At first, Simba and Nala started out as friends when they were cubs in the original The
Battle-for the-Pride Lands (880)
Lion King

When they reached adulthood, Nala convinced Simba to return to the Pride Lands and helped him defeat Scar. They went on to have two cubs, Kiara, and Kion.

Nala supports Simba in his decisions and stands by his side, showing her devotion and love.


Battle-for the-Pride Lands (219)
Simba and Kion have a close and affectionate father-son relationship. Kion loves his father immensely and will do anything in his power to make his father happy. Simba also loves his son dearly. In The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, Simba becomes annoyed with Kion when he and Bunga unintentionally disrupt his lecture with Kiara and ends up having to separate his two children when they argue.

When Rafiki declares that Kion is ready to lead the Lion Guard, Simba is at first worried about this, thinking that due to Kion being a cub, he is not ready to handle the responsibility. But changes his mind when Nala encourages him to listen to Rafiki. After seeing that Kion has chosen Bunga, Beshte, Fuli, and Ono to be part of The Lion Guard, Simba was not pleased. He tells his son that the Lion Guard has always been made up of lions and scolds Kion for treating his role of leader as a game and tells him to take his responsibilities seriously as Kiara does with hers. However, in truth, Kion did take his duties as the leader of the Lion Guard very seriously.

However, after Kion and the Lion Guard save Kiara from a gazelle stampede and chase away Janja and his clan. Simba realizes that Kion was wise enough to have chosen his friends to be in the Guard and expresses pride in his son and accepts the new Lion Guard. Ever since then, Simba has helped Kion defend the Pride Lands on a few occasions, as seen when he helped Kion defeat Reirei and her jackal family during the Kupatana celebration and, he even become a leader of the guard temporarily while Kion was away with Nala and Kiara on Udugu.

Simba shows great pride towards his son for his duty as leader of the Lion Guard and has great faith in them whenever their protecting the Pride Lands.

After Scar returns to the Outlands, Simba plans on helping his son and his Lion Guard, defeat his evil-uncle, which eventually comes to pass months later, but at the cost of Kion receiving the Mark of Evil during the battle, which prompts him to journey to the Tree of Life with Simba supporting this desicion, not wanting his only son to fall down the same dark, cruel and murderous path that his uncle did at Kion's age.

A few months later after Kion returns to the Pride Lands, he and Nala are happy to see their son again, and even more happy to see him marry Queen Rani and become King of the Tree of Life.


Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (21)
Kiara and her father Simba are shown to have a loving father-daughter relationship. Although she won't admit it, she loves being "Daddy's Little Girl," as Kovu once called her. Simba likewise, absolutely adores his little princess, albeit often to the point of being fiercely overprotective. Some point after that fateful day whereby she met Kovu, Kiara became more accepting of her destiny as the Pride Lands's future Monarch. Simba taught her the importance of family, unity, and destiny in their Father-Daughter duet song, "We are One." She now enjoys learning about the importance of ruling from him. She loves her father deeply and becomes worried when he is hurt as seen when she stays by his side the whole day when he is sick.

Simba later accepts Kiara's relationship with Kovu, the adoptive son of his evil-uncle Scar, and proclaims them his new successors to Pride Rock.


Bunga-and-the-king (473)
Simba often finds Bunga annoying at times due to his impulsive nature and his often disrespectful attitude. When the pair were trapped in Nandembo Caverns, the pair erupted into a fiery argument which made them split up. Here, Simba began to realize that the honey badger was not only still a citizen of the Pride Lands, but also his subject (not to mention his son's best friend), and thus it was his duty to find and protect him. After hearing him sing Hakuna Matata, he sang it with him, and the pair began to bond, having both been raised by Timon and Pumbaa. The pair even considers each other brothers, though this is not always brought up between them.

Although Simba still finds Bunga irritating from time to time, the pair has a much better understanding of one another than they did before the incident.


