SHINGO: We were here first.

MALE BUFFALO: No, we were.

KION: Everyone please, stay calm. You all get water but you need to wait your turn.

VURUGA VURUGA : But what if there's nothing left by the time we get our turn? I've never seen the water this low. What will we do when it runs out?

MALE BUFFALO: What will we do?

SHINGO: We all need water.

KION: I... I don't know. But don't worry, I'm sure the King has a plan.

SIMBA: Surely, I'm not the first King of the Pride Lands to face a water shortage, Rafiki? Did any of the earlier kings find a solution?

RAFIKI: If they did, the paintings of the past do not have many clues.

SIMBA: Interesting. I'm not familiar with that watering hole. Do you know where it is?

RAFIKI: Well, I do know it is not in the Pride Lands.

MAKINI: Ooh, I've seen a watering hole that looks like that.

SIMBA: You have?

MAKINI: I saw it in the Back Lands. It's a big watering hole with lots of water. It was part of the zebra herds' grazing grounds.

SIMBA: Zebras? That must be Dhahabu's herd. I didn't realize there was such a big watering hole on her land. That's our answer.

KION I knew my dad would have a plan.

BUNGA: So you want us to take over their watering hole for the Pride Lands? You got it, bro. Uh, I mean, King Bro?

SIMBA: No, Bunga, that is not what I want. Kion, I want you to talk to the zebra leader, Dhahabu. Ask her if she'd be willing to share her watering hole with us.

BUNGA: Oh, I guess that can work too.

KION: Do you think she'll say yes?

SIMBA: It is a big request. Ask her if there's anything we can give them in return. We need that water, Kion. And we need it soon.

KION: Don't worry, Dad, we won't let you down.

Be alert, guys. This part of the Back Lands is leopard territory.

BUNGA: Leopards, schmepards. We can handle 'em, bring 'em on.


FULI: Makucha!

BUNGA: Wow, that was fast.

MAKUCHA: Hello, Fuli, Lion Guard. Long time no see.

KION: Yeah, haven't seen you since we kicked you out of the Pride Lands.

MAKUCHA: And I'm here to return the favor. You're in my territory now. So get out.

ONO: One, two, three, four, five... I'm good.

BESHTE: Hey, pick on somebody your own size.

MAKUCHA: Why don't you?

BESHTE: There's nobody my size here.

KION: Back off, Makucha. We don't want any trouble. We're just passing through.

FULI: You wouldn't want to mess with us anyways. It's five against one.

MAKUCHA: (SCOFFS) Four and a half, maybe.

BUNGA: Hey! Oh, he means you.

KION: Come on, Makucha. Just let us through.

MAKUCHA: I don't think so.

BUNGA: Zuka Zama!

FULI: Huwezi!

MAKUCHA: Fine, you win. For now, but pass through quickly. And don't come back.

KION: Let's go. But keep your guard up. I don't trust that guy.

BUNGA: You're right. There he is again.

KION: Come on out, Makucha. We know you're in there.

RAHA: Makucha?

STAREHE: Who's he?

BESHTE: Oh. Zebras. Don't worry. We're friendly.

FULI: Yeah, no need to panic and run.

RAHA: Oh, we never panic and run.

STAREHE: We frolic and romp.

BOTH: ¶ Frolic and romp Frolic and romp ¶ Frolic and romp Frolic and romp

BESHTE: Will you look at that?

FULI: I think I like it better when they panic and run.

BOTH: ¶ Frolic and romp Frolic and romp

KION: Excuse me, zebras? Sorry to interrupt.

BOTH: ¶ Frolic and romp Frolic and romp ¶

KION: Hey!

BOTH: Yes?

KION: We're looking for a zebra named Dhahabu. Can you take us to her

BOTH: Of course we can.

KION: Um, will you take us to her?

RAHA: Well, of course.

STAREHE: Why didn't you ask us in the first place? Come on.

FULI: What's going on?

KION: No idea.

RAHA: You ready? Hold on to your hippos.

BUNGA: Got him.

RAHA AND STAREHE: ¶ Prepared to be amazed when we take you to find

ZEBRAS: ¶ Fabulous Dhahabu Fabulous Dhahabu

RAHA AND STAREHE: ¶ Like no one else around Yeah, she'll blow your mind

ZEBRAS: ¶ Fabulous Dhahabu Fabulous Dhahabu

RAHA, STAREHE AND ZEBRAS ¶ Dhahabu Dhahabu Just wait till you see her

¶ Dhahabu Dhahabu The fabulous Golden Zebra

BOTH: Here she is!

DHAHABU: ¶ There's more than black and white when you're someone like me.

