Peafowls are birds that appear in The Lion Guard universe.


Indian peafowls are among the largest of all birds that fly. Male peafowls are called peacocks. They have beautiful tail feathers that are green, orange, dark blue, and light blue. Their necks are black. They have a crest on their heads. Female peafowl are called peahen are more drab than their male counterparts, with mostly brown on their back and a white belly. Females don't have long tail feathers, but they do have a crest on their head and green neck feathers.


Peafowls live in forests and farmlands. They can also be found in bushlands and rainforests. Many will nest on the ground while some will roost in trees. Peafowls eat flower petals, seeds, ants, termites, ticks, and locusts. They also eat small reptiles such as young cobras, arthropods, and amphibians. Male peafowls (peacocks) expand their tail feathers to attract females (peahens) in order to find potential mates.


The Harmattan

Peafowls appear during the song "The Tree of Life".

Friends to the End

A large group of peafowls display their tailfeathers as the Guard is getting ever so close to the Tree of Life.

Notable Peafowls in The Lion Guard

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