YOUNG RHINO: Mtoto! Where'd you go? Mtoto?

MTOTO: Here I am! (LAUGHS)

YOUNG RHINO: Okay, you got us!


MTOTO: Wait. Do you hear that?

SHAUKU: I don't hear anything. (GASPS)


YOUNG RHINO: Are those birds?

SHAUKU: A lot of birds.

YOUNG RHINO: (WHIMPERS) You don't think they're vultures, do you?

SHAUKU: Vultures?

MTOTO: You know who we need right now?

KION: Lion Guard, this way!

MTOTO: Hi, Beshte!

BESHTE: Hey, Mtoto!

BUNGA: That's an un-Bunga-lievable bunch of birds!

KION: Yeah. I wonder what's going on.

BESHTE: Look at that! I've never seen so many birds in one place.

FULI: So what are they all doing here?

KION: I bet Ono could tell us. But I don't know where he is.

ONO: I'm right here! I got us a spot right in front!

FULI: In front of what?

KION: Let's find out.

ONO: Can you believe he's really back? After all this time?

KION: Who?

ONO: Hadithi!

BUNGA: Who-dithi?

ONO: Hadithi? The legendary eagle? Every bird in the Pride Lands has heard of him!

BUNGA: Uh, Ono, we aren't birds!

ONO: But you don't have to be a bird to have heard of Hadithi. Creator of the Hadithi Spin?Three mid-air loops and a corkscrew? I think. I've always wanted to ask Hadithi exactly how it goes. And now I can. If I can get up the nerve, that is. He's kind of my idol.

BESHTE: He sounds Poa, Ono.

ONO: Oh, he is. And smart. They say whenever he speaks, nuggets of wisdom fall from his mouth.

BUNGA: Pfft! Big deal. Nuggets fall outta my mouth all the time.


HADITHI: Greetings, my friends.

MALE RAVEN: Say something wise, Hadithi!

HADITHI: The higher you fly, the more they'll look up to you.

ALL: Ahhhh! Ooooooooooh!

ONO: "The higher you fly, the more they'll look up to you." That is so deep.

BUNGA: Really? Seems kind of obvious to me.

FULI: Bunga, shh! Ono really likes this guy!

ONO: Isn't he amazing?

KION: Oh, yeah!

BUNGA: Hey, Ono. Let's ask him about his spin thingie. Yo, Hadithi!

ONO: Bunga! You can't just talk to Hadithi. He's the Raven Rescuer from Red Rocks. The Starling Savior at Summer Springs.

HADITHI: Don't forget the Guardian of the Great Egret Escape.

ONO: Oh, I would never... (GASPS) Uh, Bunga? Is Hadithi actually talking to me?

HADITHI: Indeed I am, young egret. You seem to know a lot about me.

ONO: Oh, I do, Hadithi. Sir. (CLEARS THROAT) In fact, I would have to say I'm your biggest fan?

HADITHI: My biggest fan? (CHUCKLES) Are you sure, young egret? As you can see, I have many.

¶ I'm not one for boasting

¶ But what they say is true!

¶ I happen to be the best

at everything I do

¶ So what's the point of fighting the energetic crowd

¶ When they wantto scream and shout ¶ And chant my name out loud

¶ Hadithi, the hero!

¶ Wherever I go

¶ Hadithi, the hero!

¶ They worship me so

¶ Hadithi, the hero!

¶ Oh, I must agree

¶ Hadithi, the hero!

¶ It's all about me!

¶ Ravens I have rescued

¶ Freed finches from the fray


ONO: ¶ And the egret's great escape

HADITHI: ¶ Oh, that was a busy day

¶ But most of all I'm famous for that legendary wing

¶ Against hungry crocodiles

¶ With my Hadithi spin

¶ Hadithi the hero!

¶ Wherever I go

¶ Hadithi the hero!

¶ They worship me so

¶ Hadithi the hero!

¶ Though I must agree

¶ Hadithi the hero!

¶ It's all about me

¶ Yes, I must truly be humbled

¶ By all my fanatical fans

¶ Yes, it's so hard to be humble

¶ But that's just the bird that I am

¶ That I am

¶ Hadithi the hero!

¶ Wherever I go

¶ Hadithi the hero!

¶ They worship me so

¶ Hadithi the hero!

¶ Though I must agree

¶ Hadithi the hero!

