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Kion: Oh. They must be on their way to the Savannah Summit!

Beshte: The Savannah Summit?

Ono: It's when the King brings together key animal leaders to discuss matters of great importance to the Pride Lands.

Kion, Beshte and Ono, The Savannah Summit

The Savannah Summit is an event that occurs in the Pride Lands during the Rainy Season.


The summit is a time where the King of the Pride Lands gathers all the animal leaders together in order to negotiate and discuss matters of great importance ahead of the Dry Season.


The Savannah Summit

Welcome to the Summit

When Simba assembles the key leaders of different animal herds, Makuu's admittance brings forth suspicion from the other animal leaders.

When the summit begins, Makuu tries to reason with Bupu, hoping that he will allow his float to sleep near his herd during the Dry Season. He responds with hostility, but when the Lion Guard arrive, they assume that Makuu is at fault. Disappointed, he leaves.

Throughout the day, the Lion Guard keep an eye out for Makuu, with Mtoto helping them. Suspecting Makuu of attacking Bupu again, Kion pounces on him, only for his father to reveal that they were in the middle of a negotiation. With Makuu angry at the lack of trust he is shown, he leaves, and Kion is left to make amends.

They later discover that Makuu was never the problem - he was the target. They save Makuu from falling in a pit, and come up with a plan to find out the culprit behind the nasty trick.

The summit continues

By pretending that the prank caused Makuu's death, it is revealed that Twiga and Vuruga Vuruga did it out of spite. To their relief, Makuu is not only unharmed, but is amused by the joke, claiming it worthy of a crocodile. He allows the summit to go on and, proving that he is now trustworthy, Bupu and Vuruga Vuruga start to argue over where his float will stay causing Simba to intervene in the dispute.
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