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Hadithi will press his talons into wet mud! When it dries, his prints will be preserved forever alongside those of other heroes!

Ono, Ono's Idol

The Royal Mud Print Ceremony is an event that takes place in the Pride Lands.


Whenever an inhabitant of, or visitor to the Pride Lands has performed a deed that is considered memorable, the monarch of the Pride Lands' bestows upon them the honor of imprinting their pawprint, or talon mark into the mud. Once the mud dries, the mark is preserved forever. Also, the honoree is expected to bestow a small amount of wisdom upon a young Pride Lander.


Ono's Idol

The announcement

When Hadithi, the legendary eagle returns to the Pride Lands, he is greeted shortly after his arrival by King Simba and Queen Nala. They are pleased to see him and, after praising him for his bravery and heroic deeds in front of many Pride Landers, Simba announces that he would like to honor him with a Royal Mud Print Ceremony in his honor. Bunga is excited about the event, but soon reveals that he has no idea what it actually is. Ono explains how it works, and that he will press his talons into the wet mud so that when it dries, his prints are preserved forever, alongside other Pride Land heroes. Kion excitedly exclaims that he has seen the prints, but never actually witnessed the event, and Ono states that he doesn't know of anyone who deserves it more.

Simba takes his leave

Simba then explains that, in accordance with tradition, Hadithi is to pass on his wisdom to a younger inhabitant of the Pride Lands. With encouragement from his son, Ono is chosen, much to his surprise. Hadithi is very slightly reluctant, though agrees since it's their tradition. Before Simba leaves, he asks if The Traditional Ceremonial Nest will be supplied for the ceremony. Although Simba admits he has never heard of it, his mate points out that they have never had a bird before. Eventually, the Lion Guard agree to make the nest, and Simba and Nala leave, asking him to be by the clearing near Pride Rock at sunset.

Hadithi falters

When the ceremony begins, Hadithi arrives alone, which concerns Kion and Fuli. Although they all cheer with the other animals, Simba's praise starts to eat away at Hadithi's moral fibres and, just before he presses his talons in the mud, he confesses that there's a bird in trouble. The event is put on hold while Hadithi leads the Lion Guard to Ono.

Ono's Ceremony

Later that night, the ceremony continues. But instead of Hadithi's talons, Ono's talons are pressed into the mud. Hadithi then resumes the ceremony, praising him as a natural hero, that taught him instead of the other way around. He then presents Ono to the Pride Landers as Ono, creator of the Ono Spin.
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