¶ It's all about me

¶ Hadithi the hero!

¶ It's all about me

¶ Hadithi the hero!

¶ It's all about me

¶ Hadithi the hero!

¶ It's all about me ¶


HADITHI: Thank you so much! You're the wind beneath my wings! But you may just be my biggest fan after all.

SIMBA: Perhaps. But don't forget. You have fans all over the Pride Lands.

HADITHI: King Simba. Queen Nala. You honor me with your presence.

NALA: We're glad your travels have brought you back to the Pride Lands, Hadithi.

SIMBA: Yes. Your return has brought great joy all over the Savannah.

KION: Mom? Dad? You've heard of Hadithi?

NALA: Oh, yes. Hadithi is a hero to animals throughout the Pride Lands.

SIMBA: We all know, Hadithi is a bird who never thinks of himself. Especially when an animal needs help. When a hero like Hadithi returns to the Pride Lands, it is important for us to mark the occasion. And this is why we'd like to honor you at Pride Rock with a Royal Mud Print ceremony.

HADITHI: A Royal Mud Print ceremony? For me?

BUNGA: A Royal Mud Print ceremony! Un-Bunga-lievable! What's a Royal Mud Print ceremony?

ONO: Hadithi will press his talons into wet mud! When it dries, his prints will be preserved forever alongside those of other heroes!

KION: I've seen those prints! But I've never seen the ceremony.

ONO: (LAUGHS) I can't think of anyone who deserves it more.

SIMBA: And as guest of honor, it is tradition that you share your great knowledge with a younger member of the Pride lands. Now, who should it be?

KION: Dad, over here. Him! Him!

SIMBA: Ah, perhaps, young Ono.

ONO: Me?

HADITHI: Very well. If that's your tradition.

SIMBA: Is there anything else you need?

HADITHI: Oh, that's very kind of you, King Simba. But, I don't need much.

SIMBA: Very well.

HADITHI: Although, uh, speaking of tradition, as guest of honor, I assume that you'll be building me the traditional ceremonial nest?

SIMBA: The ceremonial nest? Hmm. I've never heard of that.

NALA: But we've also never had a mud print ceremony for an eagle before.

SIMBA: That's true. Birds do these things differently.

ONO: The Lion Guard would be honored to build the traditional ceremonial nest! Uh... Wouldn't we?

KION: Uh... Sure. Honored.

SIMBA: Then we shall see you at the clearing by Pride Rock just before sundown for the ceremony.

HADITHI: Thank you, Lion Guard, for your kind offer.

BUNGA: Aw, what's a little favor among heroes?

HADITHI: I assume you know how to use the proper leaves for the nest.

BESHTE: The proper leaves?

HADITHI: In keeping with tradition, the ceremonial nest should be made of the leaves from the top of the tallest tree in the land.

FULI: Seriously?

HADITHI: Well, I don't just make up these traditions.

ONO: It makes sense, the fronds at the top are the softest. Fit for a hero.

HADITHI: Exactly, Ono. Maybe you do know what you're talking about.

ONO: Oh, uh, I do?

KION: Of course, you do, Ono. And while Ono spends time with Hadithi, the rest of us can go get the special leaves. Right, guys?


BESHTE: Maybe?

BUNGA: Sure we can! Just point me to the tallest tree.

BESHTE: It sure was nice of you to let Ono stay with Hadithi.

FULI: Shouldn't we be doing more important things than fetching leaves from the tallest tree? For some eagle we've never heard of?

KION: (CHUCKLES) But my Dad's heard of him.

BESHTE: Yeah! And he's Ono's biggest hero!

KION: Right. So let's go find that tallest tree.

HADITHI: The higher you fly, the more they'll look up to you.

ALL: Ah.

ZITO: That's all well and good for storks, but elephants don't fly.

ONO: I think what Hadithi is trying to say is, we all have challenges that require us to rise above ourselves. To become better than we are.

ZITO: Ah. Thanks, Ono. Wise words, Hadithi.

HADITHI: Indeed.

KION: Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to leave Ono behind.

BUNGA: I got this. Zuka Zama! (GRUNTING) Whoo! A-ha! Whoa! You guys should come up. I can see everything from here!

FULI: Just get the leaves and come down!

