KION: Where are you?

HAFIFU: Excellent question! Wish we could say!

MAJINUNI: It is a bit of a puzzler! We can hear you, but we can't see you!

KION: Ono?

ONO: Sorry, Kion...The plants are too thick. I can't even see the ground!

KION: You smell 'em?

FULI: (SNIFFING) Too many weird plants in bloom. I don't think I could even track Bunga's scent here.

KION: (SNIFFS) Yeah, me neither. Hmm...

KION: Hafifu! Majinuni! Stay still! When I call your names, shout back. We'll follow your voices and find you!

HAFIFU: Ooh, yes! But let's make it a game! You shout kuishi, then we shout ni kucheka!

KION: Fine. Kuishi! Kuishi!

MAJINUNI: Oh, it's our turn. Ni kucheka!

BUNGA: Sounds like they're this way.

KION: Right. Let's go!

KION: Kuishi!

MAJINUNI: Ni kucheka!

KION: Kuishi?

HAFIFU:: Ni kucheka!

KION: Kuishi?

FULI: Now it sounds like they're back there.

KION: (SIGHS) Hafifu! Majinuni! This game isn't working!

HAFIFU: Then let's change the game!

BOTH: Forest hog chase!

MAJINUNI: Brilliant! Lion Guard! We shall now snort like forest hogs while you chase us!


KION: Chase them?

FULI: Seriously?

BESHTE: I don't even know what forest hogs sound like.


BUNGA: Now you do!

ONO: I see trees moving! I think they're heading uphill... Right into the fog!

KION: Okay. Thanks, Ono!

KION: Let's go! Majinuni! Hafifu!


FULI: That snort came from behind us.

KION: You think the gorillas split up?

ONO: Or it might possibly be a...


ONO: ...real forest hog! Hapana!

MAJINUN: Hey, listen!They're doing hog snorts, too!

HAFIFU: I'm glad they're getting into the spirit of the... (SNORTING)

HAFIFU: ...forest hog!

MAJINUNI: Did you say the spirit of the forest hog? Ah! Forest hog!


KION: The forest hog! It's after them!

FULI: Wait for us!

BESHTE: Why's the hog acting so mad?

ONO: He must think the gorillas are other forest hogs!

BUNGA: Hogging in on his territory! (LAUGHS) Get it? Forest hog... Hogging? Ah?

FULI: Bunga!








KION: (GROWLS) Back off of the gorillas!





KION: You can't get to them without going through me. And you're not getting through me.

FULI: Or us!


KION: Okay, then.


KION: Hafifu? Majinuni? You okay?

HAFIFU: Uh, surprisingly enough, we are.

MAJINUNI: Totally unpoked by sharp hoggy tusks!

MAJINUNI: You saved us!

KION: Well, sure. That's what we do. Now let's get you home.

MAJINUNI: I've got a better idea. Let's get chased by the forest hog again!

FULI: What? Seriously?


BESHTE: Guys? Is something else going on?

HAFIFU: Well, we haven't been very helpful getting you to our poppa...

MAJINUNI: Because we don't really want to see him.

KION: I knew something was going on! You couldn't be that silly.

MAJINUNI: Oh, no. We are.

HAFIFU: Totally silly! Dozy! Dopey! Wacky!

MAJINUNi: Immature and frivolous.

BUNGA: That's a lot of words for silly.

KION: Okay. So tell me. Why don't you want to see your dad?

MAJINUNI: For some reason he's never thought we're prince material.

So we decided to show him he's wrong.

HAFIFU: We volunteered to deliver his really important message. And then we failed miserably.

MAJINUNI: Now we have to go home and tell him.

HAFIFU: He's going to put on his...

BOTH: Disappointed face.

KION: I get it.

BOTH: You do?

KION: I never want to let down my dad either. It's the whole reason I'm here. I'm really sorry. I wish I could do something to make it easier.

HAFIFU: Well, you did face down a ferocious forest hog. That's almost as hard as facing our dad.

MAJINUNI: And it seemed like the sort of thing a prince would do.

HAFIFU: We don't exactly feel like princes yet...

KION: Trust me. If you act like a prince, sooner or later, you'll start to feel like a prince.

MAJINUNI: (SIGHS) Okay, then. We'll take you to our home.

KION: Great!

HAFIFU: Possibly one last little game?



MAJINUNI: This way.

Not much farther... 

BOTH: Whee!

KION:: Heyvi kabisa.

FULI: What is this?

ONO: I... I don't know.

BUNGA: Me neither.

(LAUGHS) But I like it.


HAFIFU: Betcha never seen snow before!

FULI: Snow? Huh. What do you do with it?

HAFIFU: Do? You have fun!




HAFIFU: Come on! You just going to stand there, or are you going to play?

BUNGA: Kion?

KION: Well... I guess a little fun couldn't hurt.