ZEBRAS: ¶ Fabulous Dhahabu Fabulous Dhahabu

DHAHABU: ¶ Yeah, I'm a different stripe just one look and you'll see

ZEBRAS: ¶ Fabulous Dhahabu Fabulous Dhahabu

¶ Dhahabu Dhahabu

DHAHABU: ¶ I'm so pleased to meet ya

ZEBRAS: ¶ Dhahabu Dhahabu

DHAHABU: ¶ Give it up for The golden zebra 

Zebras! Frolic and romp!

¶ Yeah I'm so rare and so fine


DHAHABU: ¶ Everyone falls in love

ZEBRAS: Ooh hoo

DHAHABU: ¶ Like a rainbow in the sky

ZEBRAS: ¶ In the sky

DHAHABU: ¶ I'm like a gift from above

ZEBRAS: ¶ She's a gift from above

¶ Dhahabu Dhahabu

DHAHABU: ¶ I'm happy to lead ya

ZEBRAS: ¶ Dhahabu Dhahabu 

DHAHABU:  ¶ You've found this zebra

ZEBRAS: ¶ Dhahabu Dhahabu

DHAHABU: ¶ I'll always please ya

ZEBRAS: ¶ Dhahabu Dhahabu

DHAHABU: ¶ So give it up for the golden zebra.

ZEBRAS: ¶ Dhahabu Dhahabu

DHAHABU: ¶ Ooh ¶

​ONO: Hapana. Dhahabu is a golden zebra. They're incredibly rare. I've never seen one before.

BESHTE: She's really different and really pretty.

BUNGA: She's not pretty, she's incredible. You are un-Bunga-lievable.

DHAHABU: I don't know what that means but I'll take it as a compliment. Thank you, little mongoose.

BESHTE: Bunga's actually a...

BUNGA: Mongoose. If she wants me to be mongoose, I'm a mongoose.

KION: Dhahabu, hello, my name is Kion. I'm here with the rest of the Lion Guard...

DHAHABU: The Lion Guard? Are you here to guard me from lions? (LAUGHS) You know, there aren't any lions is Dhahabu Grove.

FULI: There are now. Kion is a lion.

DHAHABU: Hmm, I thought lions were bigger.

KION: Let me start over. I'm the leader of the Lion Guard. And this is Fuli, Beshte, Bunga and Ono.

FULI: Hey.

BESHTE: Nice to meet you.

ONO: Hi.

BUNGA: We've already met.

KION: Anyway, we're here for the Pride Lands because...

DHAHABU: Pride Lands? You came all the way from the Pride Lands? How exciting! Prance with me.

BUNGA: Whatever you say, Dhahabu.

FULI: Seriously? Kion, do we really have time for this? We need to ask her about that watering hole.

BESHTE: I don't know, Fuli, if we get to know Dhahabu, she might be more willing to help us.

KION: Beshte's right. We need to talk to her and make friends. Just like my dad said.

DHAHABU: Welcome to Dhahabu Grove, the happiest place in the Back Lands.


KION: Wow, Dhahabu. Everyone really does seem to be happy.

DHAHABU: Of course. Good leaders keep everyone happy, and in return, everyone loves them. Right?

KION: My dad's a good leader. Everyone loves him 'cause he tries to keep everyone safe.

DHAHABU: Hmm, really?

KION: Yes, and that's why we're here. The Pride Lands have had a tough dry season. We need more water.

Dhahabu: Oh, that's so sad.

KION: It is. So my dad sent us to ask if we can share your watering hole.

DHAHABU: Our... Watering hole?

FULI: You do have one, right?

DHAHABU: Well...

STAREHE: Of course we do. It's huge. The biggest in the Back Lands.

RAHA: And it would be fun to meet the Pride Landers.

STAREHE: Can we share it with them?

BOTH: Please?

DHAHABU: It would make my herd happy. But...

KION: We'd be happy to do something for you in return. Just name it.

DHAHABU: Oh, I know! You can bring my herd a Tamboa plant.

BOTH: A Tamboa plant?

ONO: A Tamboa plant?

DHAHABU: Our favorite food. a real delicacy. But if you don't think you're up to the task, I quite understand...

BUNGA: You got it. One Tamboa plant, coming up.

DHAHABU: Really?

KION: Sure, whatever you want. Our pleasure.

DHAHABU: Well, okay. Thank you. And good luck.

KION: Ono, you know what this Tamboa plant looks like?

ONO: Well, I saw one from the sky once. But they're incredibly rare. It could take us days to even find one.

BESHTE: But we don't have days, do we?

KION: Nope. So we better get going. Come on, Lion Guard.

BUNGA: Bye, Dhahabu.

KION: Any luck, Ono?

ONO: Not yet.

FULI: Ugh, we've been wandering through the Back Lands for hours.

BESHTE: Come on, Fuli. Ono's doing his best. He did say Tamboa plants were rare.

ONO: Sorry, everyone, I'm still looking. A-ha!

KION: Well?

