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I am king. And as King, I know that all animals in the Pride Lands have their own customs. And they need to be respected.

–Simba, The Rise of Makuu

Simba is the reigning monarh of the Pride Lands, the leader of his pride, the son of Mufasa and Sarabi, the nephew of Scar, the mate of Nala, the adoptive nephew of Timon and Pumbaa, the father-in-law of Kovu, Vitani, and Rani, and the father of Kiara and Kion.


As a cub he resemblances his son Kion except without a red tuft of hair on his head. As a teenager, Simba gets bigger and starts to grow a red mane on his head. As an adult, Simba is a lion of great size and stature, with a large dark red mane and tail tuft. Many of his physical features are similar to those of his father Mufasa, such as his square jaw and small, pointed ears. He is powerfully built and broad-shouldered. His fur is brownish-gold, while his muzzle, paws, and underbelly are creamy tan.

He has reddish-brown eyes, dark red-brown whiskers, and a pink nose. He strongly resembles his son, Kion.


Simba is brave, sturdy, full of courage and kindness, and does his best to make his father proud. He is also an austere but caring father. He is very meticulous about keeping traditions, and he shows great concern about Kion and the formation of the new Lion Guard. However, he eventually came to accept the new Guard after they successfully thwarted Janja's Clan, which shows that he is also reasonable. Though he may seem a bit over-protective at times, Simba cares greatly about his family and the future of the Pride Lands. He was nervous about ruling the Pride Lands for the first time.[1]

Simba can be irascible with those who do not listen to him and believes that it is best to think before acting. He holds his royal position in high regard and does not tolerate being disrespected. He also appears to have a short temper and tends to roar deeply when angered. As king, he respects each and every animal's customs and constantly tries to make peace in the Pride Lands. He understands that everyone makes mistakes, and believes that what is done to correct those mistakes is what matters.[2] Despite his preference to assume leadership over certain circumstances, he understands when he must give the leadership to others, and follow the guidance of others. As noted by Nala he can also be very obstinate.[3]


Prior to The Lion Guard

Simba takes his place as king of the Pride Lands after defeating his uncle Scar

Simba was the son of Mufasa and Sarabi and was the next in line to be king of the Pride Lands. This enraged his uncle Scar, who double-crossed and slaughtered Mufasa and took over the Pride Lands. Simba, still a cub, ran away in fear. After his banishment, he met Timon and Pumbaa, who took care of him and taught him about Hakuna Matata which was their motto which meant "No Worries." a philosophy which Simba would follow up until young adulthood. One day, Simba's childhood friend Nala reunited with him and convinced him to return to the Pride Lands and take his father's place. While he initially refused, Simba met the ghost of Mufasa, who convinced him to return to the Pride Lands and take his place in the Circle of Life, Simba eventually returned to Pride Rock, fought, and defeated his uncle Scar and reclaimed the Pride Lands, restoring it to its former glory. Following Scar's demise, Simba battled, defeated, and later exiled Scar's most loyal follower Zira and her family from the Pride Lands to the Outlands. Simba soon married Nala and had two cubs with her; A daughter, Kiara, and a son, Kion.

The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

TLG-Return-of-the-Roar (7).png
Simba is shown atop Pride Rock teaching his daughter, Kiara, about how to rule the Pride Lands as the future queen. However, his son, Kion, rudely interrupts the speech as his baobab fruit lands on his father's head. He and his honey badger friend, Bunga, explain that they're playing Baobab Ball, and continue their game in front of the king and future queen. Simba, irritated, tries calling each of their names in turn before exclaiming, "Boys!". He then explains to Kion that Kiara will be tracking gazelles, and sends Bunga and Kion down to the Pride Lands to play instead, hoping that someday Kion will grow up.

Simba tells Kion to assemble the new Lion Guard

Not too long after, Simba, Rafiki, and Nala hear Kion's roar, and Rafiki tells Simba that it is time. Simba is dubious at first since Kion is still just a cub. Nonetheless, when his son arrives back, he tells that Kion that he needs to talk. Although Kion initially mistakes this for a talk about the birds and the bees, Simba assures him that it's not, and he and Rafiki lead him into The Lair of the Lion Guard. Here, Simba explains to his son that it is his destiny to be the leader of the new Lion Guard. He goes on to mention that his great-uncl


e Scar also had the powers that he now possessed, and that he lost them by using them for evil. He tells his son that it is now up to him to assemble the bravest, fastest, strongest and keenest of sight in all the Pride Lands. He then leaves his son to do his duty. Later, Simba finds Kion's choices with Bunga, Ono, Fuli, and Beshte selected to be members of the new guard. This infuriates Simba, who reprimands his son as he informs him that this event is no play date, and telling Kion that the Lion Guard has

Simba accepts the new Lion Guard

always been made of lions. Kion leaves to do some soul-searching. Simba then finds out about an attack from the hyenas and rushes to the scene, prepared to fight them off. However, his son and the new Lion Guard have the situation under their control, and together, they manage to frighten the hyenas away. When the new Lion Guard approaches him, he realizes that his son truly made the right choices, and welcomes the new Lion Guard.

