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Season 3 is the third and final season of The Lion Guard, released on August 3rd, 2019 with "Battle for the Pride Lands" as its opening and "Return to the Pride Lands" as the series finale, airing on November 3rd, 2019.

The season continues the Lion Guard's battle against the ghost of Scar, and his army, taking them out of the Pride Lands in the outcome. It also deals with Kion's struggle as his deepest fears come true.

This season reveals where the Lion Guard were during the events of The Lion King II: Simba's Pride.


On March 15th, 2017, it was announced that The Lion Guard will be renewed for a third season.[1]

On January 9th 2018, a video surfaced showing a new lioness named Rani who would be appearing in Season 3.

Ford Riley has confirmed that season 3 would have a double-length opener special plus 18 episodes.[2] He also confirmed that it would reveal Kion's location during the events of Simba's Pride.[3]

On September 4th 2018, a news article revealed the names of several new characters (Fikiri, Kitendo, Yuki and Chuluun) and a voice actor for Askari.[4]

On 11th March 2019, Mercury Filmworks announced that animation on the show had wrapped up with the 3rd season. One of the photographs revealed that Dogo, Kijana and their younger siblings would be returning.[5]

On 25th March 2019, Kendall Michele Haney revealed that The Fall of Mizimu Grove would kick off an "epic serialized story" which will last through to the end of Season 3.[6]

On 13th April 2019, Gary Anthony Williams announced that he was once again recording his lines as Mufasa, confirming the former King's return. As seen on a screenshot (taken from Episode 17) behind him, this also confirmed that Kion will be slightly aging up in the final season.[7]

The first Season 3 screenshot

On 1st May 2019, Ford Riley replied to a comment and informed people that Season 3 would hopefully be airing in August 2019. [8] He also stated that Fikiri and Kitendo will make their debut in episode 308 (presumed to be episode 8, season 3).[9]

On 16th July 2019 the first episode, Battle for the Pride Lands was found on a few tv listings.

On 18th July 2019, the first screenshot appeared, showing an aged Lion Guard joined by Makini and Anga. Notably, Kion also sports a scar across his left eye, similar to his great-uncle's.

On 19th July 2019, It was stated that the third season would be the final season, with the production wrapping up.[10]

On July 26th, 2019, the first teaser trailer for the new season appeared. A full trailer for the season was released a few days later on July 31st.

The first 10 episodes aired on August 3rd, 2019, and the last 10 episodes aired on September 2nd, 2019 both on DisneyNOW and WatchTLG. The first half of Season 3 (sans Battle for the Pride Lands) aired in September 7th - 29th, 2019, whilst the next 8 episodes aired in October of 2019, with the final two episodes airing in November 2nd-3rd, 2019.

Starting from 25th November up until 6th December the first 10 episodes plus the opening special were aired in whole Europe. The lasting nine episodes were broadcasted in the springtime of the following year.

Episode List

The following is a list of episodes featured in Season 3 of The Lion Guard TV series.

# Title Airdate Synopsis


"Battle for the Pride Lands" August 3, 2019 After Kion and Ono are injured in an attempt to defeat Scar in the battle for the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard must embark on a journey to the Tree of Life to help them regain their strength.
2 "The Harmattan" August 3, 2019 (DisneyNow)
September 7, 2019
A powerful dust storm called the harmattan traps the Guard and Makucha's leopardsOno uses his knowledge of the harmattan to send Makucha and his cronies into a whirlwind.
3 "The Accidental Avalanche" August 3, 2019 (DisneyNow)
September 8, 2019
Kion must make amends when he loses control of his roar and accidentally harming a snow monkey habitat.
4 "Ghost of the Mountain" August 3, 2019 (DisneyNow)
September 14, 2019
The Lion Guard must protect a pack of red pandas from the Ghost of the Mountain♧ when they claim Bunga as their "Chosen One".
5 "Marsh of Mystery" August 3, 2019 (DisneyNow)
September 15, 2019
When Makini chases some mysterious blue lights, she and Ono get trapped in a cave.
6 "Dragon Island" August 3, 2019 (DisneyNow)
September 21, 2019
When the Lion Guard ventures onto a peninsula to find the next moja kwa moja stone, they're attacked by Komodo dragons.
7 "Journey of Memories" August 6, 2019 (DisneyNow)
September 22, 2019
The Lion Guard must rely on Makini's memories of her first visit to the Tree of Life with her parents to venture across a vast desert and continue on their journey.
8 "The Race to Tuliza" August 3, 2019 (DisneyNow)
September 28, 2019
Fuli gets lost in the territory of a male cheetahAzaad, who refuses to show her the way out until she races him, while Kion's patience is tested by a group of raucous flamingos.
9 "Mama Binturong" August 3, 2019 (DisneyNow)
September 29, 2019
The Guard's ability to find the Tree of Life disappears when Makini's staff is stolen by a scheming binturong.
10 "Friends to the End"