BUNGA: But it's the tallest tree in the Pride Lands. I can see Pride Rock. I can see Mekundu Cliffs. I can see the tallest tree in the Pride Lands. Uh-oh.

FULI: Did he just say he could see the tallest tree in the Pride Lands?


HADITHI: And everyone will look up to you.

ALL: Ah.

HADITHI: Thank you for coming, everyone. And don't forget my Royal Mud Print ceremony tonight at sundown.

ALL: Hadithi. Hadithi! Hadithi!

ONO: Everyone! Back off! Give Hadithi the respect he deserves!

HADITHI: Thank you, Ono. It seems you're a natural, too.

ONO: I am? Me? In that case, do you think you could show me the Hadithi Spin?

HADITHI: Well, I'd rather not muss my feathers so close to the ceremony. Why don't you show me, and I'll tell you if you're doing it right.

ONO: Uh, okay! Great! Okay. Here goes. Three mid-air loops and a corkscrew. Hadithi! You watching?

HADITHI: I sure am! Give it all you got.

ONO: One. Two. Three! Oof! Ahem! I, uh... I think possibly I forgot to compensate for the wind.

HADITHI: Well, that's your mistake, the wind always compensates for me.

ONO: Oh...

HADITHI: Never mind. Try it again.

ONO: You'll see, Hadithi, this time I'll get it!

BESHTE: Almost there, little B.

BUNGA: Ah! I got an idea. How about we put the ceremonial nest right here?

YOUNG RHINO: (CHUCKLES) I want to sit right up front.

MALE DUCK: Hey, birds only.

YOUNG RHINO: But we're Hadithi fans too!

MTOTO: It's okay. We'll find another place to sit.

BESHTE: That was very nice of you, Mtoto.

MTOTO: I don't mind, Beshte. After all, you're still my number one hero!

KION: Huh. Lot of animals want to see Hadithi.

FULI: Huh. I guess. So, where is he?

ONO: One. Two. Two and a half loops! Almost there! What do you think, Hadithi? Hadithi?

HADITHI: Oh! Uh. Oh. Looked great, Ono.

ONO: You weren't even watching.

HADITHI: I'm sorry, but I have to look my best! It wouldn't do for my fans to have their hero show up looking like he just came in from a windstorm! Although, it might make me look even more heroic.

ONO: One more try! I bet I can do it!

HADITHI: I doubt that. Time to go!

ONO: What? But you said I was a natural.

HADITHI: A natural with the crowd. You give them what they want. You play them perfectly.

ONO: Play them? What do you mean?

HADITHI: You always tell them exactly what they want to hear!

ONO: I do? But, I'm just being honest.

HADITHI: Being honest. Oh, isn't that interesting.

ONO: (GASPS) Hadithi! Klipspringers in trouble! On the rocks just below.

HADITHI: Klipspringers are excellent climbers. They got up there, I'm sure they can get down.

ONO: I suppose. I guess you guys will be fine.


ONO: (GASPS) Hyenas? Hadithi! It's Janja and his clan! They've got the klipspringers cornered!

HADITHI: A whole hyena clan?

ONO: We can take 'em out with the Hadithi Spin!

HADITHI: Uh. Oh. Uh, I don't think you're ready for that, Ono. And, I wouldn't want you to get hurt. Especially so close to my ceremony. Speaking of which, come on. We're going to be late.

ONO: But, the hyenas.

HADITHI: Can't keep my fans waiting.

ONO: Hadithi? Why're you leaving? Guess it's up to me.

MTOTO: Look! Here he comes!


SIMBA: Welcome, Hadithi.

HADITHI: Thank you, King Simba. Very soft. Yes, this will do.

KION: Where's Ono?

HADITHI: He's, uh, still trying to get the Hadithi Spin right. I'm sure he'll be along shortly.

SIMBA: Animals of the Pride Lands, we are fortunate to have a great hero among us today. The legendary Hadithi.


SIMBA: As you all know, Hadithi is a true hero. A brave bird, who always answers the call. When someone needs help, Hadithi never thinks of himself. He thinks of others, no matter what.


JANJA: What's the matter, klipspringers? No place to go?


CHEEZI: Yeah! Good one!

CHUNGU: (LAUGHS) It's funny 'cause it's true!

ONO: Back off, Janja!

CHUNGU: Uh-oh.

CHEEZI: The Lion Guard?