The Rise of Makuu

Kion complains to his father about the way that Makuu is handling things and his concern

Simba explains that he understands the Pride Landers traditions

over the impending Mashindano. Kiara then asks her father if there's anything he can do about it since he's the king. Simba explains to his children that the other animals each have their way of dealing with things like leadership and that their traditions must be respected. Later, Simba witnesses the Mashindano. After watching Makuu defeat Pua fair and square, Simba congratulates Makuu, telling him that

Simba thanks Pua for his leadership

he has 'very thick skin to fill'. He then approaches Pua and thanks to him for his years of wise leadership and watches him leave. As Makuu teases the former leader, Simba becomes visibly disgusted.

As things get out of control, however, Simba is not present. Kiara mentions that he is out hunting with Nala and that he will return later.

Can't Wait to be Queen

Explaining what's happened.

Simba arrives as his cubs are having a squabble and inform them that he needs to leave Pride Rock for a few days and because of this, Kiara will be serving as queen. An old friend, Aminifu, has passed away, and he must attend the funeral in Kilio Valley. As Kiara mentions that she vaguely remembers him, Simba explains that he was one of the first animals to return to the Pride Lands after he defeated Scar. He tells her that he was once scared of his royal duties and that he has faith in her. Glancing at Kion, he warmly extends his faith to the Lion Guard.


The next morning, Simba expresses concern to Nala, though Nala believes he is more concerned about the tribute than he is of Kiara since he is expected to speak a line in 'elephantese'. Zazu points out that the elephants are very fond of tradition, and that it shouldn't be too hard for him to say it. Simba is not convinced, but Zazu promises him that he'll get him speaking the language in no time.

Duties of the King

Simba, still troubled, begins to doubt his position as king, tired of his duties. Zazu attempts to jog his memory on the better tasks associated with his title, and Nala urges Zazu to go in-depth. He reminds Simba of the wonderful Duties of the King, and eventually, Simba feels at ease again, thanking Zazu for the reminder. Zazu promises him once again that he'll get him speaking elephantese in no time, causing Simba to become troubled once again.


Simba still struggles later to grasp the elephantese language, despite numerous attempts from Zazu to help him learn. In a fit of frustration, Simba roars at Zazu, knocking him into a nearby puddle. Seeing her mate's frustration, Nala tries to comfort Simba, jogging his memory to what they had recently discussed. Simba thanks Nala, and calls Zazu back, who collapses in a heap from the roar.

Nuzzling mates

Simba, Nala, and Zazu finally reach the area and watch as elephants cover the corpse of Aminifu. Simba and Nala sorrowfully nuzzle one another as they watch from a distance, before finally walking over to join them. The funeral begins, and Simba is about to give his speech. However, when reciting the words, instead of saying the elephant idiom 'he had good on him', he mispronounces the words, and instead proclaims that 'he had poop on him'. Simba, Nala, and Zazu become concerned, though Aminifu's daughter Ma Tembo laughs, saying that he indeed had poop on him. She thanks Simba, believing that the best thing to do is remember the good times they had.

"It went. . ."

They finally return to Pride Rock and Kiara asks how the tribute went. Although Simba is hesitant to respond, Nala tells them that it went great in the end. Simba then asks if any trouble occurred during their absence. Kiara is about to say something, until Kion rudely interrupts and tells him that it's nothing they couldn't handle, adding that she'll be a great queen someday.

The Kupatana Celebration

Simba is relaxing in the Pride Lands with the Lion Guard on the day of the Kupatana Celebration when he and the Guard hear several yelping sounds from the distance,

Simba tells Kion to save the jackal pup

followed by the sound of hyena laughter. Ono flies up and reports that Janja and his clan are chasing a jackal pup. Kion is hesitant to save the pup, seeing as he is an Outlander, but Simba encourages his son to do so. Kion thanks his father, and the Guard goes to save the pup. During the Kupatana Celebration, Simba welcomes the Pride Landers and makes a small speech. Rafiki then steps forward, announcing that it is time. The baobab trees bloom, scattering their white petals as the Pride Landers watch in awe. Simba begins to

Simba at Kupatana

speak to the Pride Landers, but in the middle of his sentence, there is a sudden commotion. Simba looks down to see a family of jackals charging through the assembled Pride Landers, causing chaos. He asks Kion what's going on, and Kion tells him that it's Reirei and her jackal family, and blames himself for the problem. Kion orders the Pride Landers to protect each other, and Simba agrees. He tells them that if they stand together, they cannot be defeated. The Lion G

Simba roars

The guard races into action to stop the jackals, and they are eventually rounded up. Reirei tries to pass it off as a misunderstanding, but Simba roars angrily at her, and the jackals are quick to flee. Kion apologizes to Simba for allowing the jackals in, but Simba reminds him that it was he who encouraged Kion to save Dogo. Kion says that Simba didn't tell him to invite the jackals into the Pride Lands, but Simba tells him that his mistake was in the spirit of Kupatana and that Kion

Simba and his family

gave the jackals a chance to fit in. He adds that they had seen Kupatana in action that night, with all of the Pride Landers standing together. As the Pride Landers then feast on the baobab blossoms, Simba notes that everything has its place. Kion agrees, and the two wish each other a happy Kupatana.

The Search for Utamu

Simba is mentioned by Timon when the latter reminds Pumbaa that they raised a lion.

