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Life in the Pride Lands; peaceful and so grand. Living is easy, just you believe me.

Beshte, The Imaginary Okapi

The Pride Lands is a territory. It is home to a large variety of animals, most notably the lion pride. Its inhabitants are known as Pride Landers.

The Pride Lands have always been ruled from one Lion King to the next with Pride Rock as the center core of the land. This kingdom extends for miles, as everything the light touches is their kingdom, with one exception being the Outlands and the Elephant Graveyard.


List of Species




The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar

At Pride Rock, Simba is teaching his daughter Kiara about her role as the future queen of the Pride Lands. Simba's rambunctious son, Kion, interrupts the lesson as his Baobabs fruit bounces onto his father's head. He soon explains that he and his best friend, Bunga, were playing Baobab Ball, and starts to play


again. The two friends run through the Pride lands and play together. After Kion saves Bunga from a Janja's Clan of hyenas, he finds his roar.

They ask King Simba and Rafiki what was going on with his roar. Rafiki says it's the Roar of the Elders when Kion uses it the great lions of the past roar with him. They go to The Lair of the Lion Guard and Simba explains to his son that his great uncle Scar was also gifted with the Roar of the Elders and that he lost it by using it for evil and destroying his Guard. He then informs Kion that he is the new leader of the that he must assemble the Pride Lands' fiercest, bravest, strongest, fastest and keenest of sight. Kion and Bunga get excited and leave, with Kion promising to do his new job. Later at Hakuna Matata Falls Zuri as her claw stuck in a log, with Tiifu and Kiara nearby. Timon and Pumbaa soon arrive on the scene to help her get her claw loose by using a branch to push it out.

Zuri's paw is freed, (albeit with a broken claw), and Bunga arrives on the scene. Timon and Pumbaa, in their joy, to see him, push Zuri off the log. She lands in a broken log on the ground, revealing many insects much to the delight of Timon & Pumbaa. Kion arrives to see the mess, and Kiara reveals that they never even got to the gazelles because of Zuri's accident. Bunga soon reveals the big news of Kion's new leadership. Kiara asks what a Lion Guard is, and Kion explains, with Bunga adding that he is also part of the new Guard. Wh

Zuka Zama

en Timon and Pumbaa hear this, they show their concern (the work and danger involved respectively), and Bunga tries to explain that it's more Zuka Zama than it is Hakuna Matata. Tiifu questions what Zuka Zama is, Lion Guard, and Bunga explains. By the time his explanation is finished, Timon and Pumbaa come to accept Bunga's new duty (mainly because Timon learns that Bunga is now considered the bravest animal in the Pride Lands).

Pumbaa, in his excitement, passes wind, and everyone decides that it's time to go. Kion has assembled a group of animals that he believes best fit the criteria for being members of the Lion Guard. He and Bunga first stop Ono the egret as he attempts to score some lunch, claiming him as the keenest of sight. They then locate Beshte the Hippopotamus, who is getting his friends a water slide by moving a large rock, as the strongest. Lastly, they track down Fuli the Cheetah as she scarpers away from some Baboons after accidentally offending them.

After Beshte blocks them from chasing her, she apologizes, and one of them, Big Baboon, accepts. Kion sees her as the fastest. Kion thanks everyone for meeting with him, and explains the reason he's brought them all together. Fuli is annoyed at first

the team

by the name since lions seem to 'lord over all the other animals' and wishes to see the fiercest member, which leads Bunga to persuade Kion to show her the roar. Kion is hesitant, as he does not wish to abuse his power like Scar. However, when he attempts to roar just for this occasion, all he can manage is a tiny squeak. Zazu then calls Simba over, having found Kion. Simba then arrives and sends Kiara and Tiifu off to track the gazelles as scheduled, so that he can talk to Kion himself. After seeing the new Guard, Simba is appalled that his son has chosen a group of his friends to be on the new Guard, as opposed to choosing lions. Despite Kion trying to explain to his father about the reason for his decisions, Simba goes on to inform his son that the Lion Guard has always been made of lions.

He asks his son to reconsider since there are plenty of lions from him to choose from, criticizing Kion for not taking his new leadership as seriously as his sister takes hers. Meanwhile, Kiara and Tiifu arrive at the gazelles' grounds. Although Tiifu assumes that they would be attacking them, Kiara explains to her that they would be no better than the hyenas if they attacked for no reason. They soon see Mzingo and become suspicious, and their suspicions are raised when the hyenas appear. Worried about what they're up to, Kiara sends Tiifu back to get her father while she spies from afar.

TLG-Return-of-the-Roar (1279).png
Kion, needing to be alone, wanders around the Pride Lands and during Kion's Lament he laments over his problem, losing faith that he was the right choice for the leader of the Lion Guard. A voice calls him from the clouds, and Kion peers up to see his grandfather Mufasa there.

Kion expresses his concerns to the great King of the Past, believing that he is not ready for the responsibility yet, as well as his fear of turning out like Scar. Mufasa tells Kion to trust his instincts and promises to always be there for him, before slowly vanishing back into the clouds. Kion, with renewed faith, realizes that it is time. In doing so, the Mark of the Lion Guard appears once more on his shoulder. Just then, Bunga calls Kion and tells him that the hyenas are attacking the herd of gazelles. Kion and Bunga then rush off to find the rest of the Lion Guard. Ono, Fuli, and Beshte watch on, as Ono explains that Mzingo is telling the hyenas which one to attack next. They soon realize that the hyenas, having already killed two gazelles, are hunting for sport.

Kion soon arrives, having heard their words, and tells them that he doesn't care if they're not all lions and that this was the Lion Guard for him. Although Bunga is quick to leap in, he is stopped by Kion, who has a plan. The lion then goes against his father's wishes and places his paw on each of his friend's shoulders, to give them the Mark of th

TLG-Return-of-the-Roar (1400).png
e Lion Guard. Together, they rush into action. The Guard quietly make their way down to the gazelle's grazing grounds, before launching a surprise attack with Kion at the front of the group. With Ono taking care of Mzingo, the rest of the group focus on the hyenas. The hyenas soon start to make a desperate retreat. Simba, Nala, Tiifu, and Rafiki arrive just in time to see the new Lion Guard chase the hyenas away. Although they assume that their work is done, it turns out that his sister Kiara is still in danger.

Tiifu points out that the herd is charging right for Kiara, who is hiding behind a rock. She slips and wounds her paw, leaving everyone concerned. Bunga has an idea and asks Fuli to get him close. Ono then scouts ahead, and, when close enough, Bunga leaps onto the rock protecting Kiara. He turns around and lets loose a large fart, which causes the gazelles to part ways. Kiara thanks Bunga, and returns to her parents. With Kiara safe, the Lion Guard app

The new Guard

roaches Janja's clan. As Janja taunts Kion, the lion cub makes it clear that the Lion Guard is there to defend the Pride Lands. He lets out the Roar of the Elders, and the hyenas scramble back to the Outlands. After witnessing the whole event, Rafiki assures Simba that he is ready. As Kion and his Guard rush back to Pride Rock, Simba is happy to accept the new Lion Guard, acknowledging that it is now their time.

Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots

Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu are out chasing oryxes until the Lion guard comes to stop them. Kion tells his friends to calm the herd down, whilst he tackles the hyenas personally. He chases them back to the Outlands across a log. However, whilst standing on the same log, it breaks, and Kion falls downstream.

Fuli soon realizes that Kion's is taking a long time, and asks Ono to check out what's taking him so long. He soon sees Kion in trouble, holding onto the log of the tree that snapped off with him, heading downstream. Ono quickly alerts the rest of the Lion

washed away

Guard, and they run down to find Kion holding on for dear life. Bunga desperate to save his friend leaps in, but Beshte soon jumps in to take him back to land as the current proves to be too strong. Fuli orders Ono to go ahead and check on Kion, who struggles against the current himself and loses his log. He eventually manages to paddle to safety and onto land, just as his friends catch up on the other side. Kion confirms that he's okay. Ono lands beside him and voices his concern, as Kion has landed in the Outlands. Kion knows that but also knows how to get back. With no choice thanks to the fast current, he tells everyone to meet him at Flat Ridge Rock. Bunga tells everyone that he knows where that is, and leads Fuli and Beshte off. Kion tells Ono to go with them, just in case Bunga doesn't really know the way. Once the egret has left, Kion starts to climb the rocks behind him, as a figure watches from the shadows. Bunga


then starts to lead the group through a forest, though Fuli doubts that he knows the way. After taking the team through a series of dead ends, Bunga almost disturbs Ushari, who asks him if he's going somewhere. The Honey Badgers quickly alters his route and winds up at another dead end. Beshte comments that it was a shame that Kion wasn't there to lead them. When Ono questions Bunga on their whereabouts, Fuli's suspicions are then confirmed when Bunga finally admits that they're lost. Meanwhile, Ono has led Bunga, Beshte, and Fuli out of the forest, near a herd of Zebras. They soon realize that none of them know where to go, much to Fuli's chagrin. As the group talk amongst themselves, Thurston approaches them and asks what the problem is. They explain that they're looking for Flat Ridge Rock, and the zebra asks where it is

speaking to Thurston

specifically. They point out that they don't know, which is why they were asking, and Thurston informs them that he has no idea where it is, and instead, asks where he was going. Ono tells him back to his herd, and Thurston thanks Ono before leaving. Beshte suggests that maybe Mbeya knows where to find Flat Ridge Rock, and Fuli asks if Beshte knows where to find him.

He tells them that usually at this time of the day, he is hanging out at the Watering Hole, and Fuli asks Ono to guide them there. Beshte has located Mbeya, and the two are talking in the Watering Hole. Fuli questions what's taking so long and Bunga mentions that Beshte loves to talk. Ono flies over to remind Beshte that Kion needs them, and says goodbye to Mbeya.

Fuli asks Beshte what he said, though Beshte starts to tell them all about the conversation he had. Fuli asks questions, though Beshte mistakes them for questions on the conversation until she finally asks him about the directions. Beshte admits that he forgot, and runs back to ask. Bunga, Fuli, Beshte, and Ono are wading through a river, with Bunga snacking on the surrounding flies. As they reach the end, Ono notices the rock which appears to be Flat Ridge Rock. Fuli says that she'll lead, and dashes off, leaving the others behind. Fuli awaits her friends at Flat Ridge Rock, though the other members are exhausted, having had to run to catch up with her. Bunga then realizes where they are, and claims t

running home

hat he himself has actually been there. He then says that he also knew a shortcut, which annoys his friends. Later Fuli, Bunga, Beshte, and Ono meet Jasiri a friendly hyena who helped Kion get through the Outlands. The hyena and lion say goodbye and the guard goes back to the Pride Lands.

The Rise of Makuu

After the lion guard saves a hyrax in Ukuni Woods they all go to Big Springs to get Bunga cleaned up. However, the fishes in the lake swim away from him. Then Pua arrives to eat the fish Basi claims that there aren't enough in the lake when Makuu hears about this he gets angry and calls for a Mashindano which is a fight to see who the new crocodile leader is. When Makuu wins the Mashindano he and his float go and take over the Big Springs. The guard gets them by using Kion's roar and everything is back to normal.

Bunga the Wise

While cleaning up from the rainstorm the guard sees that Lake Kiziwa is too full, causing a leak which is getting worse. Kion realizes that they need to do something, and Bunga has the idea of blocking the water with rocks. Thurstan and Shingo come over to compliment Bunga on his idea. When Rafiki hears about this he mentions that honey

Bunga the wise

badgers are the smartest animals. Bunga goes and tell's Timon and Pumbaa soon a whole bunch of animals are at Hakuna Matata Falls to get advice from Bunga. Later Bunga's advice has caused more damage for the guard to handle. Kion and the guard tell Bunga to stop but everyone claims that they love his advice. As they're talking, the temporary dam bursts and the animals run. Kion tells the Lion Guard to follow him, as he rushes to save some nearby animals. Although Timon and P


umbaa want Bunga to run, he remembers his responsibilities and instead follows them. Kion uses the roar to save the buffaloes and zebras. Later the guard is relaxing and Bunga realizes that he's not the smartest animal but he says that he can live with that.

Can't Wait to be Queen

Simba leaves Kiara in charge of the Pride lands while he goes to a funeral for his good friend Aminifu who has passed away. When Mzingo the Vultures hears about this he goes and tells Janja. Janja than soon has a plan to get rid of Kiara and have the Pride lands all to himself.

