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Red colobuses are monkeys that appear in The Lion Guard universe. They live in the Pride Lands.


Red colobuses have red, black and white fur. Their black faces are crowned with long white hair with pink marks on their lips and noses. Their long tails are used for balancing when moving through the trees.


In the Real World 

Zanzibar red colobuses live in small to large troops in the rainforests of Zanzibar. They are omnivores that feed on leaves, fruits and insects. They also eat charcoals to neutralize the toxin of the leaves that they feed on.


Rafiki's New Neighbors

After Furaha gets kicked out of his troop, he tries to form his own group with his two best friends, Chama and Mzaha. But Rafiki suggests that they return home to play their part in the Circle of Life, and thus Furaha leaves with Beshte and Ono. When he is returned, Tumbili and the troop are not happy to see him back, but they agree to let him back regardless.

However, Furaha continues to be a menace to the peaceful troop, causing Tumbili to step in. Angry at not being allowed to play his own way, Furaha decides to leave, with the intention of finding Chama and Mzaha once again.

Notable Red Colobuses in The Lion Guard 


  • Although Tumbili's name literally translates to 'Vervet Monkey', he is in fact a red colobus.
  • Furaha and Tumbili's species, the Zanzibar red colobus, can only be found in the island of Zanzibar instead of the African mainland. But there are some evidence of Zanzibar red colobuses in the African mainland before they became extinct.
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