The Mbali Fields Migration

Kion and Simba discuss Mbali Fields

When Kion tells Simba that the herds have outgrown their grazing grounds, Simba comments that he had not known. His son queries if there is a place with enough grass, and Simba directs his attention to a distant patch of green. Kion says, "Mbali Fields?" in a questioning tone, and Simba repeats it to confirm. He adds that Mbali Fields is where the zebras and gazelles can graze. Kion wonders if they will be able to make the journey, and Simba replies that he is certain of it, since he is sending the Guard with them. Kion is surprised that Simba wants him to lead migration, and the king reminds him that he will have the rest of the Guard with him. He continues to say that he knows that Kion can do anything he puts his mind to. Kion thanks him and assures him that he won't let him down, to which Simba responds, "You never do."

Later on, Swala mentions Simba, declaring that if he had led the migration they would be at Mbali Fields already.

Bunga and the King

Simba and his family are en route to view the first elephant concert of the season, hosted by Ma Tembo and her herd in Mizimu Grove. As they make their way over, Ono swoops down from the sky to alert Kion to a group of antelope that have gotten themselves stuck in the mud. Reluctantly, Kion decides that his role as leader of the Lion Guard takes precedence over his social life, and he leaves to sort out the problem.

Simba pushes Kiara to safety

The family continues their journey without Kion, with Kiara telling her father that she'd be okay with attending concerts as part of her duties. As she runs ahead, Simba starts to notice the ground shaking. He and Nala call for her to get uphill, but it turns out there warning of a sinkhole is too late. Simba rushes over, flinging Kiara over to Nala, who grabs her in turn. Just as she attempts to run, the sinkhole emerges. Whilst she and Kiara make it safely to the high ground with Simba pushing them up, Simba himself finds himself unable to hold on, and tumbles into the sinkhole, causing his mate and daughter great worry.

Simba soon emerges from a clump of rocks. He confirms that he's okay, although he is unable to climb out, as there is nothing to climb onto. Ono then leads Kion to the sinkhole, where he asks his mother if his father is okay. She confirms that he is and that he is indeed stuck. Suddenly, Bunga, Beshte, and Fuli appear having completed their mission. Without thinking, Bunga leaps over the sinkhole and plummets down, landing softly on Simba's mane.

Messy mane

Simba is unimpressed to see Bunga, and although Bunga shows much enthusiasm, he soon realizes that he cannot rescue the king as he thought. Kion calls down asking if they're okay, to which Simba replies positively. When Beshte and Fuli peer down as well, the walls begin to crumble, and Nala orders everyone to stay away from the sinkhole. Kiara is unable to make to higher ground in time and soon finds herself hanging onto the ledge for dear life, while her terrified parents watch on helplessly. But Fuli bolts to the ledge and rescues the Princess in the mere blink of an eye. Everyone starts to organize a plan on how they can rescue Simba and Bunga, without risking having anyone else fall in. Meanwhile, Bunga makes a few suggestions on how to escape the sinkhole. He eventually decides to drawback, running as fast as he can and leaping back up the walls. This, in turn, causes more of the walls to collapse, and he and Simba become buried in more rocks. As everyone at the top start to worry, Ono swoops down to check on them. Lion and honey badger turn out to be fine, though Simba chides

Entering the tunnels

Bunga for acting without thinking.

Simba tells Nala to go on ahead to the concert with Kiara, knowing that Kion will save him soon. Nala is hesitant but agrees nonetheless. Just as she and Kiara leave, the Guard returns with a giant log, tipping it into the sinkhole. Unfortunately for them, it hits the bottom and breaks into hundreds of tiny splinters. Soon after, Bunga notices a tunnel in the side of the sinkhole. Simba knows that it could possibly lead to some underground caverns, thus providing a way out. He calls to Kion, letting him know of this. Kion calls back that he will meet him at the entrance to the caverns, hopefully meeting up there instead. Kion and his friends leave the sinkhole area, as do Simba and Bunga as they enter the tunnels together.

As Simba and Bunga traverse through the dark tunnel, Simba soon starts to become frustrated at Bunga's random route choices, since no consideration is being taken on which ones he chooses. Simba's aggravation with the honey badger soon causes an argument to erupt between the pair. However, their disputation escalates so much that they wander off in different directions. Simba is relieved to be away from Bunga and soon starts to realize that he is, in fact, going the right way. This also leads him to the conclusion that Bunga must be going the wrong way. He soon remembers that no matter how annoying he is, Bunga is still his subject, and starts to backtrack for the little honey badger.

"Hakuna Matata!"

Meanwhile, Bunga slowly starts to cool down, hoping that Simba would return for him. When he mistakes some rocks for being Simba, he states 'no worries', which reminds him of his uncles' favorite song, which he begins to sing. As he is singing Hakuna Matata, Simba starts to hear his echoes and sings along with him. The two soon find each other in a clearing, and Bunga is surprised that he knows it. Simba explains that he was raised by Timon and Pumbaa before he was and that they used to sing it to him all the time when he was growing up. Bunga then realizes that it sort of meant that they were like brothers, to which Simba agrees with. Bunga apologizes to Simba for having yelled at him, with Simba emphasizing the alias as "King bro." As the two laugh softly, Simba laments on how Timon and Pumbaa could not be there to see them finally getting along. Meanwhile, Kion and the Guard have entered the tunnels, even managing to get Timon and Pumbaa involved. The pair cry over their lost cubs, though Bunga and Simba soon hear their echoing cries. They race across the caverns, following the voices until they find the source. A large ravine separates them, however. Simba, with Bunga on his back, copies Bunga's earlier idea, by running and leaping across whilst the pair yell Zuka Zama together. Kion is shocked to see that his father is finally getting along with Bunga, and the Guard is equally shocked to see Bunga riding atop the king. Timon and Pumbaa are relieved to see their kids back safe and sound, though Timon scolds Pumbaa for worrying.