Eye of the Beholder

Ono hurts his eye while fighting the hyenas. While hearing about this from the vultures Janja has a plan to trap the Lion Guard so they will be Outta the Way. Ono soon starts to feel better and goes to help his friends save the Zebras. While all of this is going on Rafiki is in the Liar of the Lion guard trying to paint the new Lion Guard but he can't get it right.

The Kupatana Celebration

Kion invites a pack of Jackals into the Pride lands while everyone is getting ready for Kupatana which is a big celebration where all of the animals gather in the Mizimu grove to watch baobab fruit blossom grow.

Fuli's New Family

When the guard notices that Fuli spends most of the time by herself they ask her to join them with their family activities. Fuli tries to have dinner with Timon, Pumbaa, and Bunga. Goes on a bug hunt with O

Group hug

no and then takes a swim with Beshte. She even goes hunting with Kion's family but it doesn't go so well. Fuli then runs through the Pride lands singing through My Own Way that the rest of the guard can't see that she's happy being alone. Later after saving Fuli and Bunga from hyenas, the guard gives a big group hug.

The Search for Utamu

When Fuli the cheetah is going fast and leaving the guard behind Kion asks her to rest. Meanwhile, the guard is helping Bunga find Utamu grubs. Bunga even explains the story of how he met Timon and Pumbaa.

Follow That Hippo!

When the Pride Landers are grazing, a young elephant cries out, warning everyone of a hyena attack. The animals scatter in fear. Soon, a young ostrich and a young baboon reveal themselves to the Guard, begging not to be hurt. They explain that they were just 'playing' Lion Guard and that it was their turn to be the bad guys. They further

meeting Beshte

explain that it was Mtoto's idea, and the baboon gestures towards a baby elephant nearby. The Guard approaches the elephant and his young zebra and mongoose friend. The real Lion guard explains to the kids that they shouldn't be hyenas because it might scare the animals. As Mtoto walks over to his hero Beshte the Hippo. Mtoto than goes to train with the guard but he messes up. Mtoto expresses his disappointment. Beshte hopes that by telling him to find the "Hero Inside", Mtoto will someday be a real member of the Guard.

"hero inside"

As they reach his friends, Beshte leaves. Mtoto's friends are amazed to hear that Mtoto has been training with the Guard and, despite assuming that he would no longer want to play pretend Lion Guard with them, he does. They begin to play and chaise hyrax until the hyenas overhear them and start chasing them. When Beshte hears that Mtoto is in danger he rushes over to save his new friend.

The Call of the Drongo

When a drongo bird named Tamaa mimics other animals the guard says that he has to stop stealing their food because it ruins the Circle of Life. Tamaa soon gets captured by the hyenas and Janja asks him to mimic Kion and get the Impalas to go to the Outlands.

Paintings and Predictions

After using Rafiki's staff Bunga and Besthe think that the paintings predict the future. Meanwhile, Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu love how the zebras Panic and Run as they chaise them. While saving the zebras the guard tries to make sure that Kion doesn't fall from any trees. Later Rafiki explains that Bunga had been watching the zebra clip backward. Bunga questions the painting of Kion, though Rafiki further explains that the painting is not of Kion, but of Nala's Father when he was a cub and he was saved from the Lion guard of his day.

The Mbali Fields Migration

When a herd of gazelles and a herd of zebras start to fight the guard wonders what's going on. They hear that there isn't enough grass for all of them to share. Simba suggests that Kion takes the herds to Mbali Fields where there is plenty of grass for them to share. As they start their journey the song the Trail to Hope begins. When the herd sees the

With Bunga

grass Muhimu starts running for it which causes a large pile of rocks plummets into the canyon, blocking the path to Mbali Fields. The rocks keep falling though, and almost hit Muhimu. Bunga leaps onto her just in time to rescue her from being hit by more rocks, and she is surprised that Bunga managed to rescue her. The guard must find another way around which is through the Outlands. Soon they made it to Mbail Fileds and they even added a baby Muhimu's son Hamu.

Bunga and the King

When the royal family gets going to the first elephant concert of the season Simba falls into a sinkhole. The Guard comes to rescue him but Bunga falls as well. Ono looks to see if there is a way out but he didn't see anything. Bunga tries to climb the wall but it makes the rocks fall. Soon Kion comes up with an idea on how his father and Bunga can climb

"It's our problem-free philosophy!"

the tree but the tree falls and opens up a tunnel. While in the tunnels the two start singing Hakuna Matata and realizes that they were both raised by Timon and Pumbaa. Soon the guard finds them and they go to the elephant's concert.

The Imaginary Okapi

the new pridelander

Beshte befriends with a shy okapi named Ajabu and explains that Pride Lands is good. When the guard soon finds Beshte they think he has an imaginary friend. The guard also finds out that a leopard named Makucha is chasing Beshte's new friend so they go to help him.

Too Many Termites

At night the guard is rushing and hears Muhangus and Muhanga, are shouting that they saw hyenas in their dens. Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blast the figures into the Outlands. The next day the guard is in their liar and they are wondering why there is so many termites in the Pride lands. Simba claims that they should talk to the aardwolves. Kion soon realizes that he used the roar on them instead of the hyenas and the guard goes to find them.

The Trouble With Galagos

When a leopard named Badili comes into the Pride lands and takes over the Galagos' tree the guard walks him home. Soon finds out that a bad leopard Mapigano is taken over his territory. The guard soon teaches him how to stand up for himself.

Janja's New Crew

Janja fires Cheezi and Chungu and replaces them with Nne and Tano. Nne and Tano come up with a plan that they are going to frightening away some antelopes one way and, whilst

helping the circle of life

the Guard are busy dealing with them. They'll be feasting on some oryxes the opposite way. Meanwhile, the guard is taking care of the mud damage throughout the Pride lands.


Mzingo's Parliament is chasing a Baby Baboon the guard comes to save it. While Tiifu and Zuri are getting Kiara ready for The Royal Buffalo Wallow. Soon the three young lionesses are stuck on an island. The guard goes to help them while Fuli takes the baby baboon home.

Beware the Zimwi

Rafiki tells a tale that a scary creature called The Zimwi is in the Pride lands. The little ones get scared but Kion and the guard are going to go after the Zimwi. The next day Beshte auditions for The Bellow Fellows.

Lions of the Outlands

Jasiri goes up to Kion and Bunga and asks for Kion's help while the two friends are playing Baobab Ball. Jasiri says that there are some lions in the Outlands. In the Liar of the Lion Guard, Fuli and Ono are racing. Rafiki tells the story of how Zira and her family were banished.

Never Roar Again

Kion uses the roar in anger while saving Nala his mom. Makuu overhears that he's too scared to use his roar and his float takes over the flood plains. Meanwhile, Ono's feather

Makku's float surrounds Nala

has fallen out and Bunga tries to help him and explains that Ono just has to Stand Up, Stand Out. After guidance from Mufasa and assurance from Nala, Kion finds a new way to use the roar.

The Lost Gorillas

Two Gorillas brothers named Majinuni and Hafifu go into the Pride lan

The-lost-gorillas (112).png
ds to find King Zimba and give him a message from their father.

The Trail to Udugu

Kion, Kiara and Nala go on find Udugu while Simba is in charge of the Lion

Pinned Ya!

guard. Ono starts to worry about this but Bunga claims that he knows Simba really well and starts to explain that it will be fun to be Running with the King. When he finishes singing the guard goes on Morning Patrol. Meanwhile, Nala, Kiara, and Kion are on their trail but the two cubs keep on competing with each other. Elsewhere, the Lion Guard have started on their Patrol. When they come to a fork in the road, Simba starts to proceed up the left path, but Ono stops him. With the egret in a flutter, Fuli explains how Kion normally takes the other path. Simba darkly reminds them that Kion isn't there, and the Guard quickly follows Simba down his chosen path. As Nala, Kion, and Kiara walk through a canyon, Kion asks his mother where Udugu is. She replies that it's hard to find, and Kiara taunts her brother by saying that she'll find it first. The two cubs start chasing one another and run off ahead, unable to hear their mother calling them back in time before they end up hanging over a cliff. Nala arrives and places her children back on safe ground, and the pair thank their mother. With disappointment, she tells them that that is not the way to find Udugu, and the cubs exchange a confused

Kiara slaps her brother


Back with the Lion Guard, Ono notices an impending mudslide near the Ostriches' nest, and that the eggs will slide off the cliffs if they are not saved. He attempts to inform Simba, who finishes his sentences before he has a chance to. Simba explains that he will move the nearby log so that it will divert the mud away from the nest. Beshte has trouble jumping He slides down and catches the other Guard members on the way, whilst Simba pushes the log into the mudslide. His plan works, albeit briefly, as the rest of the Guard slam into the tree trunk, pushing it away.

Simba notices the log moving towards the eggs and, whilst Fuli offers to grab the eggs, she falls down. Ono realizes that the mud is too heavy for that, but Beshte is strong enough to break free and secures the log. However, the log was protecting the eggs from

The eggs are saved

the mud. With the eggs being carried away by the mud, Bunga quickly rescues one egg, Beshte grabs two with his mouth and Ono and Fuli save one each. Ono cries out that they missed one, which Simba grabs himself. Mbuni and the ostriches are honored to have their egg saved by the king himself and bow down to him. Simba turns to the muddy Lion Guard and exclaims that the mission was a success, earning him a half-hearted agreement from the Guard. Meanwhile, Nala has led her children to a thorn bush. Kion questions if it's really the way, and Kiara tells her mother that she can probably find an easier path if she tells her where it is. Nala assures her children that there is no easy path to Udugu, but there is a way to get past the thorns. She lifts up one of the thorn branches, and her children hurry inside. Kion is certain that he can get past the thorns by crawling under them. He tries to do so,


but ends up getting pricked by them instead. Nala tells him that his way wasn't correct, and Kiara, noticing a tree in the center, believes that leaping across the area is the way forward. Soon Nala leaves and the cubs start to worry. Elsewhere, Simba is thrilled with the work he and his team have done, and can't wait to see what happens next. As he leaves, Fuli, Beshte, and Bunga talk among themselves on how Simba really didn't utilize their team skills, since everything they did was done together. Beshte wonders if it's his fault for losing the eggs, but Fuli reminds him that it isn't his fault that he can't leap like a lion. They decide to continue doing things Simba's way. Just then, Ono arrives and is about to explain how the Gazelles need their help, but he once again finishes before him. The Guard follows Simba to the scene. Kiara and Kion are trying to find Nala and they suggest that they work together. Simba and the guard catch up to Swala and the gazelles are in trouble as they are heading towards the eggs. Simba tries to save them but gets a rock

"Till the Pride Lands end..."

stuck on his tail.

The guard saves him and the gazelles. Back at Pride Rock, Nala, Kion, and Kiara return from their trip. Simba asks his children if they found Udugu. They explain that they did, but it isn't really a place - it's about them working together. Simba admits that the Lion Guard also helped him find Udugu as well. He tells them that the lesson is very important for them and leads them to the edge of Pride Rock. He goes on to say that, as the queen of the Pride Lands and leader of the Lion Guard, they will be responsible for all of the Pride Lands. As the royal family gazes out at the Pride Lands, Nala urges them to hold onto what they learned that day, and they will always have Udugu.

Ono's Idol

Young Rhino and Shauku are searching for Mtoto when they notice that a lot of birds are coming. Young Rhino worries that they could be vultures, which worries Mtoto as well. The Lion Guard soon approaches and becomes curious about the birds themselves. They follow them to a large clearing, where they appear to be waiting for

Hadithi the hero

something. Ono excitedly reveals that Hadithi, the legendary eagle, is returning to the Pride Lands. When Hadithi arrives Bunga starts to talk to him which gets Ono worried. Ono tells Hadifi that he is his biggest fan but Hadifi shows Ono how he has lots of fans who refer to him as Hadithi the Hero. Soon Simba and Nala come by and asks the hero to give him a Royal Mud Print Ceremony. Hadithi expects it and, he asks if The Traditional Ceremonial Nest will be supplied. The guard goes to the tallest tree and gets the leaves. Meanwhile Ono tries to do the Hadifi spin when he falls Hadifi starts to leave to go to his ceremony. Ono notices that hyenas are after a whole bunch of klipspringers. At the ceremony, Kion wonders where Ono is Hadifi says he is still trying to the spin right. As Simba finishes his speech and asks Hadithi to plan his talons in the mud for them to be preserved. As Hadithi tries

Ono's ceremony

to speak his catchphrase once more, he finds himself unable to place a talon in the mud. He withdraws himself, claiming that there is another bird who is much more of a hero than he. Kion knows right away that it's Ono, and Hadithi asks the Guard to follow him. They save the klipspringers and Ono has his own ceremony.

Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

Basi and Beshte are in the Flood Plains, walking through the reeds it's their job as a hippo. While saving a young Rhino from Makuu the rhino scratches Basi and Beshte takes over the job. Ono explains how there are Sable Antelopes whose

making the hippo lanes

grazing ground will be underwater when the next rainstorm comes. Basi suggests that they should come to his hill where he is. Beshte is still doing his job with Laini, Female Wagtail, Young Aardvark and Chura riding on him as they sing Makin' Hippo Lanes. Beshte as soon as he is done realizes that he's messed up and goes speaks to his father. The rest of the guard is still trying to help the Antelopes. In the end, everyone is loving the new flood plains.

Ono the Tickbird

In Nyani Grove, Ono exclaims that a rhino is headed for the Tree baboons' tree. The Lion Guard approach Kifaru and notices that he doesn't have his tick bird Mwenzi with him. Kifaru explains that Mwenzi just left while they were late to Tamasha. Bunga claims that he will be his new tick bird while the guard goes find his real tick bird. Bunga walks Kifaru to a cliff and Ono stops him. Kion suggests the Ono should be his tick bird so Ono and Kifaru go on their way. Kion and Fuli continue tracking the scent. With Bunga's observation, the Guard conclude that they've been in circles. But Kion then finds Mwenzi's scent on a tree, and Fuli confirms that it's recent. Bunga leaps into the tree in the hopes of finding him but to no avail. But soon, they see a bird whizz past them, which matches Beshte's description of Mwenzi but he flies too fast. Soon Mwenzi explains his side of the story to the guard but he goes back to talk to Kifaru. When they get there they find out that Kifaru likes Ono better but the egret goes after the tick bird and claims that Makuu and his float are usually hanging out there. Makuu comes to eat Mwenzi but is saved by the guard and Kifaru.

Babysitter Bunga

When Muhimu's Herd is being chased by Reirei's Pack Dogo and his sister Kijana separate Hamu from the rest of the herd. Ono and Bunga go and help him while Fuli, Beshte, and Kion take care of the other zebras. When the kids return Kion kicks the jackals out of the Pride Lands. Muhimu feels scared because they were attacked and ask Bunga to watch her son. Bunga and Hamu go to Hakuna Matata Falls.

In the Lair of the Lion Guard, Ono is worried that Bunga is away, the Guard decides to practice climbing rocks. At the Watering Hole, Twiga desperately tries to control her daughter, Juhudi with minimal success. She finally gives up and joins Muhimu

at the Watering hole

and Young Rhino's Mother for a drink. She notices Muhimu's blissful expression and questions where her son is. Muhimu explains how Bunga is taking care of Hamu for her, while she relaxes. With Juhudi chasing a porcupine, Twiga wonders out loud if he would consider taking Juhudi as well. Other parents start to gather around her, having overheard the conversation. At Hakuna Matata Falls, Bunga is explaining to Hamu how to dive into the water even better. The two take a dive and start laughing when Twiga softly calls for his attention. When he peers around, Twiga, Juhudi, Young Rhino, his mother, a serval, her son, and a monkey and her son are all waiting at the water's edge. Twiga asks if he could possibly take their children as well. Bunga considers her offer, and although Twiga understands if he doesn't wish to take on more children, she is pleased to hear that he is happy to accept them. They leave, promising to be back before sunset. Bunga teaches them how to Teke Ruka Teleza in

Teke ruka teleza

order for the kids to defend themselves. Later the jackals go back to the Pride Lands and Reirei orders Goigoi to distract the Lion Guard. Goigoi presents to be chasing an antelope but ends up upside down. He claims that his family is at Hakuna Matata Falls. The guard quickly rushes over there to help Bunga and Hamu. With the kids still enjoying themselves at the falls, Reirei and her family finally step in to spoil the cheerful atmosphere. Bunga is certain he can defend them all against the family, but Reirei pins him to the ground. The honey badger calls for the kids to run, but it turns out they are surrounded. He then cries "Teke" to them, and the kids react by kicking the jackals away. Bunga briefly gets away but is caught again by Reirei. He orders them to scatter and they obey. Reirei is positive that their training will secure their victory, but Bunga has his doubts.

He turns to see Juhudi and the young serval rushing past some trees. He calls "Teke" again, and they kick the bush, which unleashes pollen. Kijana and one of her siblings catch the pollen in their eyes and struggle to see. Juhudi calls them over, but she and the serval part which causes the jackals to run over and into the water. Bunga briefly gets away again to congratulate them, before Reirei pins him again. She once again asserts that they have been training, but Bunga doesn't believe it to be very well. He then notices another jackal chasing the little monkey, and calls "Teleza" to him. The monkey does as instructed and slides down a hill. When the jackal follows, he hits his head against a large rock. The little monkey blows a raspberry at the jackal, and Bunga applauds his young charge. He then notices Hamu being chased by Dogo in the water, but Hamu assures him that he knows what he's doing. He lures Dogo onto a see-saw rock in the water and, when Dogo gets on, yells "Ruka".

From above, Young Rhino leaps down, sending the young pup flying into the air and into a bush. Still holding Reirei back, Bunga declares victory over Reirei's pups. She halts her attack in disbelief, and Bunga joins the children just before they charge the jackal family one last time. The Lion Guard arrive just in time to see the jackals' defeat. Fuli comments on the increase in children that have been left with Bunga, who is confident that word just spread about how good he was at babysitting. Reirei grabs Kion's attention, complaining about how her family has been treated and asking for his help.

Kion is sure they can help, provided that they leave and never try to attack the kids again. When freed, Reirei claims that she doesn't wish to stay where she's not wanted, and the kids warn her away. She and her family then run back home. Just then, the

group hug

parents arrive to pick up their children. Bunga proudly tells them of how they bravely defended themselves against the jackals, which initially horrifies the parents. But when they learn that Bunga taught them how to defend themselves, Muhimu declares him to be the best babysitter ever, much to Fuli's surprise. The young charges then gather around Bunga for a final cuddle, as Bunga claims that he knew it all along.

The Savannah Summit

Mtoto and the guard are playing baobab ball. Their game soon has a pause when The elephant halts suddenly and starts to listen to a muffled voice calling for him which is his mother saying to come home before sunset. Mtoto explains that his mother wants him to return before sundown. He hears Ma Tembo and Twiga heading towards Pride Rock. Kion says that they're heading to the Savannah Summit, an event that calls for animals of different species to make arrangements ahead of the dry season. Than Mtoto hears Makuu going to Pride Rock the guard goes to stop him when Simba explains that

the leaders

he invited Makuu. Zazu arrives just in time to see what has happened and shares the King's notion. Makuu then informs the cub that he was invited, and Simba confirms it. Makuu expresses his appreciation, but his tone worries the other animals. Kion then asks to speak with his father alone. Kion gets worried but Simba explains that crocodiles have always been invited to the summit. Zazu announces that it's time to depart for Mizimu Grove where Simba reminds them that they're all welcome at the summit. Just before the summit begins, the animals start to talk and the event seems to be going smoothly, as the Lion Guard comment about how well the animals are getting along. Kion, however, is still certain that Makuu cannot be trusted, and that he needs to be watched. Bunga then notices that he's missing, and Mtoto arrives to warn them that he heard an angry Makuu down by the Watering Hole. Kion leads the Lion Guard away. At the watering hole,

Makuu speaks with Bupu

Makuu tries to make a deal with Bupu to allow his float to sleep there during the dry season. Bupu, untrusting of the croc, refuses and takes a strike at Makuu. In retaliation, Makuu strikes back, only for the Lion Guard to witness his attack. Kion sends Beshte in to stop the fight, and the hippo warns both sides. Makuu explains how he was trying to reason with him, and Bupu strikes again, prompting another bite from Makuu in retaliation. Once more, Kion warns Makuu. The crocodile slinks away with disappointment in his voice, while Bupu proudly walks away having shown what Makuu is up against with him. The Guard is glad they got there in time, and Kion asks Mtoto to keep his ears open for any more suspicious activity. Mtoto then starts to listen, and overhears Twiga talking to Vuruga Vuruga about Makuu. He hurries back to find the Lion Guard, who are certain that they're in trouble. They rush to find the pair in a clearing, but Makuu is nowhere to be seen. Mtoto then tells them exactly what he heard, and Twiga promptly drops the branch she has been munching on to deny such a thing, turning to Vuruga Vuruga. The buffalo also denies having spoken of Makuu. Twiga picks up her branch again, claiming to be eating branches as normal. Vuruga Vuruga also claims the same thing, stealing her branch away and chewing on it. Ono points out that she usually eats grass,


which offends her. Twiga then suggests that they have better things to attend to, and the Lion Guard reluctantly leaves. The guard soon hears Zazu being in trouble and they go to save him. Rafiki is painting a portrait of Big Baboon and Mbeya. Rafiki tells Mbeya to stand up so he can finish the painting, but the Lion Guard arrives and asks where Zazu is, with Bunga fearing that Makuu has eaten him. Rafiki then reveals that Zazu is actually under Mbeya's backside, and Mbeya is demanding an apology from him for calling him clumsy. But Big Baboon informs them that he was the one who called Mbeya clumsy, and Rafiki tells the Lion Guard that they must get to the 'bottom' of things. They discover that Mbeya bumped into Big Baboon, who retaliated by calling him clumsy. Later, Makuu is yelling at Bupu again but he claims that they were just talking. Simba gets mad at Kion for running the summit. Kion goes to talk to Mufasa about this problem as soon as he's done Bunga He worriedly informs him Mtoto has heard that Makuu is on the attack. Kion asks for more information, and the calf confesses that he heard something about an attack, but he's not sure who with. Bunga is certain that it's Makuu, but Kion asks for Mtoto to listen again. Mtoto hears a female voice say that

the mystery pit

they'll do it after sunset and relays the message to Kion. Although he is unable to determine who it is, the rest of the Guard believes it to be Makuu. But Kion, remembering his grandfather's words, starts to examine all of the evidence. He comes to the conclusion that Makuu isn't planning anything, and that the other animals are targeting Makuu, prompting a rescue mission for Makuu instead. The Lion Guard locate Makuu in a clearing, who angrily warns them away. Although they explain that they're trying to protect him, Makuu scoffs at their attempt, asking what they could possibly save him from since he's a crocodile. He then crosses over some leaves and branches that were concealing a hole, and almost falls in. Beshte grabs him by the tail, and the rest of the Guard soon assist Beshte in getting Makuu back up. Makuu thanks Kion while Bunga investigates the trap, questioning who would actually fall in. But, the rocks around the rim give way, and Bunga tumbles in, landing on some rotten fruit at the bottom. With Bunga claiming the fruit to be not that bad whilst eating some, Makuu wonders out loud who would do such a thing. Kion then devises a plan to find out. At the summit, Kion stands before the other animals with his father watching nearby.

"Makuu has completed his journey in the Circle of Life"

He announces that Makuu fell into the pit but struggled to get out and has passed away. With the animals starting to feel bad at how they treated Makuu, Twiga turns to Vuruga Vuruga and states out loud that they never meant for him to get hurt, and how they just wanted him to fall into the pit of rotten fruit. Just after Bunga affirms that the fruit isn't that rotten, Makuu turns up. Twiga and Vuruga Vuruga admit that they never meant to hurt him, just to make him smell bad due to the way he was strutting around. Makuu then states that he joined the summit to be a good leader and to help his float, plus the Pride Lands. The animals hold their breath as Makuu mentions how badly he was treated, with even Kion bowing his head in shame. Much to their relief, Makuu finds the plot amusing, and worthy of a crocodile. He then declares that the summit will go on. Simba congratulates his son, though Kion is aware that he nearly ruined it. Nearby, Bupu offers Makuu the

Fuli's joke

chance for him and his crocs to sleep near his watering hole, but Vuruga Vuruga believes they should sleep near her mud wallow, causing them to butt heads. Simba excuses himself with the intention of keeping the situation under control, while Kion wanders over to Mtoto and the Guard. Mtoto then hears his mother calling him and says goodbye, leaving Bunga glad that he doesn't have Mtoto's ability. Fuli then comments that he would pretty silly with ears that big, causing the Guard to laugh.