September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) October 5, 2019

Ever closer to the Tree of Life, Kion's scar bothers him more than ever, causing Bunga to think that the venom in Kion's body is turning him evil.
11 "The Tree of Life" September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) October 6, 2019 The Lion Guard is thrilled to be at the end of its journey to the Tree of Life; the celebration is cut short when the Night Pride mistakes the Guard for a threat and attacks.
12 "The River of Patience" September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) October 12, 2019 While Kion heals at the Tree of Life, villains attack; Kion is eager to defend the Tree but must learn to focus and find patience in order to heal fully.
13 "Little Old Ginterbong" September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) October 13, 2019 Mama Binturong pretends to be an animal in need and enters the Tree of Life to gather information for the villains.
14 "Poa the Destroyer" September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) October 19, 2019 While touring the Tree of Life, looking to make new friends, Beshte accidentally frightens the community.
15 "Long Live the Queen" September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) October 20, 2019 When Rani worries she isn't ready to become queen, Makini reveals the special gift Queen Janna left for her.
16 "The Lake of Reflection" September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) October 26, 2019 When Kion's confidence as a leader is lacking, the Lake of Reflection flashes back to a young Lion Guard, helping Kion remember his past and embrace his role as a leader.
17 "Triumph of the Roar" September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) October 27, 2019 When a new army of predators seizes control of the Tree of Life, it's up to Kion to channel his Roar to drive out the bad guys.
18 "Journey to the Pride Lands" September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) November 2, 2019 After learning that the Pride Lands are threatened, Kion uses the Roar to help the Lion Guard return home as soon as possible.
19 "Return to the Pride Lands" September 2, 2019 (DisneyNow) November 3, 2019 When the Lion Guard returns to the Pride Lands, they discover Vitani has formed her own Lion Guard in their absence.

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Lion Guard Season 3 Trailer


  • This is the only season to have all episodes air on DisneyNOW before television.
  • This is also the only season to air all episodes in under a month (excluding television air dates), making it the fastest season to be aired for the show.
  • This is the first season to show on-screen deaths (Queen Janna and Ushari), overall making this season the darkest of the series.
  • In this season Makucha returns to become the main villain of the season.
  • This is the first season to ever have blood/poisoning in it (Despite from Kion getting his scar, Scar getting his scar, and blood coming from Ora’s mouth)
  • Early concepts of the 3rd season had many differences from the finalized version.
    • Rani was originally didn't have a scar in her early design, as shown in the interview with her voice actress Peyton Elizabeth Lee.
    • The abovementioned article released on September 4th 2018 listed Dhahabu, a character from the 2nd season, returning for the 3rd season, however she never appeared for unknown reasons.
    • Concept art-work for Ghost of the Mountain released on Ford Riley's Instagram had disclosed Chuluun with a more realistic design for a snow-leopard. It also revealed many other things about the 3rd season's production:[11]
      • The Lion Guard were originally not supposed to age throughout the season, as they are seen still as children in the art-work.
      • Kion was originally not supposed to bear the Mark of Evil from Ushari, indicated by the lacking of one shown in the concept art.
      • Hadithi is shown flying above the Lion Guard when they encounter the red-pandas, indicating that he was originally supposed to accompany them on the journey to the Tree of Life. Presumably, his role in the season was replaced with Anga.
  • This is the only season to not have the title of the episode appear on the main screen, with the exception of Battle for the Pride Lands. Also, the narrator says the episode titles instead of Kion.
  • This season has two intros for both halves of the season.