The Swamp is a location in the Pride Lands.


The swamp is a murky, labyrinthine area that branches off from a river. It is filled with quicksand and water lilies, and is considered a dangerous place to be in.


Let's Help Rafiki!

When Beshte and Ono notice that Rafiki seems to have lost his staff, they quickly round up the rest of the Lion Guard and set out to find it for him.

In Bunga's path, once the Lion Guard manage to find Rafiki's staff, they notice it heading downstream. While Kion asks Fuli about an idea that she had, Ono alerts them to the branch in the river, where the staff is heading towards the swamp. Bunga exclaims that he was trying to tell them about it, and that it will be easier to obtain the staff down this path. Kion expresses his concern about the quicksand, but Bunga explains how to get around it. When he reaches the swamp he uses the water lilies to cross, since they grow on mud puddles but not on quicksand. After making it to the other side he catches up with the staff, only to find that it is broken.

An Enemy In Trouble

When Reirei drifts down a river on a broken log, she winds up drifting into the swamp. In Beshte's path, the hippo locates and guides her back to safety. In Ono's path, he notices that Makuu's Float are living in the swamp, and will guide her away from the crocodiles.


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