Simba and Bunga singing

Back at Mizimu Grove, the elephants finish their concert, with Kiara and Nala applauding their hard work. Nala apologizes for Simba's absence, though Ma Tembo is understanding, pleased that they came regardless. Just then, Simba arrives with Timon, Pumbaa, and the Lion Guard in tow, apologizing for his late arrival. Bunga causes confusion when he regards himself as 'brother to the king', and further bewilders Kiara by telling her to call him 'Uncle Bunga'. Nala questions what happened, though Simba brushes it off as being 'quite an adventure'. He thanks the herd for their patience, though since he missed it, he decides to sing a song dear to his family. Together, the royal family and the Lion Guard sing "Hakuna Matata" to Ma Tembo's herd, which delights them.

The Imaginary Okapi

"Of course, Ajabu."

When Kion presents Ajabu to Simba and Nala and explains that the okapi requires their blessing to remain in the Pride Lands, Simba permits Ajabu to stay.

Too Many Termites

The Lion Guard arrives at Pride Rock, and Simba is able to guess that they are there to inform him about the termite problem. He suggests asking aardwolves, explaining that they are termite experts. Ono remarks that he has never seen one and Simba declares that he is not surprised. He explains that the aardwolves are shy and nocturnal. He adds that they love termites even more than Bunga, which Bunga claims is impossible. He confirms Fuli's query about the aardwolves controlling the termites, but adds,

Simba nuzzles Kion

"At least, until now."

In response to Kion's question about the home of the aardwolves, Simba explains that they tend to roam around, but their favorite places to stay are empty aardvark dens. Kion asks what aardwolves look like, and Simba tells his son that they resemble hyenas. Finding out that Kion roared at the aardwolves, Simba is shocked. However, he comforts Kion, nudging his head up, and explaining that they all make mistakes. He adds that correcting those mistakes is what counts.


Simba and Nala task their daughter Kiara with presiding over The Royal Buffalo Wallow.

Lions of the Outlands

Simba is mentioned by Jasiri when Nuka questions Kion over who his father is. Kovu is excited about the possibility of being allowed back in the Pride Lands and they take him to see their mother, who is pleased to meet Simba's son.

Fighting Zira

Later, Rafiki explains that after Simba defeated Scar and became the Lion King, Zira refused to accept him. She told him that he could not be King because Scar, whom she had been close with, had chosen her son, Kovu to rule next. When Simba asserted that Scar was never the true King, Zira furiously attacked him, leading to a battle between the two which Simba won. But by this point, he had no choice but to banish Zira and her followers.

When Kion is cornered, Zira mentions that Simba's Pride Lands are vulnerable without Kion's Roar. Shortly after, the rest of the Lion Guard arrive to assist him.

The Lost Gorillas

Simba meets the princes

Two gorilla princes, Hafifu and Majinuni, are sent by their father, King Sokwe to deliver a message to Simba. Kion approaches his father about this and is shocked when Simba already knows about it. He explains that each wet season, King Sokwe delivers a message to inform him whether or not he still agrees to a peace treaty that was made between the Pride Landers and the gorillas. Simba asks to see the youngsters, who are bouncing Bunga between their legs whilst standing upside down. Bunga attempts to introduce them, but Simba already knows. He asks them for the message, but they forget. Simba turns to his son and tasks him with returning them home to Theluji Mountains. When Kion questions his father as to why they can't return and get the message themselves again, Simba points out that neither of them is really the type he can trust with such a message, showing them messing around in the background. Kion agrees and his team leaves immediately.

Laughing it off

Later, Kion finally returns, explaining the wild journey they all shared. Simba is anxious to hear the message and asks his son for it, but Kion is hesitant to give it to him. After Simba demands it, Kion decides to let his father have it, and ducks. Bunga leaps across yelling 'Kuishi ni Kucheka' and dumps a snowball on his head. When Simba rears his head up, Ono is worried that it was not such a good idea. To their surprise, Simba laughs and exclaims that no one delivers a peace message like King Sokwe, shaking the snow from his head onto the Lion Guard.

The Trail to Udugu

Trying to calm his children

Simba watches his cubs play fight at the foot of Pride Rock. He comments to Nala that both Kion and Kiara's skills are improving and Nala replies that as they are evenly matched, so today is the day. They approach their children and Simba orders them to stop playing, preventing Kion from getting one last pounce on his sister and frowning at his daughter when she blows a raspberry at Kion. Nala explains that they will be taking the trail to Udugu, something all royal siblings take part in. Kiara questions whether her father went on the journey, but he explains that since he had no siblings, he was never able to. He also tells Kion that he will be leading the Guard in his absence and that they could possibly learn a thing or two from their king.

