The Rainy Season (also known as the Wet Season) is a seasonal event that occurs in the world.


During the rainy season, several thunderstorms will occur leading to flash floods and even mudslides.

At the peak of the season, Utamu can be obtained.

King Sokwe will choose whether or not he is to renew the peace treaty he has with King Simba.

The members of Ma Tembo's Herd will perform a sole concert during this season.

The rhinoceroses of the Pride Lands gather together for Tamasha.

At the end of the season, the King of the Pride Lands gathers key leaders of different herds for a Savannah Summit.


The Search for Utamu

Bunga mentions that, with the water rising to the trees at Mapema Rock, Utamu grubs can be found.

Bunga and the King

Ma Tembo performs for the Queen and Princess of the Pride Lands.

The Lost Gorillas

King Sokwe sends out his two sons, Majinuni and Hafifu to tell Simba if he agrees with the renewal of the peace treaty as he does every rainy season. When they forget, the Lion Guard lead them back home, where Sokwe sends a message back to Simba, confirming the renewal.

Tickbirds and Rhinos

Kifaru tries to make it to Tamasha, an event that takes place during the rainy season.

The Savannah Summit

Simba gathers several animal leaders in the Pride Lands to negotiate some things that need to be taken care of ahead of the Dry Season.

Battle for the Pride Lands

When Dry Season is finally over when wet season returns the Lion Guard all grow up.                  

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