BUNAG: All right! Zuka Zama!

FULI: It's cold. And slippery! (GRUNTS)  (LAUGHS) But it's kinda fun!

BESHTE: I want to try. Twende Kiboko!

ONO: (LAUGHING) Whoohoo It's melting on my beak!

BUNGA: Kion, you've got to try this! It's un-Bunga-lievable!

KION: I don't know, guys. We should be careful with this stuff. We don't know enough about it.

HAFIFU: You know it can do this!


KION: Oh, it's on. Kuishi ni kucheka!



SINGER: ¶ Kuishi ni kucheka!

¶ Live with a laugh and a smile

¶ Kuishi ni kucheka!

¶ Stays with you all the while


¶ Some may say that life's a joke

¶ Might be funny but it's true

¶ Cause if you live life with a frown

¶ Then the joke's on you

¶ Happiness is all around you now

¶ Just one phrase to show you how

¶ Kuishi ni kucheka!

¶ Live with a laugh and a smile

¶ Kuishi ni kucheka!

¶ Stays with you all the while

¶ Joy and hope can all be yours

¶ Look closely and you'll find 

¶ Whether you are glad or sad

¶ It's just a state of mind

¶ Happiness is all around you now

¶ Just one phrase to show you how

¶ Kuishi ni kucheka!

¶ Live with a laugh and a smile

¶ Kuishi ni kucheka!

¶ Stays with you all the while

¶ Oh! Kuishi ni kucheka!

¶ Live with a laugh and a smile

¶ Kuishi ni kucheka!

¶ Stays with you all the while ¶


BUNGA: ¶ Zuka Zama, fun with snow. Zuka Zama... ¶

FULI: That's not to throw at me, is it?

BUNGA: Nah! It's a souvenir for Uncle Timon.


KION: I could do this all day.


But we promised we'd get you to our dad.

KION: Yeah. I just want to take one more look, so I'll never forget it.

Whoa! Guys? Guys!

ALL: Kion!

KION: Whoa!

BUNGA: I'm coming, Kion! Zuka... (GRUNTS)

MAJINUNI: Sorry for the quick-stop, Bunga. But Kion needs someone who knows the mountain.

HAFIFU: Two someones!

BOTH: Kuishi ni kucheka!

FULI: Ono! Follow Kion!

ONO: On it!

HAFIFU: Whoo-hoo!


MAJINUNI: See you at the bottom, brother!

HAFIFU: (SCOFFS) You'll see my bottom, brother! 'Cause I'll get to Kion first!


KION: Argh!


Look at me! I'm flying!


MAJINUNI: Ooh! Chilly!




ONO: Kion? Are you okay?

KION: So far! But I can't hang on long!


KION: Not helping, Ono!

ONO: (GASPS) Sorry!

MAJINUNI: Whoo-hoo!

Hang on, Kion!

HAFIFU: Good advice, brother!



ONO: I can't look!

KION: (GRUNTS) (PANTS) You saved me. Thanks.

MAJININI: Pfft! No thanks needed. It was fun!

KION: Oh no! It was more than that. It was brave. Doing something like that is what you makes you prince material.

HAFIFU: You really think we have that in us? The prince thing?

KION: Totally.

KING SOKWE: So... You forgot my message to King Simba!

BOTH: Yes, Poppa.

KING SOKWE: And you got lost coming home from the Pride Lands!

BOTH: Yes, Poppa.

KING SOKWE: And you needed the Lion Guard to help you get back home!

BOTH: Yes, Poppa.

KING SOKWE: You know what this means.

BOTH: Yes, Poppa.

FULI: (SOFTLY) What do you think it means?

BESHTE: Nothing too bad, I hope.

KING SOKWE: Kuishi ni kucheka! (LAUGHING)


KING SOKWE: Kion told me how you saved him. I'm proud of you both. You are true gorilla princes.

BOTH: Thank you, Poppa.

KION: Um, speaking of your message for my dad? We do need to give it to him.

KING SOKWE: Of course you do. (LAUGHS) I see your friend has a souvenir from our home.

BUNGA: Sure do! Uh... Your Gorilla-ness!

KION: Is that's a problem?

KING SOKWE: No, no. Not at all. In fact, it's perfect.

KION: And, so... Here we are.

SIMBA: And did you bring back King Sokwe's message?

KION: Uh, yeah...

SIMBA: Well, then?

KION: It's just...

SIMBA: Kion? I need the message.

KION: Are you sure?

SIMBA: Yes! You have to give it to me!

KION: Okay... Kuishi ni kucheka!


BUNGA: Sorry, Your Majesty. It really wasn't my idea.

ONO: (SING-SONG VOICE) This might have been a mistake.

SIMBA: (CHUCKLES) Oh, King Sokwe. No one delivers a peace message like him.

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