The Traveling Baboon Show

the traveling baboon show comes to visit

The Guard is on patrol when they see a whole bunch of animals in a hurry so they go to see what it is. Suddenly, a third baboon appears, introducing the latter two as Mwevi and Mwizi. He then introduces himself as Uroho, and his group as The Traveling Baboon Show. He jokes with the animals, and finally shows a magic trick to Ma Tembo which amazes them. At the end of the performance, the baboons thank the animals for coming. Bunga is left yearning to be part of the group and dashes away to see if they would consider it, prompting Kion to introduce himself and welcome them to the Pride Lands. Bunga approaches them first, hinting towards a place on the show, but he's told there are no openings. Kion then welcomes them, suggesting that they visit Pride Rock and perform for his mother and father. Soon the guard overhears that someone has stolen food from

the stolen food

the tree. The Guard wondered who would have done this maybe a giraffe or an elephant or a zebra. Ono points out that Zebras are scared of bugs. Suddenly, they hear a loud commotion. Ono checks, and states that it's just another baboon show. Bunga and Beshte are eager to watch it again, but Kion wishes to find out the culprit first. Hearing a lot of animals over there, Bunga tries to persuade Kion into investigating in case their culprit is there. Despite Ono's disinterest in the show, the leader believes it to be a good idea, and they start to make their way over. Still wary of what happened last time, Ono patrols from the air. The Lion Guard settle, with Bunga actually managing to perform a skit with them. With Uroho promising that Mwevi and Mwizi will return after a short rest. While he performs

annoyed at the baboons

some magic tricks, Ono scours the skies, only to bump into the pair of absent baboons in a tree, stealing the fruit from it. Although unable to catch them, he does see them making their way back to Uroho, and Ono lands in front of Kion to inform him of his findings whilst the two baboons inform their leader about Ono. But before he can tell them, he is swept away by the baboons, who start throwing him around. Beshte and Bunga are too engaged to realize what is happening until Ono finally manages to break free and tell his friends the news. Bunga is distraught by what he hears and tries to make excuses for the baboons by asking where the food was. Kion asks Beshte to shake the tree and he does so, causing a large pile of food to fall to the ground. With their true intentions uncovered, the baboons

Bunga's mistake

start to run. The guard soon chases them into the Outlands but find out that they are being chased by hyenas. After saving the baboons they were amazed that the Lion Guard came all the way to save them, and admit that they felt bad over what they had done, asking if they could make it up to them. Kion has an idea of how they can do just that, and soon, back in

Fuli plays with the baboons

the Pride Lands, Uroho is handing out food to a queue of Pride Landers with the promise of a show as well. With even Fuli joining in on their antics, Kion asks Ono how he feels about the baboons now. After Uroho throws an insect to the egret, he decides they're okay, before being swept up by the baboons, who start throwing him around again.

Ono and the Egg

Ono-and-the-egg (535).png
A harrier hawk named Mpishi tries to eat something delicious but the guard keeps stopping her. Soon they return to Ono's Nest where he finds an egg in it which it's the Hamerkops egg. The guard goes to find her while Ono sits on the egg to make sure it's warm. As Mphishi is looking for something to eat Mwoga starts following her. Meal The pair then sing about their personal favorite meals when Mpishi then offers Mwoga a deal. Kulinda and the Lion Guard have made their way over to Ono's nest. Kulinda is horrified to find that the egg has hatched, but the baby is missing. She starts crying out, getting the attention of the baby hamerkop, who hops away at her call. Ono wakes up shortly after, worried that she's gone. When the baby hamerkop finds her mother, Kulinda recognizes her instantly, and the two start to dance. Ono enters the area, crying out for 'his' baby. After correcting his words to 'the' baby, he starts to soften at the sight of the pair dancing together. Mwoga catches the baby Ono and Kulinda chases after him. Below, the rest of the Guard feels helpless, until Bunga has an idea. He quickly climbs a tree and, when Mwoga is close enough, leaps onto his back, weighing him down. When Mpishi passes, he throws the hatchling to her, and she flies away.

Ono-and-the-egg (618).png
Refusing to let a hawk take her baby, Kulinda is about to charge, but Ono instructs her to work together with him. Just below, Mwoga orders Bunga to get off. He does so, just in time for Mwoga to slam into the ground. The Lion Guard surrounds him and, without them even needing to say a word, Mwoga suggests that he himself goes back to the Outlands. In the end, when the baby is saved Kulinda decides to name her Ona.

The Rise of Scar

In the Pride Lands, the dry season has started, after a hard day of saving animals (and

seeing the dry season

inadvertently stepping on Ushari in the process), the Lion Guard is called to fight off Janja's Clan, who are chasing elephants. When they arrive, Bunga urges Kion to Roar at the hyenas, but Kion refuses, not wanting to harm the elephants. He devises another plan and leads the Guard towards the scene. With the hyenas defeated, Kion orders the hyenas to leave, and they do so. when they leave, they trample over Ushari once again, who reacts angrily. The Guard learns that Ma Tembo is now in charge of finding a water source, which she has been having trouble with. They leave, unable to help her with her quest. Kion decides to speak with

meeting Makini

his grandfather, but Makini, Rafiki's new apprentice, watches him nearby from a bush. After he finishes speaking with Mufasa, Kion is startled when she reveals and introduces herself to him, and she speaks about Kion's grandfather, catching a passing Ushari's attention and giving him an idea. Ono then calls Kion, with the hyenas back for another shot at the elephants, and this time, the baboons as well. Kion bids farewell to Makini and takes off with Ono. When he arrives, the Lion Guard conjure up a plan to take out the hyenas using the Roar, by luring them to a dead-end where Kion can overlook the other animals. With the other Guard members holding off the hyenas, Kion climbs up to a cliff and prepares to use the

"Right, Don't Lost Control."

Roar. Before he can, Fuli draws his attention to the darkening storm clouds above them, Kion calms down, and uses the Roar, sending the hyenas flying. He questions the baboons, and Ono explains that the baboons always follow the elephants to new water sources in the dry season. With the elephant understanding her own responsibilities in the Circle of Life, Kion wishes Ma Tembo luck on finding water, and the Guard leaves. Although they wish they could help, they understand that they have other responsibilities of their own. Kion decides to inform his father of the situation. Meanwhile, in Rafiki's Tree, Rafiki tries to calm Makini in order to continue with her training, but to no avail. Unable to settle the hyperactive young mandrill with shwari, he suggests that she finds her own Bakora Staff before she becomes a Royal Mjuzi. He leaves the apprentice to work on her own, directing her to a large pile of sticks just outside his home. Elsewhere Kion speaks with his father. Still a bit upset that he isn't able to help Ma Tembo, Simba assures

"The path of honor"

his son that it's her own responsibility as a new leader. With Kion knowing the feeling of being a new leader, Simba comments that it's something they share in common and that it's their own Path of Honor, with Kion remembering what it was like to take his first steps into the world, and how his parents were there for him. Ushari locates Makini, who is searching for her own staff. He introduces himself as a dear friend of Kion's and the Lion Guard's and tries to find out more. He asks if they're able to hear the bad lions of the past, and Makini replies that she's uncertain. Just then, she feels drawn to one stick on the ground. As she

Makini finds her staff

picks it up, a strong wind blows past her, and she knows that she's found her Bakora staff. She turns to find Ushari, who has left. She returns to Rafiki, and the two make their way to Pride Rock to welcome her officially. Along the way, Makini starts to question Rafiki, who plans on answering her questions a bit later. Ushari returns to Janja hiding nearby, who heard everything. Stunned, he agrees to seek out more information. With Janja still wary of Ushari, the snake brings him some friends of his, a group of skinks. After hearing what is at stake, Shupavu sends out Nyeusi, the stealthiest skink to see where Makini and Rafiki are going. He follows them to the entrance of the Lair of the Lion Guard and slithers back to tell the others of his findings. In the Lair, Rafiki introduces Makini to the Guard. She is overjoyed at meeting them, particularly Fuli, for being the first female in the Lion Guard in their history. Rafiki explains how the Great Lions of the Past chose Makini for him to raise as his successor, and asks Kion to get the Royal Family ready. When he leaves, Ushari expresses his thanks to the skinks and slithers into the lair, listening above. Rafiki then tests Makini's staff out, by getting her to animate the paintings. Afterward, she asks Rafiki about contacting the bad lions of the past as well, and Rafiki explains how they can be summoned using her staff and the Roar, although they will appear in fire. Having heard this, Ushari vanishes. On Pride Rock, Simba's

Meeting Makini

Pride has gathered awaiting to meet Makini. Having heard of Ma Tembo's situation, Kiara wishes to help. Although she probably can't do much, her parents decide that it could be good for her to work with Ma Tembo and gives her their blessing. Makini arrives and expresses her desire to go with her, and introduces herself. Rafiki is a bit agitated at this and officially introduces herself. Kiara agrees to let her come along, much to the annoyance of her friends, and they leave together. With even more animals depending on Ma Tembo, Kiara and Makini try looking elsewhere for the water source. But when Makini is unable

finding water

to keep quiet, the hyenas pounce on them, stealing Makini's staff and Kiara away, but leaving Makini behind, knowing that she cannot take all of them by herself. After they leave, Makini quickly races back to the Lair and explains what happened. Ono flies above and uses his sight to see Kiara being dragged into the Outlands, and the Lion Guard leave. Later Ma Tembo is still unable to find a source, and with many animals chanting 'water water water' all around makes it more difficult. Makini then remembers shwari, and asks for everyone to be quiet. With the noise gone, Ma Tembo is able to find the water source. The animals all

Makini's new friends

join together to dig, unleashing a new watering hole. Makini is overjoyed to have found the meaning of silence but remembers that her staff is missing. Rafiki tells her not to worry, and that they can get her a new one. Kion congratulates Ma Tembo, and as the animals enjoy their newfound watering hole, the volcano in the Outlands bubbles in the far distance.

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie

The guard tries to stop a herd of sable antelope Ono guides them to a den where Makuu's float happens to be sleeping. The crocodiles are mad at the guard, especially Kiburi who wants to make an example of Ono's mistake. Kion suggests that they should talk to his

Speaking with King Simba

dad when the crocodile leaves Kiburi decides to take over the Flood Plains. While Makuu speaks with Simba, Ono feels guilt over his actions. Kion suggests that Ono looks for a watering hole for the awake crocs to make up for it, but instead notices the crocodiles already inhabiting various watering holes. He reports back to Simba, who angrily looks to Makuu. Makuu assures him that they are defying a direct order, and since they are close to coming up with a solution, Simba asks the Lion Guard to take care of the stray crocs while he and Makuu finish negotiating. As the guard attacks, Kiburi and the other crocodile Makuu gets mad at him and asks them to leave his float. Instead, Kiburi calls for a Mashindano.

Noticing the crocs

While Kiburi talks to Ushari and gets ready to fight then, he orders Tamka and Nduli to ambush Simba. Soon Ono sees the crocs leaving and warns Kion. The Lion Guard stops them from hearing the commotion behind him, Simba wanders over and soon realizes what they were up to. With Simba absent from the audience, Kiburi taps out, before proudly announcing that his crocodiles took down King Simba and that the Pride Lands now belongs to the crocodiles. But when Simba appears, Makuu assures him that he had no knowledge of such a plan. Simba believes Makuu, and states that it's up to him what punishment they receive. But Makuu passes this task to Simba since Kiburi and his followers were now banished from the float. Simba approaches Kiburi and announces that he and his followers are now exiled from the Pride Lands. Kiburi tries to protest but is denied any reasoning, and leaves the Pride Lands, promising that they haven't heard the last of him. The next day Ono, still f

a crocodile way they can handle

eeling guilty, approaches Makuu and issues a formal apology for waking them in the first place. He flinches when Makuu tells him that he needs to make an example of him, only for the crocodile leader to say "I forgive ya". Astounded, Ono asks what he just said, and Makuu replies that he heard what he said. When Simba asks if this is the new crocodile way, Makuu tells them that maybe it is, and Kion states that he could get used to this new way.