When Simba was a cub, he loved his uncle greatly, unaware of how much Scar hated
The Fall Of Mizimu Grove (272)
and resented him for being next in line. Simba later ran away after his father was killed in a stampede, and Scar took over the Pride Lands. Some years later, when he had fully matured, Simba returned to Pride Rock only to discover the truth about Mufasa's death at the claws of Scar, and engaged in a ferocious battle to reclaim his throne. Simba won the fight, though he always remembered what his uncle had put him through, relieved that his son vowed to never become like his great-uncle. After being informed that he has returned, Simba is determined as his son to defeat him once and for all. Simba sees him again in The Fall Of Mizimu Grove, marking their first encounter with each other ever since their battle.

Months into the battle between the Pride Landers and the Outlanders, Simba becomes more determined to defeat Scar, and declares that they will go to war with Scar's army in the Outlands, which soon leads to the fall of Scar's spirit once and for all. 


The-wisdom-of-kongwe (14)
Simba had a strong bond with his father Mufasa when he was a cub and looked up to his father in every way. However, when Scar murdered Mufasa it broke his heart and soon ran away in fear, thinking that it was his fault.

When Simba was an adult, it was his father's spiritual guidance that eventually convinced Simba years later to reclaim the throne from Scar.

In The Wisdom of Kongwe, Simba and Kion consulted Mufasa after the revelation of Scar’s return, proving that he still has faith in his father's wisdom, and will call him when needed.


Simba has not been shown interacting with his mother outside of a cave painting. It can be assumed that he loved his mother dearly. Sarabi took part in the battle of Pride Rock to defeat Scar.


Bunga-and-the-king (462)
He was adopted by the meerkat ever since he ran away from the Pride Lands. He later helped him defeat his evil uncle Scar by dancing in a Hula Suit, and later battling the hyenas alongside Pumbaa.

Timon hates it when Simba is hurt or in danger as seen when he is lost and later is stung by Sumu, showing how much he loves Simba.


Bunga-and-the-king (425)
He was adopted by the warthog ever since he ran away from the Pride Lands. He later helped him defeat his evil uncle Scar by distracting the hyenas.

Pumbaa hates it when Simba is hurt or in danger as seen when he is lost and later is stung by Sumu, showing how much he loves Simba.


As an offspring of Zira's, Simba banished Vitani to the Outlands with her family.

Vitani was one of the first to agree with both Kiara and Kovu that the war needed to end between the prides, and Simba has since accepted her into his, forgiving her for any past misdeeds. Vitani soon became the leader of the Lion Guard in Kion's abscence, to which Simba came to peace with until Kion's return. He soon watched and Vitani became Kion's successor, whilst Kion himself left the Pride Lands to become King of the Night Pride.


As an offspring of Zira, as well as the adoptive son of Scar, Simba banished Kovu to the Outlands with the rest of his family.

Return-to-the-Pride-Lands (275)
After Kovu and Kiara were able to put a stop to the war, Simba has since taken to Kovu as his son-in-law, trusting him with his daughter and as his eventual successor as king of the Pride Lands to reign alongside Kiara, the future queen regnant. 


Simba comes to Kion's Coronation and wedding to Queen Rani, and proudly watches as his son is anointed King of the Tree of life making Rani Simba's daughter-in-law.


Baliyo and Simba are on good terms. Baliyo's older sister Rani marries Kion which makes Simba and Baliyo family.


Surak and Simba are on good terms. When Kion marries Rani, the two become brothers-in-law.

Friends, Allies & Acquaintances


Rafiki has been close friends with the king ever since the events of the o
Battle-for the-Pride Lands (80)
riginal Lion King. To this day the mandrill continues to advise him on what is best for the Pride Lands and the Pride Landers.

It is not uncommon to see them hanging out together as they are shown quite frequently together. Simba places his trust in Rafiki a lot even if he has hit him with his staff multiple times.


The-savannah-summit (117)
When he was a cub, he did not care for the bird at all, but once he returned to the Pride Lands, he accepted him as a loyal friend to where he becomes concerned about him when he is not on time for the Morning Report.

