Rescue in the Outlands is the thirty-fifth episode of The Lion Guard and the ninth episode of Season 2.[1]


The Lion Guard ask Thurston the zebra to help fight a tsetse fly plague, which slows down their efforts to help Jasiri and two hyena cubs in the Outlands.[2]


Rescue-in-the-outlands (7)

The fly infestation

On a clear day in the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard try to stop a herd of buffaloes from stampeding. But Tsetse Flies pester them continuously, making their efforts difficult. When Ono  mentions that they dislike the water, Kion orders him to find the nearest watering hole. He does so, and they lead them there, forcing Thurston's Herd to move. Shortly after landing in the water, they hear a cry for help from Mbeya, who has become the flies' latest victim. The Lion Guard race off to deal with them.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (69)

Jasiri pushes Janja away

In the Outlands, Janja, Cheezi and Chungu are searching for the jackals, as Scar wishes to speak with them. But Jasiri appears, and quickly marks the area as her turf, something which Janja forgot to do. She allows them to walk through, but Janja chooses to fight her in order to get it back. But even with all three hyenas fighting her, they are unable to better her, and they have no choice but to retreat, with Jasiri sarcastically welcoming them back anytime.

Meanwhile, the Lion Guard have found Mbeya stuck in a ditch, upside down. After Beshte helps him get out, he reveals that he was rolling in the dirt to get the flies off, but instead rolled into the stream bed by accident. The Lion Guard escort Mbeya back to the watering hole, with Bunga snacking on some of the flies along the way.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (195)

Scar orders Janja to get rid of Jasiri

Elsewhere, the defeated and humiliated hyenas return to the Outlands Volcano, where Ushari is not surprised at their failure to find the jackals. He is, however, surprised to hear that Jasiri alone was able to take down all three of them. Overhearing this, Scar appears and considers adding her to the group. But Janja protests, telling him that she's the worst hyena they know, and informing him of her love of the Circle of Life and her friendship with the Lion Guard. With this information, Scar sees her as a threat, and orders Janja to get his entire clan to get her away from the Outlands.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (211)

The flies avoid the zebras

As the Lion Guard reach the watering hole, the flies disappear just as Beshte tells them to leave. It turns out to be a pure coincidence, since the zebras appear looking for a new watering hole now that the buffalo have filled up the other one. Ono remembers that the flies don't like the stripes on zebras for some reason. This gives Kion an idea, and he and the Lion Guard decide to escort the zebras - and Mbeya- to a new watering hole. With the zebras at their side, the flies do not return to them.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (239)

Searching for Madoa

Back in the Outlands, Jasiri sneaks up on Tunu and Wema from behind a rock. She pounces on them, and they continue to laugh happily, with Wema announcing that she found them. Jasiri then takes the pups to find Madoa, who is concealing herself behind some rocks to play. Nearby, Janja watches Jasiri and the cubs play, deciding to get them all. While Cheezi and Chungu approach the cubs from one side, Janja grabs Jasiri's attention the other side. When the rest of Janja's clan arrives, Jasiri braces herself for a fight, when Tunu and Wema call out for her help whilst being pursued by Cheezi and Chungu.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (274)

Janja tackles Jasiri and the cubs

Jasiri fights the other hyenas off, and eventually pushes Cheezi and Chungu away from the cubs. But before she can rest, Janja tackles the trio, and forces them all into an open vent. With Madoa witnessing everything, she can only stand by and view Janja's clan surround the vent, watching as the lava slowly starts to ascend. She knows that there are too many for her clan to fight without Jasiri's guidance, and quickly yet discreetly leaves with the intention of getting the Lion Guard to help.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (317)