Swept Away

Thurston's Herd is stuck in the mud and the guard tries to get them out. Fuli points out that it's due to the Dry Season. Beshte reminds Kion they need to get the zebras out quickly before the sun dries up the mud too much and they become even more stuck. The lion cub decides that all they need is a dark cloud and, upon locating one, he uses the Roar of the Elders to make it rain. The rain loosens the mud, and Thurston is able to get loose. But it fails to cease raining, and the other zebras struggle to get loose. With the water starting to build and a small flood imminent, Kion orders Beshte to block the water while he and the rest of the Guard free the other zebras. Beshte does as commanded, but just as the last zebras make their escape, the hippo is swept away by the fast-flowing current. Although he is able to escape injury, Beshte is swept into the Outlands.

Rafiki's New Neighbors

In Rafiki's Tree, Rafiki is teaching Makini how to paint. After hushing his apprentice, he listens to the Great Lions of the Past to hear what they want him to paint. After listening for a while, she starts to paint but a commotion causes her to drop the bowl onto the tree instead. Rafiki drops down to investigate and discovers an elephant named Chama,

the neighbors

a monkey named Furaha and a sable antelope named Mzaha messing around. After introducing themselves, they tell Rafiki that they're moving in downstairs, but Rafiki insists they leave. Makini, noticing how friendly they are, persuades her mentor to let them stay, provided they stay quiet enough for Makini to practice. After revealing to her that she will be painting for the royal family, the group agrees to be quiet, but not before Chama belches as they leave. He apologizes, and the trio burst out laughing. The guard soon calms down the zebras from running when they heard lighting. Soon the guard finds Rafiki sitting in a tree and he asks the guard to take the animals to their herds. When they arrive, they see Makini, Chama, and Mzaha cheering Furaha as he beats his bug-eating record. Bunga gets excited and races over to show them

Seeing Rafiki

his own skills in the field, and Fuli comments that he has "three Bungas". When Rafiki approaches Makini, she tells him she needed a break for inspiration, before quickly crawling back up the tree. Beshte approaches and greets the three animals, asking why they aren't with their herds. Chama states that they were kicked out, belching along with Mzaha and Furaha (followed by Bunga who wanted to join in). The Guard offers to take them home and Rafiki insists, telling them that it's their part in the Circle of Life, which prompts them to return. After Ono lands, the Guard is given an animal to return home. The three friends chant their names together in sorrow before leaving. Beshte and Ono take Furaha home, assuring him that his troop probably misses him, though the monkey wonders if they'll be happier than when they saw him leave. Ono calls out that he can see his troop, and Furaha runs on ahead. His leader, Tumbili, is less than impressed to see his return, and his cousins are no happier. When Beshte and Ono arrive, Tumbili tries to explain the monkey way to him, but he is unable to let Beshte down. He thanks him for bringing Furaha back with a sigh. Beshte and Ono make their leave, unaware that Furaha is already agitating his fellow troop members. Fuli takes Mzaha home and speaks with Bupu, who is adamant that he doesn't want him back, and that they sent him away for a good reason. While Fuli agrees that he's a little different, she also mentions that he should be with his family. When Bupu still refuses, she adds 'please' to her words, and Bupu finally gives in. He calls to Mzaha that he's back with the herd, and the youngster reacts with joy. Fuli thanks Bupu, before quickly rushing away. After she leaves, Mzaha tries to play tag with a few herd members, including Boboka, by charging into them. Kion and Bunga take Chama home, with Kion speaking with Ma Tembo about letting him back into the herd. She explains that he was kicked out because he was being a disruption to the herd while watching Chama and Bunga mess around nearby. After Chama inhales some sand in his trunk, Kion asks her to give him one more chance and she does so, but only because it is he who is asking it of her. She informs Chama that he is welcome back if he promises to behave himself as part of the herd, but it is his last chance. He agrees, and Kion and Bunga take their leave. As they head off, Bunga belches, causing Chama to burst out laughing and disperse the sand he had stored in his trunk all over Ma Tembo. Kion suggests just one more chance. Soon the three friends realize that they need each other Mzaha meets up with Furaha, and the two

Three of a Kind

speak of how they left. They find Chama feasting on some tree leaves, and discover that he too was unable to fit in. They decide that they need to stick together and utter their chant. After, the Three of a Kind friends start running across the Pride Lands, playing together and performing pranks on several unsuspecting Pride Landers along the way. They then make the decision to return to Rafiki's Tree.As Makini starts to paint, her bowl is knocked out of her hands by a familiar commotion. With Rafiki startled, he peers down to see the three animals have returned, discussing their new living quarters. They tell Rafiki that they just don't belong in their herds, which Makini states is 'sad' with a mild upset in her voice. However, Rafiki orders them to find their own home, and the disappointed group eventually leaves. Meanwhile, Zito and two hippos are stuck because fire has crashed onto the ground. The guard saves them by using Kion's roar soon Ono

saving the mandrills

notices that Rafiki's tree is on fire. As the two mandrills call out for help, Chama, Mzaha, and Furaha return to help out. Chama starts by inhaling dirt and sprays it along the path leading to the tree. Mzaha then uses his short horns to create a trench leading there while Furaha keeps digging more for the trench. After calling to them, Rafiki lands on Chama and Makini lands on Mzaha, dropping her Bakora Staff. Rafiki refuses her to go back for it since another staff can be found, but she is unique. After the mandrills express their gratitude away from the fire, the three animals return to save the tree. Soon the guard comes to

At the ceremony

help the three friends save Rafiki's tree. He suggests that the friends stay but they found a home near Big Springs where they can be as loud as they want. At Pride Rock Simba makes an announcement about Makini's duties. After listening to the Lions of the Past, she paints an image of Simba, Nala, Kiara and Kion, which amazes the surrounding animals.

Rescue in the Outlands

The guard is trying to stop a herd of buffaloes from stampeding. But, Tsetse Flies pester them continuously, making their efforts difficult. When Ono mentions that they dislike the water, Kion orders him to find the nearest watering hole. He does so, and they lead them there, forcing Thurston's Herd to move. Shortly after landing in the water, they hear a cry for help from Mbyea, who has become the flies' latest victim. The Lion Guard race off to deal with them. the Lion Guard has found Mbeya stuck in a ditch, upside down. After Beshte helps him get out, he reveals that he was rolling in the dirt to get the flies off, but instead rolled into the stream bed by accident. The Lion Guard escort Mbeya back to the watering hole, with Bunga snacking on some of the flies along the way. Later, Madoa comes to the Pride Lands and asks the Lion Guard to help save Jasiri, Wema, and Tunu.

The Ukumbusho Tradition

In Mizimu Grove, Ma Tembo's herd is getting ready for the Ukumbusho celebration. The mandrill apologizes to Ma Tembo for her tardiness, and she is directed to a pile of fruits to be used for the peace painting. Mtoto is with his mother and explaining how they will be in the performance as well. As Makini tries to

which fruit to pick?

decide which paints to use, Zito and Johari arrive for their paint. Makini overworks herself, unsure of which color she should choose. After reminding herself of shwari, she calms herself and concludes that if there's no wrong place to start, then there cannot be the right place to start either, allowing her to pick a color of her own choice, to begin with. While the guard

"No body does drama like Timon"

practices, Timon and Pumbaa arrive to coach them. Suddenly, she remembers that previous Lion Guards have always been lions. Although the Guard can't do anything about this, Makini offers to paint them to look like lions. Ma Tembo is happy for this, though reminds her that she must finish painting the sunbursts on the elephants. Since this is Simba's first Ukumbusho, she is adamant that it must be perfect. Makini gets to work and is soon finished with the job. The Lion Guard has mixed feelings towards their new appearance, but as Timon and Pumbaa reveal Fuli, she, in particular, believes her appearance to be 'ridiculous'. After pushing Timon away after he tries to snuggle her soft

Beshte, Bunga, and Ono in costume

fur, Kion assures his team that they all look terrific. Makini, noticing the sun, quickly leaves to paint the rest of the elephants. The guard soon begins to practice again. Makini continues to paint the elephants, though runs out of yellow paint halfway through Zito's sunburst due to painting the Lion Guard. As tensions rise, Kion and Ma Tembo arrive to see what all the fuss is about. With Kion trying to find a solution that will work for both sides, Makini is then given some extra time to locate some more yellow paint and she does so, finding some yellow flowers. She shoos the bees surrounding them and returns to finish her job. With several elephants and Simba's Pride all waiting anxiously around Mizimu Grove, the event begins, with the Guard singing "May There Be Peace", and telling the tale

Peace in the Pride Lands

of Askari, the first Lion Guard leader, and how he brought peace between the elephants and lions, agreeing to protect each other and everyone who obeys the Circle of Life. The event runs smoothly, until a swarm of bees suddenly arrive, chasing the elephants away. With everyone trying to avoid being stomped on, Kion leads the Lion Guard away to stop the elephants from causing accidental damage. Unable to calm them, they question another group of elephants who have stopped stampeding along the way. Fuli is quick to notice that the elephants that aren't being harassed by the bees are those that were not in the show, and Kion exclaims that they need to wash the paint off the elephants since the bees are after t

scaring the buffalo

he pollen from it. Soon they discover Vuruga Vuruga's Herd Fuli races to warn them. When the buffaloes refuse to move, Fuli pretends to be an unknown creature, feigning an attack on the herd. Scared, they run away, leaving Fuli feeling a little bit better about her costume. She returns to the Guard, and they notice Mtoto spraying dirt onto the bees. Kion suggests getting Fuli to direct Mtoto's spurts onto his paint and she does so. As the paint is removed, the bees disperse. Mtoto thanks Beshte for saving him (much to Fuli's chagrin), and Ono quickly locates the elephants heading towards Sehemu Pass. Since the elephants will get stuck there, the Guard follow Ono's shortcut to beat the herd to the pass. When Ma Tembo gets stuck as expected, Mtoto spurts dust onto her head, removing the paint and the bees in the process. After Beshte moves her out of the way, Mtoto and Ma Tembo repeat the process on Zito and Johari. Noticing that his mother is still missing, Ono locates her on Mapango Cliffs. The Lion Guard (and Mtoto) quickly race away to save her. When they arrive, Kion prevents Mtoto from heading up, fearing the weight will bring the cliff down. Instead, Bunga bounds up and leaps onto the

calming down Mtoto's mom

rampaging elephant's head. He eats the bees, which causes her to become aware of her surroundings. As she panics, Bunga soothingly reminds her of her lines, and that they're the bravest. This calms her, and they head back, narrowly avoiding the cliff falling down. Back at Mizimu Grove, Ma Tembo apologizes to Simba, explaining how bee stings in the trunk are very painful. She assures Makini that it wasn't their fault, and Makini suggests finding more yellow paint to try again. But Kion suggests trying it without any more paints. Ma Tembo is hesitant to break with tradition, so Simba suggests looking at it as starting a new tradition. Ma Tembo agrees, Mtoto removes the paint from his mother, and the new Ukumbusho begins.

The Bite of Kenge

Janja, Cheezi, and Chungu are in the Pride Lands, trying to steal a supply of Tikiti Melons intended for the elephants through the Dry Season. Soon the Lion Guard comes and stops them. Soon some animals are being attacked at Watering Hole by Kenge a monitor lizard. With the danger gone, Ono realizes that Kenge must be a monitor lizard, who is capable of causing paralysis with one of his bites. In an attempt to heal themselves faster, they suggest that Ono checks with Rafiki for a remedy that can

the weak guard

heal their legs faster. He flies to Rafiki's Tree, where he discovers from Makini that Rafiki is away for the day. She offers to help instead, and, although she is still learning herself, she is brought back to the Lion Guard. She remembers that Ponya Flowers might be able to help heal, but has no idea what they look like. Since Ono does, he quickly locates a patch nearby but also notices Kenge and the hyenas returning to the melons. Kion soon realizes why they were bitten, and sends Bunga and Ono to deal with them while Makini collects the flowers. Bunga and Ono go to stop the hyenas and Kenge but Kenge bites Ono and he can't fly. Meanwhile, Makini has found the flowers and adorned the Lion Guard with a flower crown on their heads. Since she is not entirely certain how they work, she decides to try wearing, smelling and eating the flowers, when Bunga arrives with Ono. He admits that the hyenas got away and, when the rest of the Guard fret, assures them that he

Bunga vs Kenge

can take them down himself. But since he is outnumbered, the Lion Guard asks Makini to help him. When the stakes are given to her, she agrees to try her best. After establishing their path, Kion comes up with a plan. Makini and Bunga find the group heading through Embamba Canyon, and start to put the plan in motion. While Bunga distracts Kenge and the hyenas, Makini sneaks away and starts to reclaim the melons, hiding them behind some rocks. While she does so, Bunga continues upsetting Kenge, infuriating him by calling him little. Kenge enters a frenzy and starts chasing Bunga around the narrow space. Bunga then tricks Kenge into biting Cheezi and Chungu. But just before he accidentally bites Janja, a melon is thrown, drawing attention to Makini. She throws her Bakora Staff towards him in an attempt to keep him away, and he breaks it in his mouth. Later the rest of the guard comes and Kion uses the roar to blow the hyenas and Kenge away.

Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas

Bunga and some of the Pridelanders put on a show for Timon and Pumbaa so Dandy Claws will come. They have to put on The Twelve Ways of Christmas. The guard asks Ma Tembo's herd, Thurstan's herd, Basi's Pod, Ono's flock, Big Baboon Troops and The Traveling Baboon Show. After the performance, both Timon and Pumbaa break down in tears. Despite Bunga's fears, they announce that they're crying out of joy. Timon thanks

"Merry Christmas"

everyone for making his vision come true, but Bunga is upset that Dandy Claws never came. Suddenly, Pumbaa re-appears donning a white beard made of flowers, some leaves, and a fruit hat. Pumbaa explains that he knew how much Timon wanted him to appear, so he would portray him that year. But unfortunately, he took so long to put the costume together that he forgot to get Timon and presents. Timon explains that they have a lot of friends which is the best gift of all. The two friends agree that this is the best Christmas ever.

The Morning Report

After Bubpu gets his horns stuck in a tree the guard tries to get him out when Nyuni comes and starts to complain. Zazu comes by to see what's going on and claims that he will be putting this in his Morning Report to the king. Soon Bunga pulls the branch out of the tree with Nyuni riding on top. Fuli comments on how Zazu enjoys getting into the business of others and Kion tells her that it's his job, asking if she remembers the time he told her to slow down as a cub when he and Bunga were with the crocodiles. When Fuli won't slow down for the hornbill, he takes off after her, allowing Kion and

Makuu with young Kion and young Bunga

Bunga to continue. When Zazu turns around, the pair have left. The pair of friends run into a lake, where Pua's float is resting. Kion is cautious, but Bunga proves to Kion that he's not afraid, by stepping forward and ordering the crocodiles to move aside for them. Makuu and Pua wonder who the cubs are, and, when even Kion warns the float against messing with them, Pua orders them to leave. Makuu asks if they meant to challenge him and Bunga replies that he will, and straight after asks what 'challenge' means. The

Zazu's "morning" report

crocodiles surround the cubs, but Zazu arrives just in time. In the present Ono and Beshte are amazed that Zazu went in Makuu's mouth Kion claims that Zazu was brave to do that. Soon the hyenas take Zazu into the Outlands. At Pride Rock Simba claims that Zazu hasn't shown up and he missed the morning report. Kion and the guard go to find him.

The Golden Zebra

When a drought hits the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard tries to settle Twiga's Herd and Vuruga Vuruga's Herd, with the two animal groups showing concern at the dwindling watering hole. in The Lair of the Lion Guard, Simba speaks with Rafiki about the water shortage, asking if any of the previous Kings ever found a solution. Although Rafiki is doubtful, one of his paintings depicts an earlier King leading his animals to a large, unknown watering hole. Makini pipes up to inform Simba that she has seen the same watering hole in the Back Lands and that it is owned by a herd of zebras. Simba quickly concludes that the watering hole belongs to Dhahabu. When the Guard arrives, Simba asks them to locate her and request that she share her water, urging them to offer something in return.

The Little Guy

Makuu is training his float while the Lion Guard notice and start to intervene, believing them to be fighting without cause. A gecko named Hodari halts their actions, explaining how the crocodiles are merely training to improve their techniques. Hodari explains to his friend Beshte that he always wanted to be a crocodile he asks to join Makuu's float

"Give a little guy a chance"

and starts to sing Give a Little Guy a Chance, but Makuu laughs him away. Rejected, Hodari runs away before Beshte can catch up to him. In a nearby tree, Shupavu and Njano have overheard the whole thing, and conjure up a plot they know Scar would love. When Beshte is called away by Ono to help save Laini and two other galagos, they approach Hodari and invite him to meet Kiburi, who they claim would love to let him be a member of his float. The Lion Guard is at the tree where the galagos are trapped. Beshte lifts the tree

Fuli saves Laini

up, while Bunga reaches in and grabs two of the galagos from an opening in the trunk. He grabs a bug next, so Fuli reaches in to save Laini. Having done their duty, the Lion Guard continue their patrol, with Bunga warning the galagos to watch out for falling trees. Beshte is still feeling sad over Hodari's disappointment. When Ono notices Kiburi's float in the distance, the Lion Guard promptly approaches him, asking why he has returned. Kiburi states that he's just visiting, introducing them to their newest member, Hodari. He tries to use this to his advantage since he is friends with both his float and the Lion Guard, but Kion still orders them to leave. Kiburi succumbs to his order and leads his float away. While the rest of the Lion Guard makes sure that they leave, Beshte confronts

welcoming hodari

Hodari, who is oblivious to Kiburi's past misdeeds. Despite his best efforts, he is unable to get Hodari to see how bad he truly is, with the gecko making the assumption that Beshte is saying that he too is bad for following his dreams. Hodari says that maybe he isn't really his friend after all, which devastates Beshte. When the Guard leaves, Beshte voices his concerns over Hodari's friendship with Kiburi. Kion sends Ono to find Hodari. Soon they see Makuu and Kiburi's float fighting Hodari jumps on Kiburi to stop the fight but Kion uses the Roar of the Elders to blow Kiburi's float away. Makuu thought that Hodari was very brave and asks him to join his float.

Divide and Conquer

Janja's clan is in the Pride Lands, chasing Twiga and Juhudi with the Lion guard chasing them. Reirei's Pack pursuing some pangolins at Chakula Plains, and the Guard are forced to split up. Kion sends Fuli and Bunga to deal with the jackals with Ono leading them whilst he and Beshte take on the hyenas. Janja notices the pair gaining on

speaking with Twiga

them and orders Nne and Tano to deal with them. Soon, the giraffes save themselves and the hyenas go away. Meanwhile, Reirei and her pack chase the pangolins to a cliff edge, forcing them to curl up in balls. After scolding her youngsters for playing with them, Fuli and Ono arrive. Reirei calmly commands her family to scatter, rendering Fuli and Ono unable to catch any of them. Reirei then disregards her former advice to her kids, and the jackals attack Fuli by throwing the pangolins at her. The Lion Guard regroup and watch as the jackals flee into the Outlands. Kion is especially concerned at the events, admitting that they are weaker when split up. When he learns that the jackals surrendered as quickly as the hyenas, his concern grows larger. While Beshte tries to get him to consider the possibility that it was a coincidence, Ono witnesses the hyenas meeting up with the

Tamaa's new job

jackals in the Outlands. Bunga does not share Kion's concern and comments that they need to be in two places at once. His words give Kion an idea. Tamaa is presenting a show, impersonating Thurston and Twiga. When the Lion Guard interrupts, he explains to them how the animals give him food for making them laugh, reminding them that his life of crime is over. Kion informs him that they're not checking upon him and that they need his help. He announces that the show is finished to focus on the Lion Guard, where Kion explains that it's for a serious situation. Although Tamaa is a little cautious, since he usually dabbles strictly in comedy, he is willing to give it a go. He leaves with the Lion Guard, who explain the plan more thoroughly. When he expresses worry, Beshte assures him that they'll keep him safe, and Fuli also states that neither jackals or hyenas are that smart anyway. , Ono discovers the jackals chasing some gazelles. Not wishing to take any chances, Kion orders Ono to keep an eye out for the absent hyenas, while the rest of the Guard and Tamaa take on the jackals. Shortly after Ono leaves, he locates the hyenas stalking Rafiki. He reports back to the Guard, and Kion calls for him to distract the jackals until they get back. When Reirei's pack crosses a dense opening, Tamaa starts to impersonate the Lion Guard just outside, flying across give a false impression that they are surrounding the jackals. Although Reirei takes comfort in the fact that none of the Lion Guard members are with Janja's clan, Goigoi reminds her how bad it is for them. As Rafiki meditates, Janja's clan start to move in. When a fireball starts a blaze nearby, Cheezi begins to panic, only for Janja to tell him that it's all part of Scar's plan. When the hyenas surround the mandrill, Rafiki

Reirei catches Tamaa

performs some martial art tricks on the hyenas, defeating them with ease. In the distance, Janja notices the entire Lion Guard approaching, and comments on how their mission is not going as planned. Back with Reirei's pack, Tamaa continues to frighten the jackals into submission. When he proceeds to imitate Kion's Roar, the jackals are shocked to find themselves still standing. During this time, Reirei notices Tamaa's tail feathers just outside the clearing and pins him down. It doesn't take long for Reirei to realize that Kion has tricked them, and the pack leaves to assist Janja's clan. Tam

the mark of evil

aa leaves to warn the Lion Guard. Kion soon chasses Janja as Ono sees him leave when Janja talks to Scar Kion sees him for the very first time. With the guard working together with Rafiki and Tamma they win the battle. Tamma flys away and the guard notices a burn marked.

The Scorpion's Sting

Makini and the guard are talking about how Simba saved the Pride Lands. Bunga claims that his uncles actually saved the Pride Lands because they distracted the hyenas with a dance. Later at Pride rock, the Kumbuka celebration begins when a scorpion named Sumu stings Simba's tail. Everyone starts to worried and Rafiki orders the guard and Makini to find a Volcanic Ash to help the cure.

The Wisdom of Kongwe

Simba and Kion are talking to Mufasa about Scar's return. Later at Pride Rock Fuli and Makini are asked to go find a wise tortoise named Kongwe. While the rest of the Lion guard goes on patrol.

The Kilio Valley Fire

Scar's army takes over Kilo Valley after being destroyed in a fire. Kion tries to find the elephants a new home but the other animals don't want them living with them. Later Ono notices that Ndefu Grove is on fire Kion asks if Scar is behind this but the army is just fighting about who will run the dump. The guard and the elephants save Galagos home. Laini says that the elephants are welcomed to stay with them.

Undercover Kinyonga

When Thurston the zebra is shouting the Lion Guard swiftly leaps into action and calm the herd down, questioning his behavior. Thurston reveals that a nearby rock was the problem. Soon Twiga is shouting and says that the tree spoke to her. The Lion Guard investigates the tree. When Ono lands on a nearby trunk, he is startled when something runs over his foot. At first, Fuli comments that she can't see anything when a chameleon accidentally reveals herself to them. She disappears and runs away, but Fuli is able to track the herby scent. When she locates her, the chameleon brushes Fuli's nose with some grass to take away her scent. Bunga follows the chameleon up a tree, but she uses her tongue to grab a tree branch and smack him away from her. She lands on Beshte and skitters off his back, still running from the Guard. Kion wonders why she is running and she said it's because they chased her. Kinyonga explains how her special ability works. She suggests that she goes to the Outlands to

blending with the guard

spy on Scar. At Hakuna Matata Falls, Janja's clan push rocks into the river to stop the water. Cheezi and Chungu get scared and run away. Soon they find out that the guard is hiding behind trees and rocks and the hyenas run away. The next morning, Ono reports that he was unable to find Kinyonga. Kion still wishes to thank her and hopes they'll find her. Noticing Thurston's herd by the rock from yesterday, the Guard approach it, and discover Kinyonga there, pretending to be the rock and speaking with Thurston. When asked why she left, she explains that she broke her promise not to scare anyone, having sent Janja's clan into the river by mistake. Bunga assures her that, when it comes to Janja and his hyenas, it doesn't matter, relieving her. She promises again not to scare anyone, but when Thurston notices her, he and his herd panic and run. Kion tells her that it's not her fault, and the Guard leave to sort out the herd, while Kinyonga vanishes into the grass.

