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Swept-away (68)
When Kion orders the Lion Guard to help the zebras, he lacks the brown border on his ears. Additionally, Kion's mane isn't wet, although the rest of his fur is during the rainstorm.
Swept-away (100)
As Beshte is swept down the river, a notch appears in his right ear.
Swept-away (113)
When Beshte starts to walk back through the riverbed, his Mark of the Guard is on the wrong shoulder.
Swept-away (115)
In the next scene, Kion's Mark of the Guard is on the wrong shoulder too.
During Look on the Bright Side, Beshte has a dark gray marking over and under one of his eyes. A little later, another dark grey marking appears on his snout.
When Kion leads the Guard away to save Beshte, his Mark of the Guard and whiskers both disappear.
Swept-away (558)
When Bunga pats Beshte's back, not only is Ono's Mark on the wrong wing, but Beshte's toes are extended to the ground.
Swept-away (562)
When Beshte leaps into the mud, an extra row of toes appears under his feet.
During the credits, Haley Muraki's name is misspelled as Haley Murakai.
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