Madoa explains

With Mbeya and the zebras settled in a new watering hole, the Guard listen to Thurston as he reveals to them how he gained his stripes. Ono tries to tell him that zebras are born with them, but Thurston is adamant that he wouldn't know since he's not a zebra. Annoyed, Ono leaves and gets caught by the flies again, but he hears and sees Madoa in the Pride Lands. He guides her over, and, after Thurston is calmed, she explains what has happened. The Lion Guard start to leave, but are beleaguered again by the flies. When Thurston catches up to them, Kion has an idea, and asks if he could help them to get there. Despite hearing about the danger, Thurston agrees after Beshte suggests that he could earn another stripe on his backside. Although Thurston starts to lead them the opposite way, he finally starts to follow Madoa.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (366)

Thurston is glad to go home

When in the Outlands, Kion notices the absence of the flies. Ono confirms that they don't like areas without vegetation, and so the Guard thank Thurston for his help, telling him he can go home. They are relieved to hear that Thurston wasn't too keen on tackling the task anyway, and Kion shows him the path home. Once he has left, he suggests that Madoa leave as well, to keep the rest of her clan safe. She thanks the Guard and takes her leave. Ono then gets the vent in sight, but warns them of the hyenas. Just as they bound away, Thurston returns, asking for directions home again. They direct him to the Pride Lands and leave, but Thurston gets confused and follows them again, believing it to be the path home.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (395)

Jasiri shields the cubs

As Jasiri tries to keep the cubs calm despite the rising lava and steam, the Lion Guard make their approach. They are annoyed to see Thurston still with them, who is under the belief that he is home in the Pride Lands. But when Ono calls to them with urgency, the Lion Guard have no choice but to move forward, with Thurston following to see the vent explode.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (438)

The fight begins

The Guard call out to Janja's clan and, after a quick exchange of words, the two groups engage in combat. Thurston arrives, hoping that he didn't miss the vent. Cheezi and Chungu approach him, and Thurston questions why they're in the Pride Lands. The two hyenas become confused at how similar the "Pride Lands" are to the Outlands, and ask Thurston how they can get back to the Outlands.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (512)

Saving Jasiri & the cubs

After dealing with the hyenas, Kion checks up on Jasiri. He notices the rising lava, so Bunga suggests using the Roar of the Elders to blow the lava away. His idea is promptly shut down by Fuli, who reminds him that Jasiri and the cubs will be blown away too. Ono calls for Kion to watch out for a stray hyena, but Beshte knocks him away. Kion notices the slanted rock he had stood on, and orders Beshte to get it while the rest of them fight Janja's clan again.

Beshte knocks the rock down to the ground, and warns Jasiri of the incoming splash. With her shielding the cubs, he pushes the rock into the vent. As the platform rises, Jasiri tells the cubs to get ready. When close enough, the three hop onto the still rising platform.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (534)

All vs Janja

With the hyenas losing the battle again, all but Janja choose to retreat. Janja isn't bothered since Jasiri is still absent, but when she and the cubs arrive, he leaves, warning Jasiri that it isn't over. Seeing their leader fleeing, Cheezi and Chungu join him, asking if they're returning to the Outlands. They go on to say that the zebra told them how to get home, but realize they didn't eat him like they were going to. They invite Thurston to join them for dinner if he's ever in the Outlands, which Thurston is grateful for.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (547)

A worried Jasiri

Jasiri thanks the Lion Guard, but also voices her concerns over Janja. She is certain that it was more than just a turf battle. Kion believes it to be the fault of the Dry Season, since it causes animals to do crazy things. Thurston rejoins the group, claiming that the hyenas are nice, before panicking over Jasiri and the cubs being in the "Pride Lands". Jasiri then decides to take the cubs home, and says farewell. As they leave, the cubs also express their thanks. The Lion Guard make their own way home, with Fuli redirecting Thurston the right way.

Rescue-in-the-outlands (581)

The flies return

Back in the real Pride Lands, Kion and the Guard thank Thurston for his help, praising him for his efforts. But Thurston takes their words the wrong way, and believes that they are inviting him to be a member of the Lion Guard. Before they can correct him, he announces his new status to his herd. They decide not to correct him, since they won't be hanging around with them. But the flies return, prompting all but Bunga to ask the zebras if they can hang out. Bunga comments that they must really miss the zebras, slowly walking over to them whilst snacking on the bugs.



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