He also went with him and Nala to a funeral in Can't Wait to be Queen and helps him with the Savannah Summits, something which Simba shows appreciation for.


Battle-for the-Pride Lands (863)
Although at first Simba wasn't too keen on the idea of her being on Kion's Lion Guard, Fuli is shown to have a good relationship with Kion’s father, Simba. Simba trusts Fuli a lot, enough that he specifically asks her to bring his son home safely when they leave for the Tree of Life. In Battle for the Pride Lands Simba asks Fuli to bring Kion home safe. 


The-trail-to-udugu (583)
Although at first Simba wasn't too keen on the idea of him being on Kion's Lion Guard, Beshte is shown to have a good relationship with Kion's father. As a member of the Lion Guard, Simba trusts Beshte's abilities.


The-trail-to-udugu (210)
Ono is a loyal friend to the king as seen when Ono spoiled Kiburi's plot to murder Simba and when he helped save him in The Scorpion's Sting because he and the Guard retrieved the ash to Pride Rock. When Simba also temporarily leads him, Beshte, Bunga, and Fuli in The Trail to Udugu while Kion, Kiara, and Nala were away for the Udugu event. The king occasionally compliments him on his keen sight.


Tiifu appears to be on good terms with Simba. He is happy to leave his daughter with her.


Zuri appears to be on good terms with Simba. He is happy to leave his daughter with her.


The-Rise-of-Makuu (301)
Simba appears to have a great amount of respect for the old leader of the crocodiles as seen when he thanks him for all his years of the wise leadership to which Pua thanks him back.

He also appeared disgusted when Makuu taunts him, who he beforehand stated had a thick skin to fill, showing he was displeased with Pua's revoked leadership.


Aminfu and Simba were good friends. When Scar was defeated, he helped restore the balance of the Circle of Life.

In Can't Wait to be Queen, Simba attended his funeral and said a speech for him. His sorrow was undeniable.

Ma Tembo

The-ukumbusho-tradition (177)
She along with the rest of the elephants were the first animals to return to the Pride Lands after Scar was defeated because Simba was close friends with her father, Amanifu.

They later became close friends as he attended the elephant's concert, talked at the Savannah Summit together, and he enjoyed her performance in the Ukumbusho event.


Zito and Simba are on good terms.

Muhanga and Muhangus

Not much is known about their relationship, but Simba was seen witnessing M
Cant-wait-to-be-queen-hd (67)
uhanga and Muhangus marrying each other. They are likely on good terms due to this.


Simba and Basi are allies since at The Kupatana Celebration he told Beshte his father's singing was sounding good.

Basi respects Simba, but isn't afraid to speak out when he feels that he has been wronged. An example would be in The Fall of Mizimu Grove, where Basi didn't like it when Simba or Kion didn't tell them that Scar was back.


The-imaginary-okapi (514)
When Kion introduced his parents to Ajabu, he explained that Ajabu had come to the Pride Lands as a visitor, but wished to stay with their blessing. Simba and Nala warmly agree, and are as such on good terms with the okapi.

King Sokwe

Simba and Sokwe are good friends and have a peace treaty together. Every wet season, he sends a message to confirm whether or not he still agrees to the peace. He agrees with it every year.


The-trail-to-udugu (279)
Mbuni was shown bowing to Simba during Duties of the King, first showing her respect for her King. When a mudslide threatened her eggs, Simba leaped in with Beshte, Bunga, Fuli, and Ono to help save them. Mbuni was honored to have her eggs saved by the King, and once again bowed to him. She truly respects Simba.


Swala and Simba are on good terms.


Onos-idol (197)
Not only are the birds of the Pride Lands fans of Hadithi, but the king of the Pride Lands is a fan of Hadithi too as he believed him to be a hero when they first met and has, in fact, praised him twice in the episode, Ono's Idol. He later watches the eagle praise Ono for his true bravery in the Royal Mud Print Ceremony.