ONO: I've spotted a Tamboa plant, but it's very far away. And it'll be nearly impossible for us to get to it.

BUNGA: Since when does "impossible" stop us? We're the Lion Guard.

ONO: I know, but...

KION: We'll find a way. A lot of animals are counting on us. Ono, take the lead.

ONO: Affirmative.

KION: Ono, are you sure this is the only way?

ONO: Unfortunately, yes.

BESHTE: Twende Kiboko. Twende Kiboko. Twende Kiboko.

ONO: Beshte, you okay?

BESHTE: (STUTTERS) Yeah, I guess.

BUNGA: You can do it, Big B. It's easy, see?

BESHTE: Careful, Little B.

BUNGA: Don't worry about me, I'm fine. Hakuna Matata... Ah!

KION: Bunga!

FULI: Huwezi.

BUNGA: Thanks, Fuli. For a second there, I thought I was one gone mongoose.

FULI: Hakuna Matata, Bunga.

ONO: The Tamboa plant is on the other side of this thorn patch. You have to go around to avoid the thorns.

KION: We don't have time to go around.

BUNGA: So let's go through.

KION: Not all of us have thick skin like you, Bunga.

BESHTE: Hmm. Maybe we can go through.

KION: Beshte?

BESHTE: Follow me, everybody. Twende Kiboko!

BUNGA: Whoa, look at that!

KION: You heard Beshte. Let's follow him.

BESHTE: Yeah. Whoo.

FULI: Nice job, Beshte.

BUNGA: Yeah, that was un-Bunga-lievable.

KION: Are you okay?

BESHTE: I think so.

KION: Good. 'Cause I think we'll need you at full strength.

BESHTE: That's a Tamboa plant?

KION: Ono, you said it was rare. You didn't say it was huge.

ONO: It looked smaller from the sky.

FULI: We're supposed to carry this thing back to the zebras? Seriously?

BUNGA: Ah, leave it to me. Come on, plantly lanty. Here we go. (GRUNTING)

FULI: How're we gonna get that thing out of the ground?

KION: Well, if we can't pull it out, maybe we can dig it out.

BUNGA: Wait. (GRUNTING) I've almost got...Whoa! Digging's good.


KION: Bunga, I think we're good.

BUNGA: One more handful. Oops. Sorry.

ONO: No problem.

KION: Beshte, it's all you now.

BESHTE: You got it, Kion. Twende Kiboko.

BUNGA: Way to go, Big B.

BESHTE: One Tamboa plant, ready to go.

KION: Great job, Beshte. Now let's get that plant back to Dhahabu.

BOTH: We love you, Dhahabu!

DHAHABU: And I love you, my zebras. (SCREAMS)


FULI: Let me guess. Now you're gonna panic and run.

STAREHE: Why would we do that?

RAHA: We're just surprised to see a walking Tamboa plant.

BUNGA: It's Beshte doing the walking, see?

KION: Okay, Dhahabu. One Tamboa plant, as requested.

DHAHABU: I... I never thought you'd actually find one.

FULI: What?

DHAHABU: I mean, I hoped you would. I'm just...surprised.

KION: It wasn't easy. But we delivered our side of the deal. So if you could show us the watering hole...

BOTH: We will! We will!

DHAHABU: No! I'm sorry, the deal's off. We can't share our watering hole.

ALL: What?

FULI: But...why not?

KION: What do you mean you can't share the watering hole?

DHAHABU: It's...It's, um, against the rules.

RAHA: What rules?

DHAHABU: The... The, uh, secret rules.

STAREHE: We never heard of any secret rules.

DHAHABU: That's because they're secret. In fact, you're not allowed to go to the watering hole either.

RAHA: Huh?


DHAHABU: That's right. Nobody can use the watering hole. That's my decree.


FULI: I don't get it. Why'd she send us to get that plant, if she wasn't going to let us share the water?

KION: I think Dhahabu's hiding something.

Ono, try to get a look at the watering hole. Maybe there's reason she doesn't want us to use it.

ONO: Affirmative. (GASP) Hapana! Everyone, everyone...I know why Dhahabu doesn't want us to see the watering hole.

KION: Why?

Ono: Because it's empty. The watering hole is all dried up.

RAHA: (GASPS) All dried up?

STAREHE: It's empty?

DHAHABU: What? No. The bird must be seeing things.

ONO: I've seen things all right, but maybe they're things you don't want anyone else to see.

DHAHABU: (LAUGHS) What a funny bird he is.

RAHA: Why didn't you tell us, Dhahabu?

STAREHE: This makes us really...unhappy.

DHAHABU: Wait! Please, come back. We can frolic! And romp!

KION: So you knew the watering hole had dried up?

DHAHABU: Yes, I saw it a few days ago. But I don't know where the water went.

KION: Why didn't you tell your herd?