Bunga's vision

Simba locates the Lion Guard in the Lair, where Bunga is finishing a performance. Simba admits that he got one thing right - that he is excited to lead the Guard. He then asks if everyone is ready for Morning Patrol, and leads them out. They reach a fork in the road, and Simba starts to take the left path. Ono stutters when talking to him, and Fuli decides to tell Simba instead that Kion typically takes the other path. Darkly, Simba reminds them that Kion is not there, and they follow Simba down his path.

Commanding the Lion Guard

Soon, Ono spots trouble. There's a mudslide near the ostriches' nest and the eggs will slide off the cliffs if they are not saved. He attempts to inform Simba, who finishes his sentences before he has a chance to. Simba explains that he will move the nearby log so that it will distract the mud away from the nest. Fuli asks what they should do, and Simba orders them to stick together and follow him as he leaps from rock to rock across the mud. When they hesitate Simba calls for them, telling them to jump from rock to rock.

Saving the final egg

However, Beshte, who usually runs straight through the mud, slips on one of the rocks whilst Simba pushes the log into the mudslide. His plan works, albeit briefly, until the rest of the Guard slam into the tree trunk, pushing it away. Simba notices the log moving towards the eggs and calls out to warn the Guard. The other members all grab an egg or two but Ono cries out that they missed one. Simba takes the initiative and grabs himself, plunging into the mud and stopping the egg from falling. Mbuni and the ostriches are honored to have their egg saved by the king himself and bow down to him. Simba turns to the muddy Lion Guard and exclaims that the mission was a success, earning him a half-hearted agreement from the Guard.

Simba is trapped?

Later, Ono uses his sight to find out that Swala and her herd are trying to reach some grassland up ahead. He is about to explain that the rocks are unstable and will fall should they jump on them, but Simba once again finishes his words before he can. He orders the Guard to follow him again. However, his sudden movements startle the gazelles and they start to panic. Noticing this, Simba orders the Guard to speed up having seen the spooked gazelles, but Ono calls for the Guard to stop. They do so, but Simba, having run on ahead, does not hear Ono's warning. Simba proceeds towards the falling rocks, but the gazelles' frantic leaping causes a rockslide, and Simba is buried underneath. Ono panics, but Simba reveals himself to be just fine. Simba announces that he's fine, but he's a little stuck, motioning towards his tail which has become trapped underneath one of the rocks.

"Till the Pride Lands end..."

Suddenly, more of the unstable rocks give way, and one falls towards Bunga, which Ono cries out about allowing Fuli to save him. Noticing their teamwork, Simba realizes that their team works differently, and asks what Kion would have them do if he were there. Fuli informs him about Kion's practices and Simba then declares those to be his orders. Before that happens, Bunga tells him that there's one more thing Kion would do. Simba then speaks at the beginning of their catchphrase: "Till the Pride Lands end", and the Guard finish it with 'Lion Guard defend'!

Running from the rocks

Bunga assures Simba that he will be fine, though warns Beshte not to roll the boulder the wrong way or it'll squish Simba. Simba reminds Bunga that he can hear him, much to his surprise. Beshte then proceeds to move the boulder off Simba's tail, but the commotion causes the remaining boulders to collapse and the trio run. Simba rolls his eyes at Bunga for wanting to do it again and, after Fuli and Ono join them, Simba admits that everything worked out because they did things their own way, and that Kion would be proud of them. He also adds that he himself is proud of them.

Looking across the Pride Lands

Back at Pride Rock, Simba asks his children if they found Udugu. They explain that they did, but it isn't really a place - it's about them working together. Simba admits that the Lion Guard also helped him find Udugu as well. He and Nala tell them that the lesson is very important for them and lead the two cubs to the edge of Pride Rock. He goes on to say that, as a queen of the Pride Lands and leader of the Lion Guard, they will be responsible for all of the Pride Lands. The royal family gazes out at the Pride Lands, and Nala urges them to hold onto what they learned that day, and they will always have Udugu.

Ono's Idol

Simba and Nala appear to greet the legendary eagle, Hadithi, who has returned to the Pride Lands. After it is established that he is a true hero, Simba invites him to a Royal Mudprint Ceremony in his honor. Hadith

Simba and Nala meeting Hadithi

i accepts graciously, and Simba explains how the guest of honor shares his knowledge with a younger Pride Lander. With encouragement from his son, Ono is chosen, and Hadithi, rather reluctantly, agrees. Simba asks Hadithi there's anything he needs before he leaves. He initially declines the offer, though soon asks if The Traditional Ceremonial Nest will be supplied. Although Simba has never heard of such a thing, he is reminded by Nala that they've never had a bird as their guest before. When the Lion Guard agrees to make it for him, Simba and Nala take their leave, asking him to meet them at the clearing by Pride Rock at sundown.

Simba praises Hadithi

When Hadithi arrives for his ceremony, Simba begins by praising Hadithi and speaking of his heroism to the other Pride Landers. After he asks Hadithi to place his talons in the mud, the eagle refuses, shocking Simba by telling the others that he's no hero. He then admits that another bird is in trouble, and, when Kion realizes that it's Ono, the Lion Guard takes off to rescue him. Later that night, Ono places his talons in the mud, while Hadithi praises him in front of the other Pride Landers, while Simba and Nala watch the ceremony with the audience.