Mbeya is great friends with the king of the Pride Lands. Simba invites to the Savannah Summit since he's one of the leaders.


The-savannah-summit (335)
Bupu and the king do respect one another as they are both leaders.

Simba trusts Bupu as a leader, and respects his decisions, even when they don't go his way (as seen in "The Savannah Summit", when Bupu refuses to try a peace offering again with Makuu).


Simba and Twiga have become good friends.


Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (149)
Simba at first distrusted Makuu, as he had, at one point, threatened his mate, Nala.

Simba was the first animal at the Savannah Summit to believe that Makuu had changed for the better when the crocodile actually reformed. When Kiburi lost the mashindano and attempted to kill Simba, Simba believed Makuu was innocent, showing his trust of the crocodile.

Big Baboon

Simba and Big Baboon have become good friends.


The-rise-of-scar (759)
The King has a very good relationship with Makini. When he first met her, he was glad to have her as Kiara's royal mjuzi. She along with Fuli brought Kongwe to talk to him about how to defeat Scar.

Boboka and Sable Antelope 1

They have a good relationship with Simba since Kumbuka Celebration and Rafiki singing of Good King Simba.


Simba has a good relationship with Pim since the Kumbuka Celebration and Rafiki singing of Good King Simba.


After Simba and his son talk to Mufasa, the former recall his knowledge of the wisest animal in all the Pride Lands, so he sends Fuli and Makini to bring Kongwe to Pride Rock. Later she has arrived just in time, he is confused about what it means.


Thequeensvisit (114)
Simba asks Dhahabu if the zebras could share their watering hole. In The Queen's Visithe invited Dhahabu's herd into the Pride Lands for a celebration. 


Laini and Simba are on good terms since she and her galagos are Pride Landers. Laini's groups sing Good King Simba at the Kumbuka celebration. In the Fall of Mizimu Grove Laini didn't like it when Simba didn't tell the Pride Landers that Scar was back. Her group was thinking about leaving however they decided to stay.


Thurston and Simba are on good terms since he and his herd are Pride Landers. He attempted the Kumbuka celebration. He was scared that Scar was back and was mad that Simba didn't tell them. However, he and his herd stayed in the Pride Lands.


Simba and Jasiri are allies. It can be heavily implied that he did not trust her at first, but learned that not all hyenas aren't bad over time. She helps him fight Scar.  


Battle-for the-Pride Lands (362)
Anga and Simba are on good terms. She helps defeat Scar and his army. She also helps the king when he's stuck on top of Pride Rock after it's set on fire.


Shujaa and Simba are on good terms. Simba asks Shujaa if he could help fight Scar's army. 


Janja hates Simba because he is king of the Pride Lands and forbids him and his clan
Battle-for the-Pride Lands (449)
from entering the Pride Lands. This could likely also stem from Janja being descended from Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed's clan, the same hyena clan who aided Scar in murdering Mufasa, exiling Simba, and ruling the Pride Lands before betraying and murdering his uncle himself.

Janja later aids the ghost of Scar in attempting to kill Simba and take control of the Pride Lands.

In Battle for the Pride Lands Simba listens to Janja when he says he knows how to defeat Scar. Although the information Janja gives them (Kion using the Roar to destroy Scar's ghost in the volcano) is a lie, fed to him by Scar, ultimately Scar is defeated and Janja officially gains Simba's trust.

Cheezi and Chungu

The Fall Of Mizimu Grove (178)
Simba confronts both hyenas when they chase Young Aardvark in The Fall of Mizimu Grove.

In Battle for the Pride Lands Cheezi and Chungu help defeat Scar.

Nne and Tano

Simba dislikes both hyenas since they along with the rest of the Army of Scar took over Mizimu Grove in The Fall of Mizimu Grove. In Battle for the Pride Lands Nne and Tano help defeat Scar.


Return-to-the-Pride-Lands (255)
Simba and Azaad are on good terms. Simba thanked Azaad for helping the Lion Guard return to the Pride Lands.