DHAHABU: I didn't want to make them unhappy.

ONO: But zebras can only go a few days without water.

BESHTE: What were you planning to do?

DHAHABU: I don't know. I guess I hoped it would fill itself up again.

FULI: Seriously?

KION: A good leader tells her herd the truth, Dhahabu. Even if it's bad news. And when there's a problem, a good leader tries to help.

DHAHABU: You're right. I just don't know what to do.

BUNGA: How about a hug?

KION: We can do better than that, Bunga. We'll go to the watering hole and see if we can figure out what happened to the water.

DHAHABU: Do you think you can fix it?

KION: I don't know but if we can, will you agree to share it with the Pride Landers?

DHAHABU: Yes! Yes, yes, yes!

KION: Lion Guard, let's go take a look. Any idea why it dried up?

DHAHABU: Well, there used to be a waterfall over there. Could that have something to do with it?

FULI: Uh, yeah. Ono.

ONO: On it. I see the problem. A rock slide blocked the waterfall.

KION: Okay, maybe we can unblock it and let the water flow again. Lion Guard, let's get to the top of that cliff.

DHAHABU: Wait, that's leopard territory.

FULI: We'll take our chances.

BUNGA: Do it all the time.

DHAHABU: Then take me with you.

KION: Um, I don't know if that's such a good idea.

BESHTE: Leopards usually aren't very nice.

FULI: Just leave it to us.

DHAHABU: Kion, you said, "When there's a problem, a good leader does something about it." And I wanna be a good leader.

KION: Okay, Dhahabu, come on.

ONO: There's the rock slide.

KION: Thanks, Ono. Beshte, think you can move those boulders?

BESHTE: Sure thing, Kion.

MAKUCHA: Don't even think it.

DHAHABU: (GASPS) That tree just spoke!

FULI: That wasn't a tree.

MAKUCHA: No. It was me. I thought you were just passing through. Now you wanna take my water? (GROWLS)

KION: We're not taking it, Makucha. We just wanna move the rocks so the zebras can have water too.

MAKUCHA: You don't get it, I don't share. Now get outta here before I make you.

DHAHABU: I've got this. Perhaps you don't know who I am.

MAKUCHA: Actually, I do. You're lunch.


KION: Dhahabu, take cover. Beshte, move the rocks.

BESHTE: You got it, Kion.

MAKUCHA: Oh, forgot to mention. This time, I brought my friends.

BUNGA: Hang on, Big B! We'll get him.

Out of the way, Leopard. Zuka Zama! (GRUNTS)

DHAHABU: Oh, no. Ono! Look out!

KION: Ono?

ONO: Hapana! Thanks, Kion.



BUNGA: Hey, leopard! You're not the only one who can jump out of trees. Zuka Zama!

DHAHABU: Come on, Beshte. You can beat him.


BESHTE: Get off.

KION: I think we got 'em all.

MAKUCHA: Think again.


DHAHABU: You guys...I'm starting to think it wasn't such a good idea for me to come after all.

MAKUCHA: Leave right now or the zebra gets it.

KION: Let her go, Makucha.

BESHTE: She didn't do anything to you.

BUNGA: Take me instead!

MAKUCHA: Ugh, no thanks.

KION: I'm warning you, Makucha. Dhahabu's a good leader.

MAKUCHA: So? What do I care?

KION: So if there's a problem, a good leader does something about it. Right? Isn't that what a good leader does?

FULI: Oh, yeah, she doesn't just stand there.

BESHTE: No, not her.

ONO: Indeed.

BUNGA: Wait, who're we talking about?

DHAHABU: I am a good leader. And this is a problem. And I'm gonna do something about it!



KION: Dhahabu, you did it. You unblocked the watering hole.

DHAHABU: guess I did, didn't I?

KION: Thanks for sharing, Makucha.


DHAHABU: Speaking of sharing... The animals of the Pride Lands are more than welcome to share our watering hole.

KION: Thanks, Dhahabu. You really are a good leader. This way, everyone. Dhahabu and her zebras have something special to share with you.


DHAHABU: Welcome to our watering hole, everyone. Plenty of water to go around.


VURUGA VURUGA: This looks wonderful.

DHAHABU: And I want you all to enjoy it. But first, you have to do something.

KION: Huh? What's that?

DHAHABU: You all have to frolic and romp! 

RAHA AND STAREHE: Frolic and romp. Frolic and romp.

VURUGA VURUGA: Looks like fun, I'm in.

DHAHABU: Come on, Lion Guard. You too.

ALL: (LAUGHING) Frolic and romp. Frolic and romp.

BUNGA: Watch this, Dhahabu. Zuka Zama!

FULI: Bunga!

BUNGA: Ah, come on, Fuli. It's a party!

FULI: Fine. (SARCASTICALLY) Frolic and romp. Frolic and romp.

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