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Kick and stomp!

–Raha, The Queen's Visit

Raha is an adult male zebra that resides in the Back Lands. He is the brother of Starehe, and a member of Dhahabu's Herd.


Almost identical to his sister, Starehe, Raha is a medium built zebra, with a black body covered in white stripes. The tip of his ears are black, and his inner ears are pink. He has black eyes and a grey muzzle. A few strands of his mane dangle over his head.


Raha has been shown to be a very energetic and enthusiastic zebra, carefree to the point of naive. It takes a lot for him to become upset, but he is open to forgiving others. Like his sister, Raha is very loyal to his queen Dhababu wishing to follow her everywhere and when she is in danger. He will fight an enemy that poses a threat to her showing his protective side.


The Golden Zebra

Meeting the Lion Guard

Hearing the Lion Guard nearby, Raha and his sister, Starehe, pop up out of a bush to see who's there. Fuli assures them that there's no need to "panic and run", but the pair instead replies that they prefer to "frolic and romp", before doing so around the Lion Guard. Kion tries to stop the zebras from their routine, but only succeeds when using a stern voice. He asks if they know Dhahabu and if they can take them to her. Although their response is 'yes', no other action is taken, until Kion re-words his request to "will" instead of "can". They then excitedly guide them through a bush, telling them to be ready for the "Fabulous Dhahabu".

"Fabulous Dhahabu"

After the introduction, they follow their leader and the Lion Guard to Dhahabu Grove, where they overhear from Kion that the Pride Landers are suffering a drought. When Kion asks if they could possibly share their watering hole, Dhahabu stumbles, prompting Fuli to ask if they really have one. Before she can reply, the two zebra siblings answer for her, claiming it to be the biggest in the Back Lands. Excited at the prospect of meeting the Pride Landers, the two beg her to allow them access. Since she is still hesitant, Kion offers to do something in return. After a quick think, Dhahabu requests a Tamboa Plant, their favorite food, exciting Raha and Starehe. The Lion Guard agrees, and they take their leave.

Dhahabu turns on her herd

Back in Dhahabu Grove, Dhahabu is training her herd on how to perform some moves with their hooves. As she walks away from them, Raha and Starehe call out how much they love her, and she responds in kind. Dhahabu is startled by a giant plant, which turns out to be the Tamboa plant they requested. Raha and Starehe agree that the reason for her startled expression was probably because the plant was moving, with Beshte carrying it underneath. Having done their part, Kion asks if they can see the watering hole, and the zebra siblings happily volunteer. But Dhahabu refuses to let them do so, and suddenly states that the deal is off. When the pair questions her actions, she also denies them access, as well as the rest of her herd. Kion sends Ono to check on the watering hole, and the egret reveals that it's empty. Raha and Starehe ask why she didn't tell them before, mentioning that it makes them unhappy. With the whole herd feeling betrayed, they abandon Dhahabu.

Later, when Dhahabu and the Lion Guard manage to get the water flowing again for the watering hole, Raha and Starehe have cheered up, and return to their usual antics of frolic and run, whilst also enjoying the company of the Pride Landers.

The Queen's Visit 

He and rest of the herd come into the Pride Lands and meets King Simba the rest of the 

"Prance with me"

Pridelanders. Dhahabu tells her herd to frolic and romp while she goes on a tour with the Lion Guard, KiaraTiifu, and Zuri. Raha and his sister are not happy being away

"Kick and Stomp"

from their queen. They find the Lion Guard and tells them that they need Dhahabu back. Ono goes to look for them and sees Dhahabu, Fuli, Tiifu, and Zuri being scared by the jackals. The two zebras spring into action to save their friend however she doesn't see it. She only sees the Lion Guard and asks for Fuli, Tiifu, and Zuri to be her guards forever. It

Dhahabu's new guards

makes the zebras more upset until the jackals come back again. They attack the jackals and become the new bodyguards for Dhahabu. 




  • Raha was announced ahead of time.[1]
  • His name means fun in Swahili.


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