Sehemu Pass is located in the Pride Lands.


Sehemu Pass is a short, rocky pathway between several mountains. The pathway is incredibly narrow, and not large enough to support bulkier animals from moving through. Inside, the majority of the path is covered in rocks of varying sizes.


The Ukumbusho Tradition

The-ukumbusho-tradition (331)

Mtoto removes the paint

After a swarm of bees interrupt the Ukumbusho, the elephants in the show start to rampage around the Pride Lands. They make their way over to Sehemu Pass, but thanks to Ono's knowledge of a shortcut, Mtoto and the Lion Guard reach it before they do. When Ma Tembo arrives, she becomes stuck between the narrow rocks inside, and Mtoto sprays her forehead with dirt, removing the pollen paint and causing the bees to leave in the process.

The-ukumbusho-tradition (343)

Zito and Johari get stuck

As Johari and Zito approach, Beshte gives her a gentle nudge out, and waits for the other two elephants to get trapped in the same area. As they struggle to get loose, Ma Tembo and Mtoto quickly spray them with dirt, causing the bees to leave them as well. After Bunga snacks on the final bees, the Lion Guard race to save Mtoto's Mom, before they return to Mizimu Grove where they continue the Ukumbusho.


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