Season 2

Beshte and the Beast

"Shujaa new. Send by King Sokwe!"

"He hear bad Outlanders hurt Pride Lands. He say, 'Shujaa, go help Lion Guard. Do what Shujaa do best!'"

"Oh, Beshte very strong! Shujaa and Beshte play catch!"

"Numbers not matter! Shujaa can't count!"

"Shujaa just try help hippos."

"Ooh! Shujaa get. Shujaa help aardvark!"

"Shujaa don't understand, but if Shujaa with Beshte, Shujaa say 'okay.'"

"Shujaa tear down tree! Serval fall out!"

"Think. Okay. Shujaa try."

"Shujaa thank Beshte."

"Shujaa think. He flip that tree... Fly galagos back home!"

"Oooh. Pretty bug stuck."

"Shujaa move little rocks first!"

"Beshte, look! Pretty bug free! Shujaa did it!"


"Watering hole, that way!"

"Beshte? Why would fuzzies so sad?"

"No. No! NO! What Shujaa do? What Shujaa do?!"

"It no use! Shujaa no think, bad! Shujaa do think, bad! SHUJAA NO RIGHT EVER!"

"Shujaa no move so Shujaa no make trouble ever."

"If Shujaa help, Shujaa make worse. Shujaa stay."

"Shujaa no move. If Shujaa stay, Shujaa no mess up."

"Beshte need Shujaa?! Ono! Take Shujaa! Now!"

"Shujaa help Beshte! Hmm. Beshte leg hurt, so..."

"Shujaa careful, and strong. Shujaa make no trouble no more. Now Shujaa help Lion Guard! Shujaa think, then Shujaa ponda!"

"Leave! Lion! Guard! Alone!"

"You not listen? Shujaa think, Shujaa ponda!"

"Crocs go home with friends!"

"Now Shujaa help put out fire!"

"King Sokwe! He no see Shujaa think! Shujaa need show him. But Shujaa come back if Lion Guard need help. Shujaa promise."

"Thank you. Goodbye, Lion Guard. Goodbye, strong friend Beshte! Me know me see you again!"


Season 3

Battle for the Pride Lands

"Fiery lion scary."

"Shujaa ponda!"
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