Cave of Secrets

The Lion Guard is in the Lair of the Lion Guard, looking at the paintings of the past. They're trying to figure out how to defeat Scar. Makini comes in and says that they haven't found what they were looking for because there are many paintings in the lair that they have not yet found. Kion discovers a painting that has been cut off. Beshte pushes the big bolder out of the way and the guard sees that it's the Mark of Evil. The guard soon goes down to find the chamber. After doing so many different tests to find if they're a worthy Lion Guard. They find a secret Chamber with a painting of Askari's Lion guard. The painting shows that a long time ago there was a group of evil lions who wanted to destroy the Pride Lands. Askari's guard created a great force to defeat them. Kion explains that they had to do the test to find out if they're ready to defeat Scar. The guard realizes that they are ready to defeat him.

The Zebra Mastermind

As the guard is chasing their third dust devil which makes it was to Ukuni Woods. Beshte remembers that a group of hyraxes live there. Bunga and Beshte catch them and Ono gives them back their granadilla. The guard sees Thurston calling them over. He says that the guard must put a stop to the dust devil and the guard takes his advice and leaves. Once they're gone Thurston begins to brag about how he's the real reason the Lion Guard are so successful. Cheezi and Chungu overhear this and has an idea to bring Thurston to Scar. Thurston decides to go with them thinking that there is a party. Meanwhile, the guard chased a dust devil and sees that a pangolin has been covered by a branch. Fuli decides to move the branch and the pangolin explains that there are more of them and Ono begins to search. Once they find all of them the hyenas come up to the guard and bring flowers. They rub the flowers up to their noses to make them sneeze. When Kion has enough Beshte tosses them away. Soon a dust devil has covered Mbuni's Flock in the sand. After the guard saved them Goigoi comes up covered in stripes. He thinks that the guard can't see him but they do and Beshte pushes him away. Later Tamka and Nduil come to the guard and rub their bellies. They try to make them sleepy but Kion uses his roar to blow them away. Kion starts to question these strange attacks and thinks that Scar is behind this. Ono finds out that Thurston has been trapped by half of Scar's army and they go to save him.

The Hyena Resistance

After a battle with Kiburi's Float and Janja's Clan Jasiri comes to surprise Kion. Kion tells her that Scar is back and asks if her clan would want to stay in the Pridelands until Scar's gone. However Jasiri says that they need to stay in their home. She has an idea for her clan to be a Hyena Resistance. They will help the Lion Guard ruin Scar's plans. Scar orders his army to take over many parts of the Pridelands but his plains keep getting ruined. Shupavu finds out what's going on and tells Scar. Scar orders his army to take down Jasiri's Clan the guard finds out and goes to rescue them. Once they won the battle Kion asks for her clan to come live in the Pridelands but Jasiri refuses and says that they'll hide from Scar.

The Underground Adventure

When Tifu and Zuri call for the guard's help with their fur. Kiara explains that the guard is used for emergencies only. Beshte explains that they should go to the hot mud pots at the edge of the Pride Lands. Nala excorts Kion and Bunga to go with them. Once Scar hears what's going he asks for a vulture to deliver a "gift of fire." When the fire happens Kion orders everyone to go undergorund in the aardvark dens. Tifu explains that she's scared of the dark but she walks with her friends beside her. Later they meet a golden mole named Kuchimba and he helps them get home. Tifu asks him if he can see in the dark and says that she's scared. Kuchimba e

"Nothing To Fear Down here"

xplains that there's "Nothin’ to Fear Down Here." Kuchimba leaves and the guard tries to figure out which hole to go in. Thurston comes by and the guard goes through the hole that he came out of. Thurston doesn't remember how he got in Kion and Kiara sniff out Muhangus for his help. Muhuangus agrees to help after Bunga bothers him. Once they reach daylight Tiifu starts to run towards it. Thurston finds out that they were trapped in the dark and he starts to panic and run. Tifu explains that there is nothing scary about the dark. The two new friends walk home together. Kion and Bunga meet up with the rest of the guard. Fuli explains that they were putting out the fire. Bunga and Kion say that it's a long story. Thurston goes to tell his herd about his new bestie until he gets trapped in the dark again. He starts screaming and Tifu goes over to help him.

Beshte and the Beast

The Lion guard stands by the Watering Hole, trying to explain to Thurston that it's the Giraffes turn to drink. After Fuli points out the tension, suddenly, a gorilla enters the area, driving the zebras and giraffes away with his ferocity. Kion orders Ono and Beshte to make sure that the two herds are safe, while he, Fuli and Bunga face off the gorilla. They confront him, but the gorilla relaxes when they announce themselves as the Lion Guard. Bunga attacks him anyway, but it proves futile when the great ape treats it as a back-rub. Figuring out that he's not a threat, Kion calls Bunga down. The gorilla, named Shujaa, explains that he was protecting the water from the herds. Just then, Ono and Beshte arrive back to confirm that the giraffes and zebras are safe. Whilst Ono is still fearful of the great ape, Beshte is curious about the new face. Shujaa goes on to tell them that he has been sent by King Sokwe of the Theluji Mountains to help the Lion Guard and to do what he does best. When asked by Fuli what that is, he responds with Shujaa Ponda. Afterward, Bunga introduced him to Beshte - the strongest in the Pride Lands. Shujaa wishes to see Beshte's strength and, although hesitant at first, Beshte agrees to show him by throwing a large rock over. Shujaa catches it and throws the rock back, which almost hits Beshte and Ono. Kion is impressed with Shujaa's strength, but before he can say too much, Ono alerts them to t

facing off Kiburi

wo jackals, crocodiles and hyenas, who are approaching Big Springs. Beshte's father, Basi, and some other members of his pod are part of the target. Kion leads Shujaa and the Guard away. Before Kion can inform everyone about a plan, Shujaa runs ahead with a plan of his own. At Big Springs, Basi stands his ground against the intruders. Before they can strike, Shujaa leaps between the animals, but this doesn't hinder the Army Of Scar since they outnumber him. Shujaa flings a large rock into Reirei and Goigoind Kion decides not to intervene. Shujaa continues hurling rocks towards his enemies, but eventually removes one rock too many from a large structure. The gorilla escapes the falling rocks, which slide onto the crocodiles. Noticing the hyenas still standing, Shujaa snaps a small tree trunk from its root and charges towards them, smashing them away. They land on some oryxes before retreating. The Lion Guard is impressed with Shujaa's actions, but soon notice the aftermath of them, with Muhangus. den becoming blocked by rocks, four hares trapped in the dirt, and the oryxes have gotten their horns intertwined with each other after the hyenas hit them. Shujaa is a little upset, but Kion assures him that he did good and it just means they have a bit of cleaning to do. Back in the Pride Lands, the Lion Guard finishes the cleanup. Muhangus points out one den that is still covered, and Shujaa offers to help. He throws the rock far away, but it crashes into a termite mound, prompting Kion to suggest that he leaves the clean-up to them. Bunga is about to tuck into the termites when Ono alerts them to the army's return. After learning where they are, Kion suggests cutting them off by moving through Nyani Grove. Shujaa offers to help and begins breaking the trees down, causing the baboons to scatter onto some buffaloes, and in turn, causing them to panic as well. With Fuli and Beshte sent to calm them, Kion, Ono, and Bunga follow Shujaa. Once out of the grove, Kion orders Ono to tell the Sable Antelope to move. After they comply, the cub uses his roar to blast the Outlanders away. Shujaa is left impressed by his work. Fuli and Beshte return with news that the other animals are safe, but Kion notices the mess that Nyani Grove is in. Shujaa offers to help clean, but instead flings a lone tree trunk onto another tree, breaking it in the process and causing the residents to flee. The Guard stops Shujaa from helping, and Kion explains to him how he doesn't know his own strength. Beshte soon has an idea and offers to help him control his strength. The pair soon encounters a worried Laini and her galagos who are at first startled by Shujaa's presence. They point to a serval in their tree, who Laini is certain wants to eat them. The serval explains that he was hunting a bird, but doesn't know how to get down. Beshte tasks Shujaa with assisting the serval, but is stopped before he can tear Laini's tree down completely. Beshte asks him to think first, and he obliges. He then conjures up another idea. Shujaa leans the tree to one side, allowing the serval to leave. However, while thanking Beshte, he releases the tree which catapults the galagos to another tree in Ndefu Grove. Shujaa offers to catapult them back, but Laini worriedly insists that they'll get back on their own, which causes Shujaa disappointment. Beshte tries to cheer Shujaa up, and another chance for the gorilla to prove himself arises when a butterfly comes into their view, trapped between some stones. Beshte tells Shujaa to be gentle, and, after thinking about it, the gorilla carefully removes the tiny stones that are trapping the butterfly's right-wing, setting it free. In his joy, Shujaa pounds a fist against the larger rocks, causing the largest to fall. Beshte pushes Shujaa out of the way just in time. Once again Beshte supports Shujaa, reminding him that no one got hurt. They soon come across Kifaru, who has given Mwenzi the day off and has in turn gotten lost on his way to the watering hole. After learning about Kifaru's poor eyesight, Shujaa reacts by punching a hole i

Shujaa sings about his emotions

n the wall which is blocking him and sets Kifaru the right way around. Unfortunately, the wall is revealed to have been part of the hyraxes' home. This distresses Shujaa greatly, and even though Beshte is optimistic about finding them a new home, Shujaa realizes that he causes problems no matter what he does. Beshte calls for Shujaa to follow him while they find the hyraxes a new home, but Shujaa, feeling defeated, laments about his accidental destruction. He sits down in an ostrich nest, not even noticing Mbuni briefly returns to it. When Beshte returns having found an even better home for the hyraxes, Shujaa explains that he won't be moving. Ono arrives to alert them of the Outlanders return to Big Springs, and this time, there's fire too. With Shujaa refusing to move, Beshte promises to return for him once he has stopped the blaze. Beshte arrives just in time and tackles the crocodiles away. He asks his dad to order his pod into the water while he deals with the fire. Nearby, Kion faces off against Janja, when Beshte smashes him away and asks what he can do. Kion asks him to go on fire breaks and he does so immediately. Since the fire could spread if Kion uses the Roar, they have no choice but to fight normally. However, a tree snaps in half, causing Ono to cry out for them. Beshte notices and runs towards them, but his foot catches on an open root. The tree collapses on Beshte, whose leg is now injured. While the Outlanders retreat a little with the encroaching fire, the Guard realizes that they can't move Beshte. Kion tells Ono to find Shujaa. When Ono returns to the gorilla, he refuses to move until he learns that Beshte needs him. The rest of the Guard fight against Kiburi, Janja, and Reirei, when

Shujaa saves Beshte

Shujaa appears. He effortlessly extinguishes the flames before arriving at Beshte. Before he does anything, he thinks about the best solution to help him. He then carefully lifts Beshte and places him near the water, prompting praise from the hippo for thinking first. Proud of himself, Shujaa turns to help the Lion Guard, warding the Outlanders away. Before they can react, Shujaa grabs the crocodiles by their tails and smashes them into the ground. Frightened by his strength, the hyenas and jackals retreat. Shujaa swings the crocodiles around before letting them go, where they land on their friends in the distance. Shujaa finishes his job by taking out the remaining fire, using a huge clump of dirt and

saying goodbye to Shujaa

dispersing it around the springs. The Lion Guard is pleased with Shujaa and glad that King Sokwe sent him. Shujaa realizes that Sokwe has never seen him think before, and decides to return to let him know. With that, he promises that if the Lion Guard ever needs him, he will be there. On his way home, he knocks down a couple of trees, uttering a silent 'oops' in the process.

Pride Landers Unite!

The sable antelope start running because they think they saw a jackal. Boboka runs into Laini's tree and the galagos start to scatter. Kion asks Bunga to move the galagos out of the way. The antelopes calm down and Kion says for them to call for the Lion Guard instead of running. The guard then talks about how all of the herds have been doing this

Gathering the Pride Landers

since the Outlanders are working together. Kion soon gets an idea that if the Outlanders could work together so can the Pride Landers. The Lion Guard gathers Ma Tembo's herd, Bupu's herd, Laini's group, and Mbeya's crash. The group of animals doesn't seem to get along so they do a test. Bunga waits at a nearby tree and the animals try to run to him together. However, only the galagos make it to him and everyone else is fallen to the ground on top of each other. Kion soon gets an idea to call Makuu and see if Makuu can teach them how to fight. Things don't go well there either and Makuu threatens the Pride Lander. Makuu and his

Makuu thanks his friends

float leave when they get to their Watering Hole Makuu gets mad. He thinks that going there and teaching them was a waste of his time until the Army Of Scar come and attacks his Watering Hole. Ono spots them and Kion isn't sure if his team is ready but Ma Tembo, Laini, Mbeya, and Bupu say they are. After winning the battle Makuu thanks the Pride Landers. He says from now on if they ever need help his float will be there.

