Friends, Allies & Acquaintances

Vitani, Shabaha, Kasi And Imara

Tazama is very good friends with these lionesses. They became the Pride Lands' new
Vitani’s Lion Guard
Lion Guard.


Tazama and Kovu are on good terms.

Simba and Nala

Tazama is on very good terms with the King and Queen of the Pride Lands. She becomes a member of Simba's Pride after Zira dies.


Tazama and Kiara are on good terms since she married Kovu.


Return-to-the-Pride-Lands (409)
Tazama and Kion are on good terms. At first they didn't like each other, since they were fighting over who should be members of the Lion Guard.

The rest of Kion's Lion Guard

Tazama  are on good terms with all the members of Kion's Lion Guard. At first she thought they were outsiders, until Vitani noticed that it was Kiara's brother and his friends. They soon have a contest to see who is the better Lion Guard, and she competes with Anga. Tazama ultimately wins.  


Tazama and Azaad are on good terms.

Jasiri, MadoaJanja, Cheezi and Chungu

Tazama are on good terms with the hyneas.

Mzingo And Mwoga

Tazama was initially enemies with Mzingo and Mwoga because both sides initially thought the other was evil and threatining the Pride Lands. After the misundertanding was cleared, Tazama is now on good terms with the vultures.
Return-to-the-Pride-Lands (656)


Laini and Tazama are on good terms. Laini was part of the competition for the keenest of sight. Tazama finds Laini in a dark cave and Laini rides on Tazama's back. 


Tazama and Thurston are on good terms. She tries to help Thurston at Mbali Fields.



Being a former member of the Outsiders, Tazama was exiled along with Zira and the rest of Scar's followers to Outlands after Simba defeated and dethroned him. During her time with the Outsiders Tazama was very loyal to Zira, following her orders without hesitation and joining her in her plot against Simba. However, during the events of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride Tazama and the other Outsiders abandoned Zira and joined Simba's Pride, thanks to the intervention and wisdom of Kiara and Kovu. In doing so, Tazama learned of Zira's true wicked nature and thus saw her former leader as an enemy.
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