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Season 3 is an upcoming and final season of The Lion Guard, scheduled for August 3rd 2019 with Battle for the Pride Lands.


On March 15th, 2017, it was announced that The Lion Guard will be renewed for a third season.[1]

On January 9th 2018, a video surfaced showing a new lioness named Rani who would be appearing in Season 3.

Ford Riley has confirmed that season 3 will have a double-length opener special plus 18 episodes.[2]

On September 4th 2018, a news article revealed the names of several new characters (Fikiri, Kitendo, Yuki and Chuluun), a voice actor for Askari and confirmation that Dhahabu would be returning.[3]

On 11th March 2019, Mercury Filmworks announced that animation on the show had finished. One of the photographs revealed that Dogo, Kijana and their younger siblings would be returning.[4]

On 25th March 2019, Kendall Michele Haney revealed that The Fall of Mizimu Grove would kick off an "epic serialized story" which will last through to the end of Season 3.[5]

On 13th April 2019, Gary Anthony Williams announced that he was once again recording his lines as Mufasa, confirming the former King's return. As seen on a screenshot behind him, this also confirmed that Kion will be aging in the series.[6]

Season3 First Screenshot

The first Season 3 screenshot

On 1st May 2019, Ford Riley replied to a comment and informed people that Season 3 would hopefully be airing in August 2019. [7] He also stated that Fikiri and Kitendo will make their debut in episode 308 (presumed to be episode 8, season 3).[8]

On 16th July 2019 the first episode, Battle for the Pride Lands was found on a few tv listings.

On 18th July 2019, the first screenshot appeared, showing an aged Lion Guard joined by Makini and Anga. Notably, Kion also sports a scar across his left eye.

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  • One news report erroneously stated that Kuchimba would be a character that would debut in Season 3, despite him being a character that would debut in Season 2.
  • Scar will be returning, though it is not known if he will be the main antagonist of the entire season as of yet.
  • As a photographed screenshot shows, Kion will apparently be aging slightly.[9]


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