I got ya covered! Literally! I know a shortcut. Through the caves under Rocky Plateau.

Njano, Swept Away

Rocky Plateau is a location in the Outlands.


Rocky Plateau is a steep rock formation, with a crater inside which can be accessed from canyons below. The top is littered with large rocks of various sizes.


Swept Away

Swept-away (300)

Beshte sees the plateau in the distance

When Beshte is swept away into the Outlands, he makes his way back by taking shelter under numerous rock formations. After meeting up with Shupavu's Group, he explains how he can access the Pride Lands by passing through Rocky Plateau, but doing so will burn him. Njano arrives and suggests they use a shortcut that will cover the hippo. He follows them through a cave, unaware that the skinks are working with Scar to destroy him.

When he ends up at a dead end, Janja, Cheezi and Chungu start dropping rocks on him from Rocky Plateau. The Lion Guard arrive and stop the hyenas from squashing Beshte, with Kion using his Roar of the Elders to blast the hyenas away. With the danger over, Bunga leans against a large rock which Fuli had been holding, toppling it over completely. Much to their relief, Beshte arrives, having finally cleared a pathway up to them.


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