Every wet season, all us rhinos get together near Lake Matope. And we all spar in the mud. It's great.

Kifaru, Ono the Tickbird

Tamasha is an event in the Pride Lands.


In the wet season, rhinoceroses gather around the miry mud that surrounds Lake Matope to spar. They are joined by their tickbird companions, who guide them to the event and make sure they are facing the correct way.


Ono the Tickbird

Ono-the-tickbird (101)

Kifaru laments over Tamasha

After Kifaru unintentionally causes destruction and frightens a troop of baboons, the Guard confronts him, and, after being questioned, Kifaru reveals that his tickbird had left him that morning, and that he just wanted to make it to Tamasha in time. Fuli gently questions him, and Kifaru explains the nature of the event, causing Beshte to sympathize with him, and Kion to promise to find Mwenzi. Kion and Fuli catch Mwenzi's scent, and lead Beshte and Bunga away, leaving Ono to guide Kifaru.

The Lion Guard eventually locates Mwenzi, and ask that he returns to his crestfallen companion. But Mwenzi initially refuses, stating that the reason he left in the first place was Kifaru's own stubbornness. He goes on to explain how Kifaru had blamed Mwenzi for being late to Tamasha when their tardiness was, in fact, his own fault. After some more persuasion, Mwenzi eventually agrees to speak with Kifaru.

Ono-the-tickbird (386)

Arrival at Tamasha

The reunion does not go as well as expected, and Kion suggests that Kifaru attend Tamasha regardless, while Ono speaks with Mwenzi. Kifaru, still upset, decides that it might cheer him up, and the rest of the Lion Guard lead him to the event. But before he is able to participate, Ono arrives and worriedly informs them that Mwenzi needs help. Hearing that it is Makuu that has him trapped, Kifaru abandons the Tamasha to rescue his friend.

Ono-the-tickbird (505)

Enjoying Tamasha

After defeating Makuu's Float and reconciling, Kifaru and Mwenzi finally reach Tamasha. Although Kifaru initially cheers in the wrong direction, Mwenzi is quick to let him know. When the pair join the crowd, another tickbird comments on his uncertainty of the two attending, but the friends deny ever truly splitting up.


  • Tamasha means "festival" or "festivities" in Swahili.
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