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Season 2 is the second season of The Lion Guard. It is set in the dry season of the Pride Lands. The opener, Babysitter Bunga, aired on July 7th, and a special, The Rise of Scar, aired on July 29th[1]. The finale, Fire from the Sky, aired on 22nd April 2019.

Not including The Rise of Scar, there are 28 episodes.[2]


On March 4th, 2016, Disney confirmed that a second season was currently in production, though no exact date was available.[3] Voice actor Kevin Schon stated that Season 2 will air in Fall 2017 with an hour long special.[4] In addition to this, he has also stated that season 2 is much darker.[5]

On August 29th, 2016, the first new character of the series was revealed, Dhahabu.[6] The first rough episode synopsis was also revealed this way, regarding a drought in the Pride Lands.[7] Another new character called Kenge was released a bit later.[8]

In December 2016, Justin Hires announced that he will be voicing Hodari, a new character in Season 2.[9]

In February 2017, a spokesperson for toy creators Just Play announced that Scar will be a new villain in season 2.[10]

On March 15th, 2017, it was announced that season 2 will debut in Summer 2017.[11]

On May 10th 2017, it was reported that AJ McLean will be voicing a new character, Kuchimba.[12] However, another article[13] has stated that he is a new character for Season 3. It is currently unknown which article is correct. Kuchimba, the golden mole rat was a Season 2 and not season 3 character.

On May 28th 2017, Disney Junior UK made a Facebook post suggesting that new episodes will be airing in June in the UK.[14] However, this later turned out to be false.

On June 9th 2017, TV guides updated with the first episode, Babysitter Bunga, airing on July 7th 2017.

On June 21st, over ten new characters were revealed, alongside the first image of Scar, as well as explaining his return in the series. In addition to this, it was confirmed that Reirei, Ushari, Jasiri, and Makuu will be returning to the series.[15]

Episode List

The following is a list of episodes featured in Season 2 of The Lion Guard TV series.

# Title Airdate Synopsis
1 "Babysitter Bunga" July 7, 2017 When Muhimu the zebra asks  Bunga to babysit, his unorthodox style soon catches on, and he is put in charge of several more young Pride Landers. [16]
2 "The Savannah Summit" July 7, 2017 While Simba gathers the animal leaders for a Savannah Summit, the Lion Guard learns of a plot against the giraffe’s leader that they’re sure Makuu is behind. [17]
3 "The Traveling Baboon Show" July 14, 2017

The Lion Guard must work together to chase away a baboon comedy troupe that has been distracting the other animals with their antics and stealing their food. [18]

4 "Ono and the Egg" July 21, 2017 Ono begrudgingly becomes the protector of a cuckoo bird’s egg left in his nest and chases off an African harrier hawk who has come to the Pride Lands to hunt for tasty new treats.[19]
5 "The Lion Guard: The Rise of Scar" July 29, 2017 After using the Roar of the Elders in anger, Kion unwittingly summons the Pride Lands’ greatest villain, Scar. [20]
6 "Let Sleeping Crocs Lie" August 11, 2017 After the Lion Guard accidentally wakes a group of hibernating crocodiles who become furious that they now have to suffer through the dry season in the Savanna, Scar seizes the opportunity to wreak havoc in the Pride Lands. [21]
7 "Swept Away " September 15, 2017 When Beshte ends up alone in the Outlands, Scar uses the opportunity to attack the Lion Guard's strongest member.[22]
8 "Rafiki's New Neighbors" September 22, 2017 The Lion Guard decides to help all the animals find a new place to live, after an extremely noisy bachelor herd moves in next door and raises a ruckus.[23]
9 "Rescue in the Outlands" September 29, 2017 The Lion Guard ask Thurston the zebra to help fight a tsetse fly plague, which slows down their efforts to help Jasiri and two hyenacubs in the Outlands.[24]
10 "The Ukumbusho Tradition" October 27, 2017 Makini and the Guard are excited to attend their first Ukumbusho but bees threaten to ruin the important celebration![25]
11 "The Bite of Kenge" November 3, 2017 A ferocious monitor lizard named Kenge bites some of the members of the Lion Guard, temporarily paralyzing them.[26]
12 "Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas" December 8, 2017 The Lion Guard enlist the help of animals throughout the Pride Lands to surprise Timon and Pumbaa with a Christmas celebration. [27]
13 The Morning Report January 8, 2018 When Scar has the hyenas trap and interrogate Zazu, the Guard must rescue him.[28]
14 "The Golden Zebra" January 9, 2018 Facing a water shortage in the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard must appease zebra leader, Dhahabu, to gain access to a new watering hole.[29]
15 The Little Guy January 10, 2018 Beshte befriends Hodari, a tiny gecko who wants to be a crocodile..[30]
16 Divide and Conquer January 11, 2018 The Guard faces two attacks, so Kion enlists the help of Tamaa the Drongo to help them be in two places at once.[31]
17 The Scorpion's Sting" April 2, 2018 The Lion Guard comes face-to-face with Scar for the first time while searching for a cure to a scorpion sting.[32]
18 The Wisdom of Kongwe" April 3, 2018 Fuli and Makini are tasked with escorting one of the Pride Lands’ wisest animals, , a tortoise named Kongwe, to Pride Rock.[33]
19 The Kilio Valley Fire" April 4, 2018 After Scar's minions set fire to the Kilio Valley, the misplaced elephants are forced to the Pride Lands and create chaos amongst the other herds.[34]
20 Undercover Kinyonga" April 5, 2018 A color-changing chameleon named Kinyonga helps the Guard by spying on Scar in the Outlands.[35]
21 "Cave of Secrets" September 4, 2018 The Lion Guard finds a mysterious cave that could contain what they need to defeat Scar, but they must traverse through dangerous hazards to learn its secrets.[36]
22 "The Zebra Mastermind" September 5, 2018 After hearing Thurston boast that he's the brains behind the Lion Guard, the villains of the Outlands capture him to find a way to defeat the Guard.[37]
23 "The Hyena Resistance" September 6, 2018 Jasiri sets up a Hyena Resistance in the Outlands when she learns that Scar has returned.[38]
24 "The Underground Adventure" September 7, 2018 While escaping a fire, Kion, Kiara, Tiifu, Zuri, and Bunga must navigate through a network of underground tunnels and meet an adorable golden mole with a sweet singing voice.[39]
25 "Beshte and the Beast" November 12th 2018 A gorilla warrior named Shujaa comes to help The Lion Guard in the battle against Scar.


"Pride Landers Unite!" January 21st 2019 Kion, is tasked with gathering the Pride Landers to prepare them for their fight against Scar.
27 "The Queen's Visit" Febuary 18th 2019 After being threatened by Scar's attacks, Queen Dhahabu asks Fuli, Tiifu and Zuri to become her permanent personal guards.
28 "The Fall of Mizimu Grove" March 25th 2019 Scar makes an appearance when Timon and Pumbaa decide to put on a show in Mizimu Grove.
29 "Fire from the Sky" April 22 2019 To combat the vultures dropping flame sticks from the sky, the Lion Guard seeks help from Hadithi and a Martial eagle named Anga.

New Characters

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  • With 29 episodes, airing all of them in one year, 21 months, and two weeks, this is the longest season of the show to be aired, having the most episodes.
  • Kevin Schon's Twitter statement implies that The Rise of Scar was originally slated to be the Season 2 premiere before being pushed back 5 episodes.


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