Friends, Allies & Acquaintances


Poa-the-destroyer (92)
Tsah and Sasem are good friends. They are always seen together. They also live together at the Pond


At first, Sasem was scared of Beshte and started calling him "Poa the Destroyer". However, after he saved Pinguino, they all started to like Beshte. 


Sasem and Pinguino are on good terms. Pinguino warns them about Poa the Destroyer.


Sasem and Cek are on good terms. 

The Night Pride

Sasem and the Night Pride are on good terms. He and Pinguino warn Baliyo about Poa the Destroyer. He even comes to Rani's coronation.


Sasem and Janna are on good terms. Sasem was sad when she completed her journey through the Circle of Life.


Sasem and Kion are on good terms. He comes to Kion's coronation in Return to the Pride Lands.

The Rest of the Lion Guard

Sasem and the other members of the Guard are on good terms.
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