Animals of the Tree of Life, it is my honor to present to you, Queen Rani!

Makini, Long Live the Queen

Rani's Coronation is a ceremony in which Rani succeeds her late grandmother Janna as the new Queen of the Tree of Life.


Long Live the Queen

After Queen Janna completes her journey through the Circle of Life Rani becomes Queen. At Queen Janna's funeral Kion speaks to Rani about her missing Janna. Rani
Long-Live-the-Queen (610)

Rani's coronation celebration

isn't sure if she wants to become queen. Kion tells her when he first got the Roar of the Elders he wasn't ready to lead the guard. Later during the celebration Fuli, Anga and Nirmala sing a song called "Long Live the Queen (song)." Makini then presents Rani as the new Queen.

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