Rafiki's New Neighbors is the thirty-fourth episode of The Lion Guard, and the eighth episode of Season 2.[1]


The Lion Guard decides to help all the animals find a new place to live, after an extremely noisy bachelor herd moves in next door and raises a ruckus.[2] Jacob Bertrand, Cade Sutton and Mekai Curtis guest stars as Chama the elephant, Mzaha the sable antelope and Furaha the Zanzibar red colobus, respectively.


Rafikis-new-neighbors (9)

The Guard try to put out the flames

When a raging fire threatening to burn the Pride Lands sweeps across the dry plains, the Lion Guard are quick to deal with it. Kion orders Fuli, Bunga, and Beshte to keep digging while Ono keeps an eye on Thurston's Herd from above. They focus on getting the fire to die down first, but when the flames start to grow, Kion commands Beshte to create a new trench while they surround the flames (staying back at the same time). After Beshte narrowly avoids the flames himself, the fires settle around the trench. Ono confirms that there's enough grass leftover, but the zebras are still stampeding, so the Lion Guard leave to calm them down. 

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The new neighbors

Meanwhile, in Rafiki's Tree, Rafiki is teaching Makini how to paint. After hushing his apprentice, he listens to the Great Lions of the Past to hear what they want him to paint. He paints a portrait of princess Kiara and hands the bowl to Makini. After listening for a while, she starts to paint but a commotion causes her to drop the bowl onto the tree instead. Rafiki drops down to investigate and discovers an elephant named Chama, a monkey named Furaha and a sable antelope named Mzaha messing around. After introducing themselves, they tell Rafiki that they're moving in downstairs, but Rafiki insists they leave. Makini, noticing how friendly they are, persuades her mentor to let them stay, provided they stay quiet enough for Makini to practice. After revealing to her that she will be painting for the royal family, the group agree to be quiet, but not before Chama belches as they leave. He apologizes, and the trio burst out laughing.

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Speaking with the herd

As the Lion Guard calm the herd down, Kion asks Thurston what he saw. Given his analysis, Ono comes to the conclusion that what they saw was dry lightning. Kion tells them that they can return to grazing, but when the herd starts to move in the wrong direction, Kion suggests that Ono guide the herd back to their grazing grounds. Once they have left, they discover Rafiki in a tree nearby, meditating. When they ask why he's there, he explains that Makini is still training, but he needed to escape the noise from the new neighbors. When Beshte wonders why they aren't in their herds, and Rafiki admits that they don't stop talking long enough for him to ask. The Guard agree to see what they can do.

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The trio know they must return home

When they arrive, they see Makini, Chama, and Mzaha cheering Furaha as he beats his bug eating record. Bunga gets excited and races over to show them his own skills in the field, and Fuli comments that he has three Bungas. When Rafiki approaches Makini, she tells him she needed a break for inspiration, before quickly crawling back up the tree. Beshte approaches and greets the three animals, asking why they aren't with their herds. Chama states that they were kicked out, belching along with Mzaha and Furaha (followed by Bunga who wanted to join in). The Guard offered to take them home and Rafiki insists, telling them that it's their part in the Circle of Life, which prompts them to return. After Ono lands, the Guard are given an animal to return home. The three friends chant their names together in sorrow before leaving.

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Leaving Furaha

Beshte and Ono take Furaha home, assuring him that his troop probably misses him, though the monkey wonders if they'll be happier than when they saw him leave. Ono calls out that he can see his troop, and Furaha runs on ahead. His leader, Tumbili, is less than impressed to see his return, and his cousins are no happier. When Beshte and Ono arrive, Tumbili tries to explain the monkey way to him, but he is unable to let Beshte down. He thanks him for bringing Furaha back with a sigh. Beshte and Ono make their leave, unaware that Furaha is already agitating his fellow troop members.

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Fuli tries to reason with Bupu

Fuli takes Mzaha home and speaks with Bupu, who is adamant that he doesn't want him back, and that they sent him away for a good reason. While Fuli agrees that he's a little different, she also mentions that he should be with his family. When Bupu still refuses, she adds please to her words, and Bupu finally gives in. He calls to Mzaha that he's back with the herd, and the youngster reacts with joy. Fuli thanks Bupu, before quickly rushing away. After she leaves, Mzaha tries to play tag with a few herd members, including Boboka, by charging into them.