The Savannah Summit

Simba is at Pride Rock waiting for the other leaders to attend the Savannah Summit, gets a warning shot from his son. He turns around to see Kion pounce on Makuu to stop his attack but all Makuu says that as the leader of the

Leading everyone to Mizimu Grove

crocodiles, Makuu got invited too and Simba confirms it. The crocodile is thankful, but Kion wants to talks to his father to which Simba agrees too, Kion explains that with all the trouble they had with Makuu in the past his son didn't trust him. Simba dismisses it as everything will be okay and that crocodiles have always been apart of the summit. He believes that Makuu is ready wanting to build his trust, but before Simba leaves, he asked Kion and his friends to watch over the summit just in case the other leaders weren't ready to accept Makuu.

Simba scolding his son

Then, he leads everyone to Mizimu Grove for the event. While trying to work out a comprise between Bupu and Makuu, Kion pounces on Makuu again and when he sees both sides walk away unwilling to try again. Simba expresses his fury to Kion about what he did and his son says there's something going and he still thinks Makuu is responsible. All the king says is that Makuu is a new leader and he invited him here to build his trust, Kion insist that the Makuu wants to ruin the summit, and Simba responds by blaming Kion of ruining it. Kion apologizes and Simba tells him to find a way to fix it while he heads to Mizimu Grove to salvage what he can of the summit.

Complimenting his son on job well done.

Back at Mizimu Grove, Simba watches with the other leaders with Kion putting on a convincing act to find out who was trying to get Makuu. The crocodile returns to the summit proud of the trick saying it was worthy of his species, then Simba says that Kion has done a great job and that he saved the summit. After seeing an argument going on between Vuruga Vuruga and Bupu he goes off to settle it.

The Traveling Baboon Show

Simba is mentioned by Kion when he offers for Uroho and his friends to put on a show for himself and Nala.

The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar

Kion and Simba singing The Path of Honor

Simba and Nala are seen on the peak of Pride Rock, observing the kingdom. Later, Kion informs him of Ma Tembo's difficulty in finding a water source, and Simba patiently reminds his son that it is her responsibility to lead and care for the elephants, and there wasn't much they could do to help. Kion expresses his regret at being unable to help, knowing the pressures of being a new leader. Simba warmly agrees with his son, as he'd had that experience as well. He and Kion reflect upon their path of honor, with Simba stating his pride to have Kion as a son.

Meeting Makini

Later, Simba's family, as well as Tiifu and Zuri are assembled at Pride Rock, awaiting the introduction of Rafiki's new apprentice.

Kiara questions the progress of Ma Tembo's first water hunt, and Kion denies her having had to luck. After scolding her friends, Kiara asks for permission to help Ma Tembo, and Kion tells her of the probability of her inability to help. Kiara insists upon trying, and Simba states that it was Ma Tembo's responsibility, but he and Nala agree that it would be a good experience for her to work with Ma Tembo. Suddenly, Makini appears, requesting to join Kiara, and introducing herself, much to the exasperation of Rafiki, who arrives behind her. Rafiki formally introduces Makini as his apprentice, and Simba and Nala greet her with warmth.

Placing his paw on her staff, Simba states the honor of being a Royal Mjuzi and extends an invitation for her to visit Pride Rock whenever she wishes. Kiara asks her parents for permission for Makini to join her, and they agree, as the experience of working with her would be needed. Makini joyfully embraces them, and Simba and Nala watch Makini and Kiara depart. Simba and Nala are later seen amongst the crowd of animals surrounding Ma Tembo.

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

Let-Sleeping-Crocs-Lie (215).png
After the Lion Guard accidentally awakens the crocodiles from their hibernation, Makuu says to his float he'll talk to Simba about their predicament. The crocodile tells Simba the importance of how much water they need to get through the dry season to which he knows and suggest that Ono scouts the Pride Lands for any source of water the crocodiles can use. When they hear how the crocodiles have moved into new water sources regardless, Simba is at first outraged with Makuu, who assures Simba that he played no part in their actions. Simba follows Makuu to the rest of his float, where he witnesses Makuu reprimand them for their actions.
Let-Sleeping-Crocs-Lie (544).png
Then, he attends the Mashindano between Makuu and Kiburi, however during the event Simba hears the commotion going on behind him. He asks Kion what is going on and the cub replies nothing is going on now and figures out the crocodiles were trying to ambush him. Simba already knew who was behind the plot and to Kiburi's surprise, the king returns safe and sound. After Makuu won the fight, Simba is told by Makuu that he didn't know anything about Kiburi's plot. Seeing Kiburi's treachery Simba allows Makuu to decide his sentence and Makuu has Kiburi and his friends banished from the float and not only that Simba has them banished from the Pride Lands, Kiburi wishes for him to reconsider but he doesn't and sees Kiburi and his friends leave vowing he'll be back. Later, Simba and the Guard watch the crocodiles as they swim in their new watering hole, hearing Makuu forgive Ono for his earlier mistake. Simba asks Makuu is this the new crocodile way and he replies that maybe it is.

Rafiki's New Neighbors

Simba is first mentioned by Furaha, who tells Rafiki that himself and his friends have seen the mandrill with the king around the Pride Lands.

