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When Ono reports to Kion, his Mark of the Guard is missing.
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As Chungu chases Dogo, his ear notches are briefly flipped.
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When Dogo jumps on Kion after being rescued from the hyenas, Kion's Mark of the Guard is on his right shoulder instead of his left. In the next shot, it is not on his right shoulder anymore.
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When Kion shows Dogo where he can stay, the ring mark on Fuli's shoulder vanishes. It is still missing the next time Fuli is shown.
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When Beshte and Bunga approach Dogo in front of Muhanga's den, he is lacking his spots.
Just before he heads out to continue patrol, Beshte's Mark of the Guard appears on his right shoulder instead of his left.
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When the scene shifts to Chakula Plains, the area has been mirrored from the original location seen in Eye of the Beholder.
While on patrol, Fuli's Mark of the Guard overlaps her old black circle marking that was replaced when she received the Mark.
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Two shots later, Fuli appears to be missing the middle spot on one of her front legs. The lowest spot is also placed too far down her leg.
When Ono is about to guide her to Bunga and Beshte, Fuli's Mark of the Guard appears on her right shoulder before she turns around.
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Near the end of Jackal Style, Goigoi is shown without his muzzle and rear end. In this same scene, the kiwano melons, baobabs, and aardvark cucumbers are oversized.
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After getting covered in mud, Fuli's Mark of the Guard vanishes. It reappears at one point when talking to the jackals, then disappears again.
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In one scene, Reirei is much smaller than Kion and Fuli when she's usually taller than them.
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While at Kupatana, Timon's stripes overlap his underbelly.
When Ono flies away from Beshte to search for the jackals, Beshte is briefly seen with a notch in his right ear.
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When Bunga stops Dogo, Shingo's mane is flipped and partially detatched from his body.
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When Bunga pulls Dogo to a halt, Dogo's shoulder spots can also be seen on the underside of his foreleg.
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Towards the end of the Kupatana event, a second blue eyed jackal pup is shown behind his mother. Just before the family leaves, however, this pup vanishes.
Jacob Guenther Mistakes
Jacob Guenther's last name is misspelled as Gunther in the end credits.
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