Oh, King Sokwe. No one delivers a peace message like him.

Simba, The Lost Gorillas

Sokwe is an adult male gorilla who is the king of the Theluji Mountains and the father of Majinuni and Hafifu.


Sokwe is a large, bulky male silverback mountain gorilla with dark brown fur, a tall sagittal crest. And brown eyes. He has darker fur on his arms and crest. On his lower end, he has a gray-brown fur. His underbelly, ears, hands and feet are a weak beige color. His face is gray and his nose is pink.


Sokwe is stern and dignified yet like his sons, he loves to laugh. He has a wild sense of humor and a certain style of delivering messages. He is appreciative and thankful towards acts of bravery and will praise such acts when he encounters them.


The Lost Gorillas

Sokwe sends his two sons, Majinuni and Hafifu out to the Pride Lands, to deliver a message to King Simba as to whether or not he still agrees to a peace treaty between them. However, they forget his message, and the Lion Guard have to escort them home.

The-lost-gorillas (468)

An angry father

When they arrive back home in Theluji Mountains, Sokwe is seemingly furious with his children for forgetting the message, forgetting their way home from the Pride Lands and for needing the Lion Guard's help in getting back home. He asks his children if they know what it means in a stern voice, and they respond that they do. With a look of austerity, Sokwe turns around and grabs two small piles of snow with each hand. He turns to his children, exclaims 'Kuishi Ni Kucheka' and dumps each mound of snow on their heads, laughing. Hafifu and Majinuni are relieved, and start to laugh with him.

The-lost-gorillas (487)

"It's perfect."

Sokwe explains to them that Kion has told him how he was saved by them and that he is proud of them both. He goes on to say that they are true gorilla princes. Kion then reminds him that they still need to give a message to his father, and Sokwe laughs. He notices that Bunga has a souvenir, a snowball. Kion asks if it's going to be a problem, but the gorilla states that it isn't. In fact, he claims it to be 'perfect'.

When Kion arrives home, he explains what happened to his father. He hesitates to give him the message at first but, when he does, Bunga throws the snowball onto Simba's head. Simba begins to laugh, stating that nobody delivers a peace message like Sokwe.

Beshte and the Beast

When Sokwe learns about the Lion Guard’s war against Scar and his army, he sends his strongest warrior Shujaa to help them.
Return-to-the-Pride-Lands (834)

At the ceremony

Return to the Pride Lands

Sokwe visits the Tree of Life to attend the wedding of Kion and Rani.


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