JANJA: (SNICKERS) No. It's just little Ono. All by himself. Ignore him!

ONO: You asked for it. Time for the Hadithi Spin.

JANJA: The what?

ONO: The Hadithi Spin! One. Two. Oof! (SCREAMS) (YELPS) (GROANS) Oh, no! (STRAINING) It's no use. I'm stuck.

CHUNGU: (CHUCKLES) Ooh, Janja! You hear that?

CHEEZI: (LAUGHS) Sounds like we're gonna have klipspringer with a side of Ono!

JANJA: You go ahead, boys. I'll round up the main course.

ONO: Oh.

SIMBA: And once Hadithi presses his talon into the mud, we can all be reminded of his bravery. His strength. And his selflessness. The sacrifice a true hero always makes to help others. And there are few heroes as true as the one we have here.Hadithi!


SIMBA: Ready?

HADITHI: Remember, the higher you fly, the more they'll look up... Aw, who am I kidding? You shouldn't look up to me! I'm no hero!


HADITHI: But I know a bird who is! And he's in trouble!

KION: Ono!

HADITHI: Lion Guard, follow me!

KION: Till the Pride Lands ends...

LION GUARD: Lion Guard defend!


KION: There's Ono!

BESHTE: (GASPS) He's trapped!

FULI: I'm on it. Huwezi!



ONO: (GRUNTING) I'd back off if I were you.

CHEEZI: (LAUGHS) What for? We know you're all alone, Ono.

FULI: I wouldn't be so sure about that!

CHUNGU: Uh... Uh-oh. I don't think he's all alone no more.

FULI: (SNARLS) You got that right.


FULI: Let's get you out from under there.

ONO: Don't worry about me, Fuli. Go help the klipspringers!

FULI: You got it.

HADITHI: Amazing. Even when you're trapped, you're still more concerned about others.I think I could learn from you. You're a true hero, Ono.

ONO:Thank you, Hadithi.

HADITHI: Sorry I left you behind, Ono.

ONO: Well, I'm sure you had a good reason.

HADITHI: Ono, it's time you knew the truth.

ONO: The truth?

HADITHI: None of the stories about me are true. That day at Misty Falls? I fell out of the sky. There's no Hadithi Spin. There never was.

ONO: Yeah. I kind of figured that out. Right about the time I crashed trying to do the Hadithi Spin.


ONO: But, it doesn't mean there can't be one now! Follow me, Hadithi! Here we go.



KION: Back away, Janja!

JANJA: How're you going to stop me, Kion? I'm between you and the klipspringers.

BUNGA: Yeah, but, we're between you and the way off this cliff.

KION: Right.

JANJA: So? Why would I want to leave? There's so much here to eat.

KION: Not for long. Now, Beshte!

BESHTE: Twende Kiboko!

KION: Go, guys! Go!

FULI: Come on, klipspringers! Follow me!

JANJA: You can't get away that easy!



CHEEZI: (LAUGHING) Sorry, Janja!

CHUNGU: Cheezi pushed me!

JANJA: (GROANS) Never mind! Come on!

KION: Hurry! Klipspringers! Run!

BUNGA: Fast as you can, little klippies!




JANJA: What?


ONO: Come on, Hadithi! This is fun!

JANJA: (STAMMERS) Wait, did he say "Hadithi"?



BUNGA: Wow! Look at him go!

KION: I don't know who's more impressive, Ono or Hadithi!

BUNGA: I do! Go, Ono!

KION: Yeah! Go, Ono!

HADITHI: Yes. Go, Ono.

(While the hyenas start to feel nauseous.)

CHUNGU: Whoa. I don't feel so good!

CHEEZI: (LAUGHS NERVOUSLY) I think I'm gonna lose (GAGS) my lunch!

JANJA: Fur brain! We all are!


CHEEZI: Who was that big guy with the feathers?

JANJA: Don't you know nothin'? That was Hadithi, the legendary eagle!

CHUNGU: We got beat by a legend?


CHUNGU: Oh, my gosh. That's great!


HADITHI: I was supposed to pass my wisdom on to you. But instead, you passed some wisdom onto me. You know why, kid? 'Cause you're a natural. A natural hero.


BUNGA: Way to go, Ono!

HADITHI: Animals of the Pride Lands, I give you Ono the egret, creator of the Ono Spin.

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