Shabaha, Kasi, Imara, And Tazama

After Zira completes her journey through the Circle of Life Simba welcomes these lionesses to his pride. Along with Vitani and Kovu.



Lions-of-the-outlands (334)
Zira is of the firm belief that Scar should be ruling the Pride Lands. As such, after Simba took over, she attacked Simba, but the King overpowered her.

With Zira refusing to compromise, Simba had no choice but to banish her and her followers into the Outlands, where they were later exiled from later by Kion.

Years later, Zira sends Kovu, her youngest son who was previously adopted by Scar, to infiltrate the Pride Land in order to overthrow Simba, by gaining his and Kiara's trust. However, after Kovu falls in love with Kiara, and befriends Simba, a betrayed Zira attempts to frame Kovu in Simba's attempted murder, and later leads an assault on Simba's pride, but is stopped by Kovu and Kiara who convinces Simba to accept the Outsiders. Whilst Vitani accepts her new line, later becoming Simba's son's successor as leader of the Lion Guard, Zira refuses, making one last attempt on Simba's life, but is battled and defeated by Kiara, completing her journey in the Circle of Life.


Lions-of-the-outlands (336)
As a follower of Zira's, Simba does not trust Lioness and banished her to the Outlands. However, after Kiara and Kovu stopped the fighting between the two prides, Simba came to see he was wrong to exile her and the other Outsiders and thus welcomed her and the others back into his kingdom. Lioness has since forgiven Simba for exiling her and her pride and now serves him faithfully.


As an offspring of Zira's, Simba banished Nuka to the Outlands with his family for siding with Scar. Years later when Nuka is a young adult, he leads an ambush against Simba after Kovu betrays them, resulting in Simba unintentionally killing Nuka.


The-kupatana-celebration-hd (452)
After his son allowed Reirei's son into the Pride Lands, Reirei and her family proceeded to break Kion's trust in her and gatecrashed the Kupatana celebration. After they were contained, she was met with anger from Kion, who refused to listen to any more of her lies and demanded that she and her family return to the Outlands. As Reirei continued to try and manipulate his son, Simba came to back him and ordered the jackal family to leave the Pride Lands before scaring them off with a roar.


Simba originally suggested that his son save Dogo in the Outlands in the spirit of Kupatana, but he and his family later invaded the ceremony instead. Simba ordered that the jackals leave the Pride Lands, and never return.

Dogo's Siblings

When the jackal pups gatecrashed the Kupatana event, Simba ordered the entire family of jackals to leave.


Goigoi and his family almost destroyed Kupatana, having initially been allowed to stay in the Pride Lands. As a result, all potential trust Simba had in the jackals was lost, and he ordered them to leave the Pride Lands.


Let-sleeping-crocs-lie (399)
After being told by Ushari that if he harmed the king he could rule the Pride Lands, Kiburi planned for his three minions to kill him while he fought Makuu. After the Lion Guard spoiled his evil plot, Simba became enraged. Not long after the plan was foiled, Kiburi lost the Mashindano, and, with Makuu's permission, Simba banished Kiburi and his followers from the Pride Lands.


At Kiburi's orders, Tamka was tasked with taking down Simba during the Mashindano. The plan failed when the Lion Guard got involved, and Simba banished him to the Outlands, along with the other crocodiles that were involved in the scheme, no longer trusting them.


At Kiburi's orders, Nduli was tasked with taking down Simba during the Mashindano. The plan failed when the Lion Guard got involved, and Simba banished him to the Outlands, along with the other crocodiles that were involved in the scheme, no longer trusting them.


Sumu is the scorpion that was sent by his uncle to poison him. After being poisoned by him, the king becomes very weak until shortly after the Lion Guard and Makini return to Pride Rock with the Volcanic Ash.


Simba hates Ushari since he was working for Scar. In "The Scorpion's Sting Ushari and the rest of Scar's Army tries to make Simba ill and weak. In "Battle for the Pride Lands"  Simba disliked Ushari more after he gave Kion his scar.
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