They are not just any lions. They are the Outsiders!

Rafiki, Lions of the Outlands

The Outsiders, also known as Zira's Pride, are a pride of lions that once lived in the Pridelands, but because being loyal followers of Scar they were banished into the Outlands by King Simba. There are twelve known members of the pride, including its leader, Zira and her children Nuka, Vitani and Kovu.

Sometime after Kion departs Pride Rock in search of the Tree of Life, the Outsiders rejoin Simba's Pride and the war between both prides comes to an end, creating one big pride of Pridelanders and former Outsiders lions.


Prior to The Lion Guard

The Outsiders lived in the Pride Lands as members of Simba's Pride, under the reign of Simba's father, Mufasa, and later Simba's uncle Scar. During his reign, Scar gained their loyalty, and they thus became a legion of his followers. One of Ziras offspring, Kovu, was Scar's protegé and chosen to become the next King of the Pride Lands. After Simba returned and defeated Scar, they were banished into the Outlands for remaining loyal to Scar. Their leader was a lioness called Zira, Scar's closest follower and the mother of his hand-chosen heir, who began to train them to take back Pride Rock by force.

Lions of the Outlands

The Outsiders took over a waterhole belonging to Jasiri and her clan and refused to share it. Desperate, Jasiri went to the Pride Lands and asked her friend and Simba's son, Kion to help her. Believing that it's just a misunderstanding, Kion agrees to talk to the lions.

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Kion captured

After learning that Kion is Simba's son and leader of the Lion Guard, Zira takes him to a cave to talk privately about her knowledge of the Roar of the Elders, as she knew Scar also once had it. After the rest of the Outsiders arrive, Zira tells Kion that she knew Scar lost the Roar when he used it against his fellow lions and attempts to get Kion to side with the Outsiders. She also tells Kion that if it hadn't been for Simba, Scar would still be King. Kion replies that Scar was never the true King, which results in Zira sending her lionesses upon him. Eventually, Jasiri and the rest of the Lion Guard came to Kion's aid and fight off the Outsiders.

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The Outsiders' new home

After being reminded by Bunga that Scar had actually lost the Roar due to using it for evil instead of against other lions, Kion tells Zira that as long as he's around, she isn't welcome in the Pride Lands or Outlands, before using the Roar to blast the Outsiders away to the Termite Mounds.

===Cave of Secrets===

A picture of the Outsiders can be seen during the song Wisdom on the Walls

Journey to the Pride Lands

The Outsiders are mentioned by Jasiri when she tells the Lion Guard that Zira has returned.

Return to the Pride Lands

The Outsiders are mentioned by Rafik
Return-to-the-Pride-Lands (267)

ZIra's new plan

i when he explains what happened to Zira. 

Former Members


Main article: Zira
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Zira was the leader of the pride. She was a fully grown lioness with brown fur and a notch on one of her striped ears. Her angular eyes were red. She was the mother of Nuka, Vitani, and Kovu, and was Scar's most loyal follower during his reign. Zira was manipulative and cruel, claiming lions to be above all other creatures. She believed that lions should rule with an iron fist.

Years later, when her cubs were adults, she attempted to use them to defeat Simba and avenge the death of Scar. However, this leads to Nuka's death, and Kovu and Vitani's betrayal of her pride, resulting in her death.


Main article: Kovu
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Kovu is the son of Zira and the younger brother of Nuka and Vitani. Unlike his mother, Kovu wishes to be friends with the Pride Landers and does not necessarily hold any animosity towards them presently. He backs away from fights, though seemingly does so due to his unwillingness to cause or be involved in trouble.

After betraying the Outsiders, Kovu marries Simba's daughter Kiara and is named Simba's successor to the throne.


Main article: Vitani
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Vitani is a lioness cub with scruffy fur that is a dusty fulvous hue. Her fur is especially long on her head, forming a large tuft that falls towards her muzzle, though it is also considerably long on her cheeks. Her nose is deep pink and angular. The tuft at the end of her tail is brown. She is the daughter of Zira, the sister of Nuka and Kovu.

Years later, when Vitani betrays her mother, she joins Simba's Pride and becomes the new leader of the Lion Guard, in place of Kion.


Main article: Nuka
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Nuka was a male lion and the older brother of Vitani and Kovu and the eldest child of Zira. He was constantly itching for a fight, even if he could not handle the opponent, but went down fairly easy. Nuka also looked to his mother for nearly everything and was very dependant on her. He was somewhat of a coward when more intimidating foes approached him. He was also easily startled by something. Nuka perished during a failed attempt on Simba's life while the Lion Guard was journeying to the Tree of Life. The death of her eldest son enraged Zira, and she launched a war on the Pride Lands in order to avenge him. 


Main article: Lioness

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Lioness is a lioness who used to be a member of the pride, but is now an Outsider. She has scruffy chamoisee fur and amber-red eyes that are rimmed with darker brown fur. As a loyal member of the Outsiders, she obeys Zira without question, choosing not to listen to anyone else's reasoning. She is swift and quick to act, though when taken by surprise, she is easily defeated.


Main article: Kasi

Kasi is a former member of the Outsiders, who after rejoining Simba's Pride, became the fastest member of
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the Lion Guard. The toll of her life in the Outlands is shown by her skinny, scrawny appearance, being much skinnier than the other members of her pride. However, this has also made her quite agile and fast, making her a fearsome fighter.


Main article: Shabaha

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Shabaha is a former member of the Outsiders, who after rejoining Simba's Pride, became the bravest member of the Lion Guard.


Main article: Imara

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Imara is a former member of the Outsiders, who after rejoining Simba's Pride, became the strongest member of the Lion Guard.


Main article: Tazama

Tazama is a former member
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of the Outsiders, who after rejoining Simba's Pride, became the new keenest of sight.

Unnamed Members

The following are known members of the Outsiders, who have not received an official name.


  • When Vitani forms her Lion Guard, the four members are shown to be Outsiders. The members were never shown in Lions of the Outlands, and the members of the pride that were in the episode do not make an appearance in Return to the Pride Lands. However those lionessses can be shortly seen in The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride when Vitani leaves her mother and the Outsiders behind to join Kiara and Simba's Pride to make peace with her enemies.


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