The Queen's Visit

Dhahabu's Herd comes into the Pride Lands and a special guest. The guard makes sure that the animals aren't in anyone elses way. While making their way up to Pride Rock they sing Prance With Me. Dhahabu meets King Simba and the rest of the Royal

The herd in the Pride Lands

Family. Bunga thinks that her dance moves were amazing while Beshte thought that she could sing well. Dhahabu comes by to see her old friends and they all take her on a tour. Soon there was a fire caused by Dry Lighting and Fuli helps the girls over it. While the rest of the guard along with Kiara's help takes out the fire. Dhahabu soon finds out that she needs a guard. She asks Fuli, Tifu, and Zuri to be here guards. Kion doesn't like the idea at first since Fuli's a member of the Lion Guard. He goes with it anyways. While on patrol the guard runs into Starehe and Raha who aren't happy about being without Dhahabu. Meanwhile, Dhahabu learns about baboons Reirei's pack comes to attack the girls the guard, Starehe and Raha comes to save the day. Dhahabu doesn't see them in fighting the jackal and wants Fuli, Tifu, and Zuri to ber her permant guards. None of the girls want that Kion

Happy ending

says that Starehe and Raha should be her guards. Soon Reirei's pack comes back and this time they have a couple of crocodiles join them. Starehe and Raha save the girls and become Dhahabu's permanent guards. That night Dhahabu speaks to the Pridelanders and says that she will share her Watering Hole with them forever.

The Fall of Mizimu Grove

Basi's pod is at Big Springs and is scared because of the Outlanders attacking. Basi sees something in the water Beshte checks it out and it's just little Kiazi. Soon the Lion Guard comes by and see Timon and Pumbaa hunting bugs. After that Makini comes by to show off her Mpando Mpaya that she'll be planting. Kion decides to make Makini's plant a big celebration to lift up everyone's spirit. He asks Timon and Pumbaa if they could sing a song. That night Simba welcomes his good friends on stage but the Army of Scar

Scar speaks to the Pride Landers

comes to crash the party. The Pride Landers work together to stop them until Scar reveals himself in front of everyone. He explains his plan then Simba wipes away the Mark of Evil. Soon the Pride Landers start to panic and run while the Lion Guard stops them. Kion uses the roar and blasts the Outlanders away. Simba stays behind to chat with Ma Tembo. Once the herds are all calm down Simba speaks with the animals over the incident. The herds start to think about leaving the Pride Lands. That night, Kion contacts Mufasa asking for help.

Fuli sings Timon and Pumbaa's song

After learning something about the land, he returns to Pride Rock where Simba makes a tough announcement. Before he goes through with it, Kion arrives with his newfound knowledge. They return to Mizimu Grove, and Makini plants her baobab tree, restoring their spirit and no matter what the Pride Landers decide to stay.

Fire from the Sky

The Lion Guard is on patrol when all of a sudden, they notice fire falling from the sky near Twiga's herd. Ono tries fly high enough to see who is behind all this but fails. Beshte knows someone who can help an eagle named Anga. She discovers that the vultures are the ones throwing the fire. Ono suggests getting Hadithi to help them as well. While

Height and sight

locating Hadithi Ono and Anga sing together and fly across the Pride Lands. Hadithi is surrounded once again by adoring fans as he tells Ono's tale to them all. Anga is excited to meet him, and Ono explains that he needs their help. Hadithi and the birds return to the Guard, where Kion and Hadithi proceed to explain the situation. After noticing that the vultures are back the birds fly off. While the rest of the guard take care of the fire that hits the ground. During

Circling around the vultures

the battle, Hadithi gets trapped in a thorn bush. However, the birds in the sky need a leader, and Hadithi knows that Ono and Anga can do it. They take to the sky and finish their mission, rounding up the vultures for Kion to use his Roar of the Elders on them. Once down safely and Hadithi frees himself, Kion thanks the birds for their help.

Battle for the Pride Lands

Simba and Rafiki are looking over the Pride Lands while Janja's clan is in Killo Valley. Kion speaks with the Lion Guard knowing that as long as they're around the Pride Lands won't end. Anga arrives and announces that the Outlanders are attacking, so the Guard all go there to fight. The Lion Guard and the Pride Landers are shown to be busy defending the Pride Lands from the Army of Scar, with help from Jasiri as well. As the season passes, the Lion Guard grows into teenagers

The lion guard as teenagers

and Kion's Roar of the Elders increases in power. Kion unleashes his Roar again when Simba and Rafiki approach them. Rafiki states that the Roar is getting stronger as Kion gets older. Simba agrees and announces that it's time to defeat Scar once and for all. With Jasiri offering to help as well, they come up with a plan and gather the Pride Landers to strike the Outlands that night. However, some skinks overhear their plan and slither away. Meanwhile, at the destroyed Kilio Valley, Janja sits on a rock, talking to Cheezi and Chungu about how Kion's Roar is now more powerful than ever. Janja expresses his annoyance at constantly being defeated and begins to wonder if they might be on the wrong side, wondering if Jasiri was right all along and that there could be a new way to go. When his friends ask what he's speaking about, Janja shrugs their concerns off. However, two more skinks overheard him questioning his loyalty to Scar. Later that night Zazu alerts

The guard sings about how it's their last night before they fight Scar.

the royal family that Hadithi and Shujaa have come to help. With all the Pride Landers gathered together, Simba asks Kion to lead the battle in the morning. Kion confesses that he has concerns over how to defeat Scar, but Simba remains positive. Soon, Kion and the Guard start to think to talk of the building anticipation that this is the last night before the big battle, with Kion needing to speak with someone beforehand. Near Shupavu leads Janja's clan into Pride Lands. They spot Goigoi, who is carrying dry grass, and question him. They discover that it's all part of Scar's master plan, and Shupavu continues leading them to the Liar of the Lion Guard. Meanwhile, Kion speaks to his grandfather Mufasa He is worried that there's no way to defeat Scar. Mufasa is as confident as Simba that Kion can handle it, and reminds him to be himself, and not to fight fire with fire. Back near Pride Rock Janja's clan enters the Lair of the Lion Guard so they can trap the Guard, grabbing Ono's attention. When the Guard enter, Reirei and Kiburi add more dry grass and sticks to the entrance, and before long, Mzingo's parliament set them alight. It doesn't take long before the lair fills up with smoke. Janja escapes the fire and, realizing Scar has betrayed him, goes to find Jasiri, the only one who will trust him.

Ono flies out of the lair to discover the entirety of Pride Rock is on fire, and Kion orders him to save his family. With help from Anga and Hadithi, the royal family is lifted to safety. With the time of the essence, Beshte remembers that the lake in the pool leads to Lake Shangaza just outside the lair. When Janja's clan asks to follow, Kion allows them to do so, telling them that he respects all creatures, even those who don't follow the Circle of Life. With Fuli grabbing onto Beshte, the Guard and Janja's clan swim through and out the other end, where they notice the severity of the fire.

With the royal family safe outside Pride Rock, Scar appears on t

Scar on pride rock

op of the burning Pride Rock and announces that the Lion Guard wasn't so lucky to escape. But he and the Guard shows up with Janja's hyenas next to their side, but Scar says that there's no way to defeat him before vanishing. The herds begin to panic when Jasiri and Janja arrive. Janja offers advice on how to defeat Scar based on what he heard earlier from him, which Kion takes. They set up the plan and get some rest. The next morning Kion leads the assault on Scar's army. They fight against Reirei's pack, Kiburi's float and Mzingo's parliament, slowing them down Kion and the Guard aim for the volcano. Scar orders Shupavu's group to slow them down, all to give the i

"Till the Pride Lands end with all of your friends."

mpression that they don't want the Guard to reach him. Kion and the Lion Guard emerge out and the Pride Landers cheer. The Outlanders are shocked that they no longer have a leader, but Janja takes the initiative to say that Jasiri should be in charge. Jasiri announces that she is certain they can all get along if they all respect the Circle of Life, and Janja announces that he will be helping her keep everyone in check, by joining her clan. The Outlanders all leave and Ono is unable to see what's going on, and the Lion Guard decides to return to Rafiki for help. With everything settled in the Outlands, Kion thanks Jasiri once again before leaving. On the way back, Kion falters as his scar begins to hurt. Bunga returns to his friend, only to be roared at. Kion is distraught that his roar slipped out at his best friend, so his friends suggest that he see Rafiki for some help. Ono also hopes for help with his eyes. They return to the witch doctor of a mandrill, who says that there's nothing he can do about Ono's eye, which has become damaged due to the vog from the volcano, and that only time will tell if it will heal. However, when there was no cure for Kion's scar in the Pride Lands, he suggests for him to pay a visit to the Tree of Life since all he can offer him is tuliza, temporary relief for Ushari's mind-altering venom. Ono wonders if the Tree of Life could help him, too. The Lion Guard agrees to travel with Kion, but when the subject of the Keenest of Sight comes into play, Ono suggests that Anga replace him. She is hesitant, but Kion declares her the new Keenest of Sight after a bit

Leaving the Pride Lands

of encouragement from Ono. But Kion still wishes to have Ono on the Guard but as the Smartest. Now with six members on the Guard, the Lion Guard gets ready to leave the Pride Lands. Simba and Nala wish them good luck and hope he can return before Kiara's first hunt. Makini also joins the Lion Guard, keeping a good stock of tuliza in the gourds on her staff. The Lion Guard leaves with the Pride Landers wishing them goodbye. Kion stops to talk with Thurston who says that the zebras will protect the Pride Lands while they're gone. Kion takes one final look back at his homeland before giving a reassuring smile and leaving in search of the healing he and Ono need.

Ghost of the Mountain

The Pride Lands are mentioned when Kion says "What in the Pride Lands?" Fuli tells him that they're not in the Pride Lands anymore as they remembered they left. Kion says that even though they're no longer in the Pride Lands, they're still the Lion Guard and they defend the Circle of Life.

Journey of Memories

The Pride Lands are mentioned as Rafiki paints things there all the time.

The Race to Tuliza

The Pride Lands are mentioned by Fuli that nobody back in the Pride Lands could give her a decent race.

Mama Binturong

The Pride Lands are mentioned as Makini says that the only place to get the new Bakora Staff, is there.

Friends to the End

The Pride Lands are seen in flashbacks during the song Friends to the End.

The Tree of Life

The Pride Lands are mentioned as Beshte says that the Night Pride was just defending their home just as the Lion Guard would if somebody started a rock slide there.

The River of Patience

The Pride Lands are mentioned by Queen Janna asking them if they're from there. Kion says they are. They are mentioned again by Kion as he says that he would've waited for logs there.

Poa the Destroyer

The Pride Lands are mentioned by Baliyo when he asks Beshte what would he do if he was in there, Beshte says he has lots of friends back home and there's always something amazing going on, to which Baliyo replies there are lots of amazing animals at the Tree of Life and everyone's very friendly.

Long Live the Queen

The Pride Lands are mentioned by Bunga when they call him Babysitter Bunga.

The Lake of Reflection

In a flashback, Anga is watching Kion who's hanging out with his friends. Until Fuli

A young Lion Guard playing in the Pride Lands

comes up and tells Kion that a hyena has come into the Pride Lands. Beshte suggests getting Simba but Kion says they need to stop the hyena themselves. Turns out the hyena is Janja bringing an egg back to the Outlands. Fuli comes to stop him but Cheezi and Chungu have her outnumbered. Kion, Beshte, and Bunga come to help and make the hyenas out-numbered. Under Kion's command, the friends are able to stop Janja's clan. Soon the egg starts to hatch and Ono pops out.

Triumph of the Roar

The Pride Lands are mentioned by Beshte after hearing that Kion is finally healed and now they can go back home.

Journey to the Pride Lands

After hearing that Zira has come back to the Pride Lands, Kion uses the Roar to make it home fast.

Return to the Pride Lands

The Lion Guard returns home from the Tree of Life, to see that Zira has finished her journey through the Circle of Life, to inform his family and friends that Kion and Ono

Askari speaks to the Pride Landers

are all right and that they have recovered, Kion is also obliged to inform that he is staying in the Tree of Life and what there is a reason for this too, Kion and his friends could not leave their family and friends unprotected, so they had to make sure that they are not in danger.
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