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The-golden-zebra (1)
The-golden-zebra (4)
At the beginning of the episode, Twiga is seen with her herd. When the screen focuses in, she is completely absent.
After Beshte smashes into Makucha, the leopard's body becomes broken for a brief time.
When Bunga accepts Dhahabu's challenge, his Mark of the Guard appears on both arms.
When the Guard leaves to get the Tamboa Plant, Beshte's Mark of the Guard is on the wrong side.
The-golden-zebra (292)
While saving Bunga, Fuli's Mark of the Guard overlaps with one of her spots.
The-golden-zebra (318)
When Beshte is examining the Tamboa Plant, his foot is on Kion instead of on the ground.
The-golden-zebra (336)
After climbing out of the hole, some of Fuli's spots overlap.
The-golden-zebra (481)
While saving Dhahabu from Makucha, Kion’s body briefly overlaps a bit of his ear.
After Kion saves Ono from one of Makucha's friends, his Mark of the Guard appears on the wrong shoulder when he rolls around.
When Beshte leaps into Dhahabu's Watering Hole, some dark gray marks appear on his face.
When Dhahabu and the Lion Guard are in her watering hole, her right eye disappears briefly.
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