Executive Producer Ford Riley
Supervising Director Howy Parkins
Story Editors John Loy
Ford Riley
Written by Elise Allen
John Loy
Ford Riley
Line Producer John I Carrillo
Production Designer Plamen Christov
Developed for Television by Ford Riley

Max Charles as Kion
Joshua Rush as Bunga
Diamond White as Fuli
Atticus Shaffer as Ono
Dusan Brown as Beshte
Ana Gasteyer as Reirei
Rob Lowe as Simba
Jeff Bennett as Zazu
Andrew Kishino as Janja
Khary Payton as Rafiki
Phil LaMarr as Goigoi
Alex Cartañá as Twiga
Jacob Gunther as Dogo
Howy Parkins as Mbeya
Lynette DuPree as Ma Tembo
Russi Taylor as Muhanga

Main Title Theme Written by Christopher Willis

Ford Riley Sarah Mirza

Main Title Theme Produced by Christopher Willis
Original Underscore by Christopher Willis
Songs Written by and Produced by Beau Black

Casting by Brian Mathias

Rachel Glauber

Dialogue Director Kelly Ward
Storyboard Troy Adomitis

Melissa Suber

Lead Character Design Jose Zelaya
Character Design Kenny Thompkins
Background Paint Saiping Lok
Storyboard Revisionist Supervisor Terry Lennon
Storyboard Revisions Kaukab Basheer
Tammy Manis
Storybook Kenny Thompkins
Color Stylist Jill Stirdivant
Continuity Coordinator Robin Police
Animation Production By Mercury Filmworks
Animation Director Christian Larocque
Language and Cultural Advisor Sarah Mirza
Early Childhood Curriculum developed by Disney Junior Educational Resource Group
Consulting Services Provided by Animal Experts at Disney's Animals,
Science and Environment
Editor Christopher Gee
Assistant Editor Angela Barton
Animatic Editor Carmen Woods
Technical Director John Kranjcevich
Post Production Supervisor Veronique Little
Dialogue Recording Engineer Mark Kondracki
Assistant Audio Engineers Jordan King
Simon Sampath Kumar
Stiv Schneider
Supervising Sound Editor Kate Finan


Re-recording Mixer Eric Freeman
Foley Editor Tess Fournier
Dialogue Editor Elliot Herman
Sound Effects Editor Eric Paulsen
Production Manager Mark Brammeier
Production Associate Alison Goalder
Production Coordinators Corey Bridwell
Kimberly West
Production Secretary Gus Constantellis
Post Production Coordinator Treasure Rawson
Technical Assistant Vahe Haytaian
Script Coordinators Leona Beckert
Dawn Connors
Digital Coordinators Kameron J. Moore
Morgan Samuel
Production Control Nivine Rizk
Production Credits Administrator Denise Kress
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