Friends, Allies & Acquaintances

Pim's Group

The-rise-of-scar (54)
Pim loves his group. He always takes care of them when something is wrong. Sometimes they fight over fruit such as a granadilla. They still get along great.


Kion and Pim are good friends.


The-Rise-of-Makuu (63)
Pim and Bunga are good friends. In The Rise of Makuu Bunga saves Pim from Ushari the snake. However, he is scared of Bunga because of his smell. When Ono helps Bunga smell better he doesn't run away from him. 


Fuli and Pim are good friends.


The-zebra-mastermind (29)
Beshte and Pim are good friends. In The Wisdom of Kongwe when the hyraxes needed water but they couldn't cross. Beshte became "the big B bridge" and helped them get across. In The Zebra Mastermind when a  dust devil,  came to Ukuni Woods Beshte and Bunga would catch the hyraxes when they fell out of their tree. 


The-zebra-mastermind (38)
Ono and Pim are good friends. In Ono and the Egg Ono saves Pim from being eaten by Mpishi. In the Zebra Master, he helped saved their granadilla.


Simba is a good relationship of Pim since Kumbuka Celebration and Rafiki singing of "Good King Simba". 


After Shujaa smashes the block of walls since Kifaru heading the Watering Hole. It makes Pim and other Hyrax upset since Shujaa destroys their home.


Rescue-in-the-outlands (159)
Jasiri and Pim are on good terms. During the song "The Worst Hyena We Know" Jasiri gives him a piece of fruit for him to eat.


Janja and Pim are on good terms. 


Azaad and Pim are on good terms. 


Anga and Pim are on good terms. 


Klipspringer and Pim are on good terms. 



The-Rise-of-Makuu (49)
In The Rise Of Makuu Ushari eat Pim after the Lion Guard saved him from a thornbush. Ushari got mad at Bunga because he ruined his lunch.


Ono-and-the-egg (39)
When Mpishi comes into the Pride Lands looking for a good meal she spots Pim and his group. She came to eat him but the Lion Guard saved him.


When Mtoto and his friends wanna play fake Lion Guard, they make the hyraxes be hyenas. 


The-call-of-the-drongo-hd (105)
Tamaa and this Pim are enemies. During the song Bird of a Thousand Voices Tamma tries to take hyraxes her food. 


The-bite-of-kenge (164)
Kenge attacks some animals at The Watering Hole and Pim is there.


The-kupatana-celebration-hd (433)

Reirei catches a hyrax.

Reirei tried to eat him Kupatana but Kion tackles her. 

Kiburi and his float

Kiburi and his float are banished for trying to kill Simba and some hyraxes see them and run away.

Kambuni, Kwato, Shauku, and Gumba

Kambuni, Kwato, Shauku and Guma and his friends are pertaining to be the Lion Guard since they chase Pim and his family as Janja and his Clan.
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