Rafikis-new-neighbors (217)

Kion sees why Ma Tembo is hesitant to take Chama back

Kion and Bunga take Chama home, with Kion speaking with Ma Tembo about letting him back into the herd. She explains that he was kicked out because he was being a disruption to the herd while watching Chama and Bunga mess around nearby. After Chama inhales some sand in his trunk, Kion asks her to give him one more chance and she does so, but only because it is he who is asking it of her. She informs Chama that he is welcome back to her herd if he promises to behave himself as part of the herd, but it is his last chance. He agrees, and Kion and Bunga take their leave. As they head off, Bunga belches, causing Chama to burst out laughing and disperse the sand he had stored in his trunk all over Ma Tembo. Kion suggests just one more chance while goes to the ground laughing.

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Furaha annoys his troop

The Guard regroup, but Ono soon notices more dry lightning in the distance. Ono suggests they check the watering holes first since it isn't safe to be near water during a storm. The Lion Guard race away.

Meanwhile, Furaha continues to agitate his troop members with his game. Tumbili moves in to stop him from playing, and Furaha realizes that he needs to be with Mzaha and Chama. He waves goodbye and leaves.

Elsewhere, Mzaha also disrupts his herd by trying to play tag while they're grazing. Bupu scolds the youngster, prompting him to leave the herd of his own accord.

Rafikis-new-neighbors (286)

Three of a Kind

Mzaha meets up with Furaha, and the two speak of how they left. They find Chama feasting on some tree leaves, and discover that he too was unable to fit in. They decide that they need to stick together and utter their chant. After, the Three of a Kind friends starts running across the Pride Lands, playing together and performing pranks on several unsuspecting Pride Landers along the way. They then make the decision to return to Rafiki's Tree.

Rafikis-new-neighbors (340)

"That's so sad..."

As Makini starts to paint, her bowl is knocked out of her hands by a familiar commotion. With Rafiki startled, he peers down to see the three animals have returned, discussing their new living quarters. They tell Rafiki that they just don't belong in their herds, which Makini states is 'sad' with a mild upset in her voice. However, Rafiki orders them to find their own home, and the disappointed group eventually leave.

In an enclosed watering hole, Zito and two hippos enjoy a drink of water. Fuli warns them away due to the storm, and the rest of the Guard arrive to lead them to safety after explaining how dry lightning works.

Rafikis-new-neighbors (380)

"There's not enough water!"

But before they can leave, a lightning strike sets fire to the surrounding plains. Kion asks if Zito can spray them a path out, but after he tries, he states that there's not enough water.

Over at Rafiki's tree, a few small flames drift over and start a fire outside. Makini finishes her painting, but before Rafiki shares his opinion, he smells the smoke. Ono notices that Rafiki's Tree is in danger, but is unable to see if either are okay due to the smoke. Kion calls to Beshte with urgency, stating that he needs to move a rock.

Rafikis-new-neighbors (431)

Saving the mandrills

As the two mandrills call out for help, Chama, Mzaha, and Furaha return to help out. Chama starts by inhaling dirt and sprays it along the path leading to the tree. Mzaha then uses his short horns to create a trench leading there while Furaha keeps digging more for the trench. After calling to them, Rafiki lands on Chama and Makini lands on Mzaha, dropping her Bakora Staff. Rafiki refuses her to go back for it since another staff can be found, but she is unique. After the mandrills express their gratitude away from the fire, the three animals return to save the tree.

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Destroying the fire

With Beshte pushing a rock over the blaze, the animals quickly move out and, after Kion's order, get behind him. He uses the Roar of the Elders to push the fire away. After receiving the animals' thanks, they race over to Rafiki's tree, where they find Chama, Mzaha, and Furaha working to stop the fire. After checking that the mandrills are okay, the Lion Guard join in, stopping the fire.

Rafikis-new-neighbors (536)

Makini's painting

After the fire has been put out, Rafiki offers his three saviors the opportunity to live next to his tree, if they can be a bit quieter. But the animals kindly decline, since they have found a tree near Big Springs where they can be as loud as they want. Mzaha comments that's perfect for their family, piquing Beshte's interest. They reveal that they consider each other to be their family, and perform their chant. Rafiki insists that they at least be his guest at the ceremony, and they accept. Makini, however, worries a little.

At Pride Rock, Simba makes an announcement about Makini's duties. After listening to the Lions of the Past, she paints an image of Simba, Nala, Kiara and Kion, which amazes the surrounding animals.



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