Presenting Makini

Later, Simba appears at Makini's painting ceremony and explains to the gathered Pride Landers of the task of the Royal Mjuzi to paint the history of the Pride Lands. He then steps aside and watches as Makini paints an image of himself and his family, which amazes him.

The Ukumbusho Tradition

At the Ukumbusho celebration

Simba is first mentioned when Ma Tembo explains that it was his first time experiencing Ukumbusho, and for that reason, the performance had to be perfect. Later, when he arrives, he and Ma Tembo exchange warm greetings, expressing their wish for the celebration to be beautiful.

As the Guard performs, Simba sits beside Nala and Kiara. When bees interrupt the performance, which startles the elephants, Simba calls to Ma Tembo. Once the Guard had gotten the situation under control, Simba approaches Ma Tembo and gently asks if she's all right. Ma Tembo confirms it, and apologizes for the disturbance, explaining the reason for their fear.

When Kion suggests finishing the performance without the paint, Ma Tembo hesitates, and Simba adds that it could be thought of as a new tradition. Ma Tembo agrees, and after Mtoto sprays the paint of his mom, the performance starts again, with Simba watching proudly.

Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas

Timon-and-Pumbaa's-Christmas (437).png

Kion turns to his family for help in making Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas the best one ever, asking them to take part in a song and performance. Simba is hesitant at first, but Kiara and Nala are able to persuade him to go through with it after reminding him what Timon and Pumbaa have done for him in the past.

They turn up at Hakuna Matata Falls, where he notices the "strange-looking (Christmas) tree". He believes that they are first to arrive until his son guides him over to a canyon, where a large assortment of animals has already gathered. He turns to Bunga to see what they should do, but Bunga quickly hushes him before realizing just who he is speaking to. The animals then start to rehearse, all through the night.

"The Twelve Ways Of Christmas"

When the sun starts to peak, the animals still haven't mastered the song. Simba starts to leave, having given it a try. As the other animals mimic his actions, Kion calls for everyone to return, with Bunga pleading them himself. Simba returns to Bunga and gently asks him what's so special about this performance, and he replies that, after all, they've done for him, he just wants to give them something in return. After telling him that his words were just what he wanted to hear, Simba calls for everyone to try again. Shortly after, Simba and his family, plus Tiifu and Zuri, take part in "The Twelve Ways of Christmas", where they play the part of "six leaping lions".

The Morning Report

Simba conveys his concerns to his son

Simba becomes troubled when Zazu misses the Morning Report. Despite the Lion Guard's attempts at calming him, he is not swayed, and fears something may have happened to him. Kion takes the Lion Guard to investigate the reason for his absence.

That night, Zazu is returned to Pride Rock thanks to the Lion Guard having been kidnapped by the hyenas. He is about to impart the Morning Report to Simba and the Lion Guard, even though night has descended. Zazu is disappointed with his tardiness but is assured that he's not at fault by the Lion Guard. After a bit of reminiscing, he insists on relaying the Morning Report, which Simba japes about before he does so.

The Golden Zebra

Simba notices the large watering hole

When a drought hits the Pride Lands, Simba speaks with Rafiki about the water shortage, asking if any of the previous Kings ever found a solution. Rafiki states that if they did, they left very few clues, tapping one of his paintings depicts to animate it. The painting shows an earlier King leading his animals to a large, unknown watering hole.

Simba asks Rafiki where that particular watering hole is, and Makini pipes up to inform Simba that she has seen the same watering hole in the Back Lands and that it is owned by a herd of zebras. Simba quickly concludes that the watering hole belongs to Dhahabu. When the Guard arrives, Simba asks them to locate her and request that she share her water, urging them to offer something in return.

The Little Guy

Simba is mentioned by Beshte when he explains to Hodari that Kiburi and his followers were banished from the Pride Lands for trying to take him down.

Divide and Conquer

Simba is mentioned by Tamaa, when he decided to entertain at Pride Rock, saying that he's been working on impersonating Simba's voice.

The Scorpion's Sting

Simba is sick

At Pride Rock, many Pride Landers have gathered for the Kumbuka celebration, marking the anniversary of Simba's victory over Scar. As Rafiki leads the Pride Landers in singing Simba’s praises, Simba and Kion nuzzle affectionally, and Nala nuzzles her mate. Unknown to Simba, Sumu sneaks up behind him, and stings his tail, before slipping away. Weakly, Simba collapses, much to the surprise of the gathered animals and his family. When Kion questions him, Simba directs the source of his pain to his tail, and Rafiki deduces what had stung him. The Guard then leaves to find Sumu.

Later, Simba is moved into the den and is watched over by Rafiki, Makini, Kiara, and Nala. The Guard returns, and Nala and Rafiki explain Simba’s state of illness. Kion agrees to go to the Outlands Volcano to fetch volcanic ash to help heal Simba. The Guard agrees to accompany him, and Rafiki sends Makini to go with them. They manage to return in time to see Simba weak but alive, much to the relief of everyone.

The Wisdom of Kongwe

Simba talks to his father

Kion and Simba inform Mufasa of Scar's return, and Mufasa tells them the problem is beyond his experience, but the wisdom to defeat Scar lies within the Pride Lands and within the two of them. Simba and Kion deduce that he meant a wise animal, and Simba states that he knows who to ask.

