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Pop-Up Game is a board game inspired by The Lion Guard.[1]


The goal of the game is to get all four of your colored playing pieces to 'home' whilst avoiding getting stomped on by the other players. When this happens, you are sent back to the starting point.

Players move the amount of spaces indicated by the dice in the center, after using the pop-o-matic to roll the dice. If a player gets a 6, they may either move a piece out of the starting point or move a piece already on the board the 6 spaces, and the player is given another go. If a player lands by exact number on another player's pieces, the piece is sent back to the starting point.

When players get close to the home section, they must roll an exact number to proceed. Once all four of a player's pieces have moved into their home section, they have won the game.


  • Despite being called Ludo in some countries, the game is essentially Trouble (Frustration in UK).


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