They return to Pride Rock and locate Makini and Fuli, who are tasked with finding an animal named Kongwe and bringing her to Pride Rock.

Later, whilst speaking with Kongwe, he expresses bewilderment at her answer of defeating Scar, until Fuli clarifies that they'll find an answer eventually.

Cave of Secrets

Simba is seen in many paintings during the song "The Wisdom on the Walls."

Pride Landers Unite!

Simba is mentioned when Kion explains that his father didn’t want the Pride Landers to know that Scar had returned, believing the news would frighten them.

The Queen's Visit

When Dhahabu and her herd arrive in the Pride Lands, Simba welcomes them on behalf of

Simba and Dhahabu

the royal family. He explains that the welcome celebration will continue at sundown. Later, Dhahabu tells her herd that Simba had given them permission to enjoy the Pride Lands during her visit.

Kiara later tells the Guard that Simba had asked her to escort Dhahabu around the Pride Lands. At sundown, he watches as Dhahabu reaffirms her alliance with the Pride Lands.

The Fall of Mizimu Grove

Simba is at Mizimu Grove welcoming all the Pride Landers to Makini's Mpando Mpaya.

Simba welcoming his friends on stage

He says that Timon and Pumbaa will sing a song to start off this celebration and welcomes his good friends on stage. However, the Army of Scar ambushes Mizimu Grove, setting it on fire. Kion orders the Pride Landers to work together and stop them. As the flames surround the battle, the ghost of Scar soon appears in front of everyone and says that he'll take over the

Speaking to Scar

Pride Lands and nothing will be left. When he is gone Simba wipes away the Mark of Evil. The Pride Landers start to panic and run. Kion uses the roar on the Outlanders and Simba says that he wants to talk to Ma Tembo while they take out the rest of the fire. Once the herds are calm everyone is

Simba's tough speech

scared and they claim that they want to leave. Simba feels bad for not telling them but he says he did it for a good reason.

Simba couldn't think of a better way to celebrate

The next day everyone meets at Pride Rock for an announcement. Kion tells everyone to come back to Mizimu Grove and he shows them Makini's baobab tree. Everyone decides to stay in the Pride Lands and Makini plants the tree.

Battle for the Pride Lands

Simba is at Pride

"Time to defeat Scar once and for all"

Rock with Rafiki watching over the war-stricken Pride Lands. Many months later when Kion and the Guard are adolescents, Kion uses the roar on the Outlanders in their recent battle. Simba arrives, proud of another victory from his son, but mentions that the defensive strategies of the Pride Landers have not stopped Scar's army, and as a result, declares war on the Outlands, claiming it is time to defeat Scar once and for all. Jasiri says that her clan will help too. After coming up with a plan they all race to gather Pride Landers. Later that night Zazu reports that Hadithi and Shujaa have shown up to help. Simba asks Kion to lead the herds to the Outlands. Later that night, Mzingo's flock assault Pride Rock, setting it on fire. With help from Hadithi and Anga, the royal family is free. Soon Scar comes on top of

Stuck on top Pride Rock

Pride Rock and explains that they can't stop him. When Scar is gone the herds start to worry. Soon Janja comes and says that he knows how to defeat him. At first, Simba dislikes trusting Janja but Makuu convinces him otherwise. He says that Kion should use his roar on him. They set up the plan and get some rest. The next morning Kion and the guard lead the herds against Outlanders. After the battle, the Lion Guard brings Kion and Ono to Rafiki, who have received workplace injuries in the war. Rafiki says that there's nothing he can do about Ono's eye. However, for Kion's scar, he says to go to the Tree of Life, where Ono might

Kion says goodbye to his mom and dad

get healed too. Anga soon becomes the new Keenest of sight while Ono becomes the smartest. Now with six members on the guard, they leave the Pride Lands. Nala and Simba wish them good luck and are hoping to come back before Kiara's first hunt. The guard flees with Pride Landers wishing them goodbye.

The Lake of Reflection

In a flashback when Kion and his friends were a lot younger. Beshte mentions Simba when Fuli spots a hyena in the Pride Lands stealing an egg.

Journey to the Pride Lands

Kion mentions Simba when he tells Anga about Zira.

Return to the Pride Lands

Simba and Nala are on top of Pride Rock when Kion comes home a few months later. They are overjoyed to see him and Simba welcomes him home as he and Nala embrace him. Nala is still concerned

Simba reunite with his son

about Kion's scar, but he says he will always have it and that he is healed. The rest of the guard comes up and Simba asks how their journey was. Beshte says that everyone found something special at the Tree of Life. Simba meets the guard's new friend Azaad who helped them get back to the Pride Lands. Simba explains what happened to Zira and why and how Kovu and Vitani have joined their pride. Soon, Timon, Pumbaa, and Basi come and reunite with Bunga and Beshte. That night, Simba and his family talk to

Simba's Pride happy for Kion

Mufasa then head inside Pride Rock. The next day Kion's guard and Vitani's guard have a contest to see who will be the next Lion guard. Kion decides to give up his Roar then Askari appears to congratulate Kion on his mastery of the Roar. Kion and his old guard decided to go back to the Tree of Life and help the Night Pride. Simba proudly watches as Kion becomes King of the Tree of Life and marries Rani. ​


Family Tree

Nala's Father



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